A Dukes of Hazzard / Smallville Crossover Story
By Teri

Part II: "Finding Bo"
Chapter 3: Peeping Lex & the Twilight Zone

Outside, unknown to the three people inside, a man had overheard Cooter say "Hey Bo" and silently waited to hear the rest of the conversation.

A little while later, they were sitting down around the table. Martha had made them all lunch and now they were eating some pie.

"You have a son?" Cooter asked

"Yeah," Jonathon grinned, always proud of his son. "Clark is. . . " He stopped and looked at Martha with worry. "I . . . Clark has no idea about my past. What if . . ." He just stared at her.

"Give our son some credit Jonathan, he'll understand . . . "

"Will he, Martha?"

"I think he will, Mr. Kent, or should I call you 'Mr. Duke?'" Lex Luthor appeared in the doorway.

Balladeer: I'd been a-wondering 'bout who'd been listening in to our little reunion. Hadn't figured on Lex Luthor.

"Lex, what are you doing here?" Martha stood and walked to him. "You are always welcome here of course, but Clark isn't here; he's at school."

Lex glanced over at Cooter. "I heard that Congressman Davenport was in town, Martha, and I wanted to come pay my respects." Lex stopped and addressed Cooter, "welcome to Smallville Congressman."

"Thank you, Mr. Luthor," Cooter replied in a tone of voice Bo had never heard, it sounded polite, reserved, professional, and business like, in other words not like Cooter.

"If there is anything thing I can do for you while you are in town, please let me know," Lex smiled. "I would also love the opportunity to talk to you about the Pallett-Davenport-Davis Reform bill before you leave town."

"I am sorry Mr. Luthor, I am not taking any business meetings while I am in town. However, if you would like to discuss the bill, you are welcome to call my assistant Miss Gelfand to schedule an appointment."

"Of course," Lex smiled his best business smile. He stopped and looked at Jonathan. He looked like he was about to say something.

"Lex, please?" Martha looked at him beseechingly as she placed her hand on his arm, silently pleading with him to keep their secret.

Lex looked at her hand on his arm, almost as if it were causing him pain – emotional pain. He looked at her eyes and his expression softened to the look that made Martha think he was more than just Lionel's son, a man who Clark was right to befriend.

Lex gave her a half smile and put his hand on hers and looked over to Jonathan. "Just remember what I said Mr. Kent," he emphasized the word Kent as if trying to prove something to Martha and himself, "don't underestimate Clark. He has a lot of tolerance for people trying, but often failing to do the right thing. His friendship with me is a testament to that." Lex removed his hand from Martha's and turned towards the door.

As he reached the door he stopped and turned back around to face the people in the room. This time he has a big self-satisfied smile on his face. "Clark has learned to see gray, not just black and white. I taught him that. He will accept that you lied to him; he will accept it because he loves you AND because he has been my friend." Lex looked meaningfully at Jonathan with a slight smirk.

"Lex," Jonathan called after him.

"Don't worry Mr. Kent. I won't do anything that would hurt Clark." He glanced at Martha, "I would never purposely hurt any of my friends." He shifted his gaze back to Jonathan, he gave a dry-laugh and shook his head in disbelief, "to think you didn't' want us to be friends." Lex turned back around and left through the door, now chuckling slightly and still shaking his head slightly.

Once Lex was out of ear shot, Cooter announced, "that, is one disturbing young man."

"You know it," Jonathan agreed.

"I don't know," Martha said as she walked over to the window to watch him leave. "Disturbed, troubled, but not disturbing . . . "

"So, you gonna have to meet with him Coot?"

"Nah, Janie, that is my assistant Miss Gelfand, will set him up with one of my policy aids."

Jonathan just shook his head. "Policy aids? Your policy aids? Coot, I don't mind tellin' you I feel like I've fallen into the Twilight zone."

"You?" Cooter laughed, "I am the one sitting here with Bo Duke, who has been dead and buried for quite a few years."

Balladeer: The Twilight Zone? I'd say the Twilight Zone doesn't even come close to Hazzard and Smallville. Course now I gotta wonder if Lex-ie boy knew our boy's secret before he came by to eavesdrop. If so, Luthor involvement could put an interesting spin on why Bo was convicted in the first place. Don't ya think?

Originally posted 6/30/10