For the second time that day, Kevin was at the bus stop. Only this time, he wasn't nervous, and he wasn't alone; Jiri was with him, and they were happily chatting back and forth, trying to learn more about each other. Both of them were very excited and high off the fact they had gotten into PA, so they were much more talkative and less reserved than normal, practically babbling uncontrollably about whatever came to mind. It wasn't half bad, Kevin decided.

"Ah!" Jiri exclaimed suddenly, stretching. "God, I can't wait for tomorrow. No, wait, I can't wait to see the look on my mom's face when I tell her I got in. She's going to freak OUT!"

Kevin laughed. "Why?"

Jiri leaned on the arm of the bench and explained, "The thing is, well, my mom thinks I'm an idiot for wanting to dance. She just. . . She doesn't get it, you know? Ever since I started taking lessons, she's been betting me I'll never make it as a dancer, and even more so lately. I mean, I've got to dance after school every day, plus my normal homework, and now I have to make time to hang out with Andrew and all my friends. . . It'll be a miracle if I can make it through the year, my mom says. So I'm going to try and prove her wrong."

"That makes sense. And Andrew, is he that guy-" Kevin began.

"Yeah, he's the one from this morning." Jiri said, nodding, then he looked down with a blush and a smile. "We've been going out for a month now. That's another thing my mom thinks will make me fail, being gay."

An awkward silence followed, then Kevin swallowed and said quietly, "I don't think your sexuality has anything to do with the way you dance. I mean, you're the best dancer I've seen in a long time, so. . . And it's perfectly fine with me that you're gay. I mean, I. . ." Kevin stopped, licking his lips. "I've-I've been. . . trying to-"

"Figure yourself out?" Jiri supplied, and Kevin nodded with a sigh of relief. Jiri half-turned to Kevin and said, "Well, if you need. . . like, any kind of help with it, you know, I know plenty of guys. So yeah."

Kevin blinked, surprised. "Thanks, Jiri."

Jiri shrugged, pushing some of his black hair out of his eyes. "No problem. I mean, what are friends for?" He chuckled, then suddenly snapped his fingers and exclaimed, "Oh! I just remembered. . . There's a party on my block next week, for my sister's Sweet Sixteen, just some friends in the neighborhood. Would you maybe want to go?"

"Sure. I mean, if this first week of PA doesn't kill us." Kevin joked, happy; he had been accepted into PA, he had a friend, and he was going to a party! His life couldn't be better.