To Madoka, meeting Mami for the first time is like meeting a celebrity. There are questions and flashing lights, and there's Mami transforming in a whirlwind of glitter, Mami saving them from danger.

Madoka doesn't expect she'll ever meet a real celebrity, so Mami is likely the closest thing she's going to get. And she doesn't really have a problem with that.

She certainly speaks to Mami with all the awe of talking to someone famous, and after every other sentence she finds herself internally worrying that she's said something stupid, or that Mami is picking up on her unabashed wonder and finds it annoying. And in those moments she could slap herself. Stop acting so dumb, she tells herself. Mami-san won't want to be friends with such a bothersome girl...

But then Mami gives her that gentle smile, the one that looks like she's captured a ray of sunlight and framed it on the pale canvas between her golden locks, and the only word Madoka can find to describe the feeling that wells up inside her is cherished.

damn it, i need to quit writing mami. almost all of the fics are about mami. variety is the spice of life. sigh.

and this one was oddly happy, considering that this series is fucking dark as hell. who knew.