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Not very much ever really irked Raven Darkholme. She was not a serene person by nature, but she possessed the ability to remain levelheaded under any circumstances and cope with any situation. These attributes had most definitely aided her in the achievement of her position as the Deputy Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

A highly professional but cunning operative, Raven was both intelligent and calculative, as exhibited by her adroit management of her department.

Raven always made certain to display her qualifications for her position in her outward appearance. She firmly believed that everyone should be able to recognize that she was at the top of the department just by glancing at her.

A naturally gorgeous woman, she only wore just enough cosmetics to draw even more attention to her lovely face. At the moment, she sported an immaculately cut, navy suit, the skirt's length barely sufficient to be called proper, with an ivory, silk shirt beneath the jacket, the neckline just high enough to avoid looking unprofessional. Her sleek, black hair was elegantly bound at the back of her head to bare the slender lines of her throat.

Her accomplishments were renowned throughout the United States Department of Defense. There were no obstacles that she could not overcome, no barriers that could blockade her from achieving her goals, and no ties that could limit her actions.

If only her duty as a parent could have the same success as her career.

As the six-passenger, black, Cadillac limousine pulled into the long, winding driveway of Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters, Raven focused on her fourteen-year-old daughter, who had maintained a sullen silence during the ride from the airport.

"Anna," she said, her cultured voice perfectly pitched. "We're at your school."

"'Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters'?" Anna skeptically read from the sign. "That name sounds like it's from the fifties. Did we stop by the Frankenstein place? Did we do the time warp? Again?"

"I'm not going to indulge you, Anna," Raven warned her. "Now that this is your school-"

"My school is Madame DuPont's Preparatory School for Girls in Virginia," Anna returned, her tone cavalier. " My best friend, Jeanne-Marie, also attends. Perhaps you've heard of it."

"This is your school now," Raven replied, gesturing to the Academy outside the tinted window of the limousine.

"No, this is the school you decided I was going to attend," Anna argued calmly. "And you had Jason telepathically convince my father to send me here. He also thought that you were Jean Grey when you arrived at our house to bring me to the airport."

Raven grimaced. "Anna, I know you have reservations about this school, but I have always tried to do what's best for you. I adopted you as my daughter all those years ago because I thought you needed a mother, because yours was absent and your father was too busy managing his corporation."

"I know that, Raven, and I appreciate that, I sincerely do," Anna said. "And staying you and Irene during the summer when my boarding school finished for the year are the best memories of my childhood, believe me. But this school is going to do nothing for me."

"On the contrary," Raven's blue eyes met her daughter's green gaze. "I know that after working with Mastermind, you can now control your mutant abilities, but frankly, the incident with Ms. Marvel still concerns me."

Anna stiffened. "So this is a punishment for that? Raven, I had no idea that my abilities would leave her comatose. I never intended-"

"I realize that, but it doesn't change what happened." Raven resisted the urge to rub her temples. "You're too much of an abnormality to remain at a civilian school, let alone that boarding school. Someone will notice, and that will only lead to trouble for your biological family. Erik and Charles are two of my oldest friends. They'll teach how refine your mutation, and cope with the abilities you gained from Ms. Marvel."

"I'm coping just fine," Anna insisted. "Jason purged all of her memories from my brain; he just wasn't able to erase her abilities."

"You'll learn to put those abilities to good use," Raven assured her as the limousine slowed to a halt in front the Academy. She spotted two acquaintances of hers: Henry McCoy and Ororo Munroe. Undoubtedly, the reason the X-Men were standing outside was because they were waiting for Anna.

"Goodbye, Anna," Raven said.

"Wait a minute." Anna stared at her, disbelief settling upon her beautiful face in a rare show of genuine emotion. "Seriously? That's it? You're just going to drop me off in front of the building and then leave?"

"What else would I do?" Raven asked sensibly. "If I were to remain any longer I would just prolong your distress upon my departure, and there's nothing more for me to do here. After all, your belongings have already been shipped and their arrival has been confirmed. All of your luggage is waiting for you in dormitory."

"Luggage is something I barely need, now that I'm required to wear this uniform that looks like the fantasy of a perverted Japanese businessman with a very dark, specific fetish," Anna responded sardonically.

"I'm losing patience with you, Anna. For the love of God, it's not as if you'll be the only girl there. That was someone else," Raven responded, irritation creeping into her tone.

"That's something else I don't like about this arrangement." Anna brushed back a strand of rich, auburn hair behind her ear. The foremost locks of her long hair had been dyed white on both sides her head, and at the moment, Anna wore her hair down, swept back on one side and then fastened with simple, but tasteful, vintage hairclip adorned with small, metal leaves. Although Raven did not approve of the white streaks, she was willing to admit that the unconventional hairstyle did not detract from Anna's attractiveness, and brought out the flare of green in her eyes.

"Besides the teachers, there's only going to be one other girl at this school. All of the other students are boys," Anna said unenthusiastically. "And she's going to be my roommate."

"I'm sure the two of you will be friends," Raven assured, not allowing her exasperation to show. "I spoke to Erik about her, and she sounds like a very nice young woman. Her name is Kitty Pryde, and she's also a sophomore."

"'Kitty Pryde,'" Anna scoffed. "You see, Raven, when I first say that name, it inspires the idea of a confident and resourceful young woman. But then I consider the circumstances: one girl at an all boys' school. Then, I think of a strong, independent, young woman transforming into a vapid, lovelorn fool for sake of an American caricature of a reverse-harem, shoujo manga with poor illustrations and a truly unremarkable and cliche storyline. And in the end, all of this is merely a weak, but barefaced attempt of a comic book industry to cash in on the popularity of manga and anime in the U.S. and generate female interest in comics to increase sales."

"Now you're just being ridiculous, Anna," Raven dismissed her. "Get out of the car and go meet your teachers."

"I'm not getting out of the car."

"What?" Raven demanded. "Stop this infantile behavior this instant, young lady. I am not going to stand for this attitude."

"And I an not going to stand to be shipped off to some boarding school like a piece of baggage," Anna responded in a level tone.

"Anna, leave the car," Raven ordered her daughter.

"I am not going to exit this vehicle," Anna affirmed.

Raven placed a palm on her temple to alleviate her growing headache. "Must you insist on being recalcitrant?"

"If that's what it takes to avoid this school," Anna said, shrugging. "And if you don't want me to attend a regular school, why can't I just stay with Irene, Doug, and the rest of the Brotherhood at our headquarters?"

"Arclight and Sunfire will be leaving shortly on a mission to Japan. Juggernaut and the Scarlet Witch will be doing recon, as will Blink and the Kleinstocks. I have another mission prepared for Vanisher and Blindspot. Mercury, Polaris, Destiny, Doug, and Avalanche will come with me to establish a new headquarters." Raven eyed her daughter speculatively.

Anna frowned. "Why are we moving headquarters?"

"Because of you," Raven informed her coolly.

The quizzical expression barely settled upon Anna's face before vanishing, replaced by an utterly blank look. A minute passed in silence, Raven watching expectantly as Anna sat unmoving, not even blinking.

Eventually, awareness returned to her face, and Anna shook her head slightly, as if trying to clear cobwebs from her brain.

"Goodbye, Anna dear," Raven said softly.

"'Bye, Raven," Anna replied tonelessly, opening the door of the limousine and stepping outside.

The door slammed shut, and Raven watched as her daughter mounted the steps to the Xavier Academy. The limousine began moving once again, leaving the school behind, and Anna with it.

"Thank you, Jason," Raven said as the black, glass divider between the passenger section and the driver's seat lowered.

"Not a problem," Jason Wyngarde assured her, keeping his eyes focused on the road. "Do you think the X-Men will discover who she really is?"

"Doubtful," Raven replied, smirking. "Erik and Charles know nothing of my secret identity as Mystique, and with Rogue's memories of the Brotherhood erased for the moment, they won't be able find a trace of us."

"A sleeper agent who doesn't even realize that she is such," Jason mused. "Ingenious. And of course, Anna is the X-Men's rogue, but they're clueless about her true purpose for attending the school."

"You know, Jason," Raven said. "I have a feeling that Rogue is going to do very well at Xavier's Academy."

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