~ A Dukes of Hazzard / Smallville Crossover Story ~
The Re-Revised Version
By Teri

Summary: What do we really know about Jonathan Kent's past? (DOH/SV Crossover)

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the owners or creators of either "Smallville" or "The Dukes of Hazzard;" none of the recognizable characters in this story belong to me. I wrote this story for my own amusement and hopefully the enjoyment of others.

Author's Notes: This was the first fan fiction story I ever wrote. It was inspired by the 3/19/02 episode of Smallville where Jonathan was listening to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song on the radio of his truck and was first posted 3/23/2002. It is hard for me to believe that all this began so long ago. I finally decided it was time to revisit this story, clean it up, and finish it. Although, I wonder if any of the original readers are still around; if you are, thank you for welcoming me and encouraging me into writing. My time in fanfiction has been a blast.

Story Notes:
1) As I started this story back in 2002, it may have plot points that are now incorrect and should therefore be considered AU. Also, mentions of Martha and Jonathan's family are strictly my own creation or part of the crossover. I do not watch Smallville any more (Jonathan is gone) so I am not up-to-date on the latest storylines.
2) I was asked several times with the original version, so I will make it clear now (I hope) Clark is still the future Superman, superpowers and all. He was born on Krypton not Earth. However, his powers are not the focus of the story.
3) This story does not follow all of the events from the DOH reunion movies.
4) NOTE: Set around season 1 for Smallville, post-series for DOH

Part I: "Jonathan's Secret"
Chapter 1: Crossing the Bridge

"Just a good old boy, never meaning no harm . . ." (1)

He smiled to himself as the song played on the truck's radio. It was good to hear that song again and it had always been his favorite.

He would be home soon. He hadn't seen Martha for several days as he had been in Metropolis trying to renegotiate his mortgage. He had't been entirely successful, but he bought himself and his farm some more time. Right now, he didn't care beyond that.

He would be home soon, home to see Martha and his son. In a few minutes, he would cross-over the Hackerson Creek Bridge and from there it was a straight shot into Smallville. He started to regain his focus on the road and the radio.

". . . till the day they were born."

Unfortunately, he began paying attention to the road too late or he would have seen the sign that said, "BRIDGE OUT - DETOUR".

Instead he flipped the stations and began listening to the radio again, some singer named John Schneider (2), 'he had a good voice,' he thought to himself.

He drove up and saw that the bridge was not even closed. It just wasn't there.


He realized that if he turned around and took another route it would add another hour or more to his drive, but he didn't have much choice. He began to turn around.

"Wait a minute, since when did a little old bridge, or a lack of one, ever get in my way?"

So he backed up, sped toward the creek, and then, "YeeHaaa!" amazingly the truck jumped to the other side of the road.

He brought the truck to a halt and turned and looked back and grinned widely, "I guess somethings never change."

As he began to drive a way he chuckled to himself, wondering what the poor residents of Smallville would think if they saw the ever-stable Jonathan Kent jumping creeks in his truck, "good thing no one saw."

The problem being was Jonathan was wrong. Someone did see him. Two men were fishing just below the old bridge.

The younger of the two men spoke up, "wow, that was incredible. I've never seen anything like that! Did you see how that truck jumped the creek? Have you ever seen anything like it?"

The other man just shook his head, "yeah, I saw, but wasn't a big deal. Back in Hazzard, a couple of friends did stunts like that dang near all of the time. Of course, that has been a long time, a long time," he stopped speaking, then added silently "since Bo disappeared."

Originally posted 3/23/02
Most Recent Revision 6/30/10

(1) The Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard aka Good Ol' Boys was written and preformed by Waylon Jennings (1937-2002). The song was released in 1980 on the album Music Man and was Billboard's number one Hot Country Single in early November 1980.

(2) John Schneider is, of course, the actor who played Jonathan Kent in Smallville and Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard. He also recorded a number of country music songs in the 1980s.