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"It's a girl, Spy." Dawn said grinning happily.

"Oh dammit!Really?"And he made a funny little dance while Buffy and Dawn eyed him holding their laughs.

It was a normal day like any other, so Buffy and the gang reunited and discussed work, demons and the baby; later on Spike would call the Fang Gang and give them their news otherwise, if not Fred, Lorne and even Cordelia (who at first didn't enjoyed that much the news) would be yelling at him. Gunn, an old friend of Buffy would come and go, he had a brotherly feeling towards the slayer and Spike liked to imagine that when he and Faith collided he would be completely lost in love.

At night Buffy had started a wicked routine, she would read books about what to expect when you are expecting, how to be a mother and the baby's first steps and to be true it was a funny sight. They were used to have Buffy as a protector and now her senses were overloaded, the smell, the hearing and even the taste she wasn't just a protector any longer she was overprotective with everyone, Spike, Dawn, the whole gang which also includes Angel's gang, it was, according to Giles a mother thing on a very overloaded momentum, he sure hoped it wasn't getting any worse.

With everything going on, Buffy turning five months, working and being a mom to Dawn; that she had no time to think about her mom. But that didn't stop Joyce from feeling the need to reconnect with her daughters.

Like anyone was going to permit that. Not so easy.

Buffy leaved earlier from work and pick-up Dawn on her way out of school entered the house and soon heard the telephone, Dawn was about to get it when Spike scream "Don't you touch that!"

"Why not?" The brunette asked puzzled. "'Cause is your bloody mother, pet, I don't want her anywhere near that pretty little baby."

"Maybe she wants to say she's sorry." tried Dawn.

"Well, if she does, than she can get that fat ass of hers and come here and say it, God damn it!" Spike answered her.

"I hate to agree with him, but he's quite right Dawnie, she turned her back on us, and as much as I love her, it's time for her to admit she's wrong." Buffy said.

Dawn agreed.

Meanwhile on Sunnydale Hospital

"I can't take this anymore, I'm just losing my mind here, why can't these powers do something to help?" I kept thinking passing around the room, eyeing myself lying on the bed.

That's it! I knew what I had to do. Glinda, I mean Red! She's gotta help, she had to. So I moved out of the room, like a cute little ghost would and walked to Willow's house, when I remembered that maybe she could be at B's, getting my ass to the mansion it is.

After just seconds I entered the house, quite easily if you wanna know my opinion, B was watching some TV show while Spike was combing her hair, I stopped on their side listening to their talking:

"So bit told me you have chosen a name for the baby." The peroxide blonde vampire affirmed.

"Hi auntie Fai."

"Hello darling, how are you? Oh, do you think they can hear me?"

"Mum will."

"Spike, did you heard that?" B asked getting up so quickly I thought she might hurt herself.

"Faith!" She exclaimed and Spike got up and started looking around like a maniac.

"Where? Luv? There's no one here except us." He said.

"Can't you see her?" She asked pointing to the whole me.

"Umm, no."

"Fine, I have to talk to her, can you give us a moment, please?"

"No need B, I just need to talk with Red, I'm having a little problem getting back to my body."


"I know how to fix that." The young girl told me.

"Really? Great little B!"

"Who are you talking to Faith? I can only see you." She asked me.

"Soon you will see her too." I kissed her face slightly and run with the young girl, before we left I heard Spike bragging "What was that about and don't tell me the child's name is Faith…" B rolled her eyes and said "No your dumbass, her name is Kayle. Kayle Louise Summers". I smiled eyeing the girl on my side.

"We gotta go aunt Faith, we have little time." K said. And boy was she right, the doctors were about to change me to another room.

"I just need you to repeat some words with me, okiedokie?" Kayle asked Faith, the younger slayer agreed shaking her head.

Once lost, to be restored

A sister cut

A forgiven love

Restore the thicker blood

I breathe heavily opening my eyes. The doctors had already left, which was great, no need to explain my sudden wakening. I murmured "Thanks, K". Though, I wasn't sure if she was still with me.

My body hurt a bit, but let's face it, I wasn't using it for eight long months, no figure every fucking thing burned like hell. Well, I wasn't going to lose my time on whining, I had to get at B's, so I got up, stretched myself, got dress and like a cat snick out of the hospital.

Meanwhile in Crawford Mansion

"I really like Kayle, it's cute." Spike said. "What was the thing with your sister slayer, luv?" He asked puzzled.

"I'm not sure, first she said she needed Will, than she spoke with Lord knows who and said she had to get gone." Buffy answered finding it equally strange.

"Don't worry, we can go check on her, today, right now" He voiced seeing the younger woman's face "Go get the car and met me on the backyards, I'll make you some company pet, promised the big poof I was gonna keep a close eye on ya'."

The slayer smile and picked up the keys, her purse and opened the door, what was her surprise to see Faith right in front of her!

"Faithy?" She asked astounded.

"Hey B." The older slayer eyed her for a moment before pulling the younger one to her arms and held her with all her might. "Oh, Faith, I got so worried."

"Breathe, B. I need some air." Faith choked.

"Are you alright, do you feel any kind of pain?" The blonde slayer requested eyeing her up and down.

"Slayer? What is that is taking you so bloody long?" Spike wondered.

"Spy, she's here! Faith is here!" Buffy spoke looking behind before continuing to check Faith.

"I'm five by five, B. Chill out." Spike smiled at both of them.

"Things hurt a bit, but honestly I'm just starving. Can we eat?" She sounded like a child begging her mom for candy.

"Sure, I'll be making spaghetti, but we can fix something for you first, what about a ham sandwich?"

"He cooks? How come you know all the cool vampires?" They shared an amused laugh "Where can a girl get a shower in here?" Faith asked pointing her outfit. "There's an empty room across the hall you can take it and the advantage is there comes with a bathroom".

"Thanks B! I'll go shower and be right back." She said leaving the two blondes alone.

"Want some help in the kitchen?" asked Buffy "Sure, pet. You can slice the onions while I work on boiling the water and cutting the tomatoes."

Faith finished her shower and put on a pairs of jeans and a white t-shirt Buffy had lent her. She walked out in search of the two blondes. All she wanted to do was to redeem herself and apparently her sister slayer interested in making her as comfortable possible.

"B, I have to say something, you know… about my previous behavior." She said, focusing on her nails.

"Fai…"Buffy started but was cut off by a gently touch of Faith hand.

"I have to do this B; I need to ask for your forgiveness, even if you have already given it to me." She breathed heavily, swallowed her fear and bit her lip while she worked up the nerve to face her sister slayer in the eye. "I know I have made mistakes and hurt you and your friends in the process, but I'd like to have a chance to redeem myself, so I actually deserve your friendship."

"Faith, of course you deserve it. You weren't the onlyone wrong in the first place…"

"Don't B, I had my share of pretty bad things. I know it will take time, but I'd like to try." She finally said.

"Buffy I'm home!" Came a calling from the living room "Oh, you're not going to believe it, you know Mr. Krackers, the biology teacher?" Asked Dawn speaking freely "He was found practically dried in the gym. I went to check, it seems we have a new vampy in the area. But a strange one, cause I didn't find any bite marks on the body, it was like he's life was sucked out of him, you know like that thing in Harry Potter, I think its a dementor."

"The heck is a dementor, B?" Faith asked arching an eyebrow.

"Faith!" Dawn said "You are here!" She grinned and hugged her. "Good to see ya. You're staying, right… anyway, like I was saying, this thingy, we don't know what it is yet.." She rambled signing with her hands "Choose a guy.."

"Which means it could be a female." Spike said smiling "She kisses her prey and kills him…"

"Like the Inca Mummy? I don't think so…" Buffy babbled.

"Hum.. perhaps it's not by kissing… What about just looking at the prey, like a spell…" Faith voiced.

"No rogue, eyeing is just weird…" Spike was saying when Dawn cut him off with "Maybe a big tongue? Or a touch, which doesn't leave any marks?"

"Of course! A Darnlock demon!" Spike finished.

"A female? How it works? How does it kill his prey?" Faith asked.

"Well, it must work with touch. Dawnie, call Giles, and ask for a Scooby meeting ASAP." Said Buffy in a commando voice.

"Can I kill it?" Faith asked excited.

"Sure she can, right pet? Though I'm coming along." Spike replied smiling.

"Can I come too?"

"No freaking way." Said Buffy, Faith and Spike in a unison to Dawn. She pouted crossing her arms in front of her body, after some seconds shook her head and went to make the call.

Buffy noticed Faith's eyes following her, apprehensively. The older slayer touched her shoulder giving her strength, they exchange looks and suddenly Faith knew everything would be peachy keen.