So this one is when they're older. Don't worry, you won't understand the refrence from 'what they did to her' but you will soon. I'm uploading a one-shot about it some time in the next week or so.

They may seem a bit OOC, but that's only because we haven't encountered Lovey!Wally/Artemis.

"What's this one from?" Artemis murmurs, tracing a scar along Wally's arm. The redhead props himself up against his pillow and stares at his arm, "I'm pretty sure I got that playing football with my uncle. I tripped and the bone was like, jutting out. Hurt like hell."

Artemis nods, her hand trailing down his arm, past his hand, and to his chest. She touches a mark under his ribs. "And this one?"

She wraps the blanket around her more securely, staring at him. Wally smiles, but it's a sad smile. "I don't remember his name, some criminal that Uncle Barry and I were fighting. He got me pretty bad," his hand ghosts over the scar.

Artemis nods slowly, pressing a soft, tentative kiss there. Her eyes roams over his torso, then his neck. She spots a thin white line along his jaw, and wonders how she never saw it before. Her hand raises and she runs a pale finger over it. "What about this one…?"

Wally takes her hand in his, kissing it. "Enough about my scars," he lets go of her hand and pulls her close to him. "What about yours?"

She tenses against him, her skin brushing his softly. He stares down at her, green eyes intense. "You okay?"

She swallows thickly pressing her forehead against his chest. "Some people have scars on the outside Wally." She presses feather-light kisses against the pale, freckled skin of his chest. "And some have them on the inside."

His hand traces the outline of her body, stopping at her hip. He rubs his thumb over the skin there. "I wish they'd never hurt you Artie," he whispers, burying his face in her hair. "I wish I'd known what they had done to you."

"I'm okay now," she whispers, hating what a cliché they sound like. She isn't supposed to be doing this.

"I know," he murmurs, pressing a kiss against her temple. "I just wish you were always okay."