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Artemis leaning over a table, studying the crystal patterns the dust made when clumped together. They seemed to collect amongst themselves, although continued to separate easily. Yet despite pulling them apart with ease, they always somehow managed to find their way back together.

It had been approximately seven hours since they'd arrived back at the lab. They barricaded themselves in Foaly's lab, all security systems running overtime. Any movement within the building was caught. And movement outside the building was taped. Heat signals, motion detectors, scanners of every kind picked up on threats within the city. Uprisings and treachery are generally taken seriously.

Holly sat at the man security screens with Butler, both watching intently for any suspicious activity. They saw the LEP officers who patrolled the facility, neutrinos at the ready. Various sharp shooters were positions on the roof. There were no pedestrians allowed within half a mile of the building, uprooting many workers and civilians. The entire city was abuzz with the latest Fowl drama; humans in Haven, uprisings, massive shootings, and the entire city on high alert. It was better than any drama humans could ever put on television.

Rosaline sat in a small chair, her head lying to the side. She had slept for the first three hours and for the last four and woken intermittently, asking what time it was and what was happening. She would hear that nothing was occurring, and go back to sleep.

Her state worried everyone in the room. Holly could not remember a time when using magic had left her so drained. Artemis recalled becoming drowsy after a large healing, but to his knowledge it did not last this long.

They had taken a blood sample from her while she slept, and Foaly was currently running it through a scanner. Nothing abnormal has be shown as of yet. There wasn't any trace of magic in her blood, but a scan of her body had been more interesting. She had all the normal organs and bones of a human, but there was something peculiar about her heart. It was as if it wasn't human, and it beat in a rhythm of three, not two.

So what made her so different?

His thoughts were disturbed as Rose came back to the waking world once more, blinking sleepily. She looked at him, eyes focusing, and coughed.

"Do we have water?" Rose asked, voice marred by exhaustion.

He brought some, and she consumed it fearfully fast, asking for more. But thankfully, every drop seemed to revive her. Rosaline sat up, stretching her next and back. She rubbed her hands over her face, before scanning her body.

"You had a few cuts, but you weren't healing them. Holly took care of it for you."

Rosaline looked up, horror and confusion on her face.

"What do you mean I wasn't healing them? That's never happened."

Artemis explained her lack of magic in her blood, and the color drained from her face. Tears sprang into her eyes and she breathed shakily.

"Rose?" He put a hand on her shoulder. "You're alright. Breath."

She looked up at him, pain etched in her face.

"I've lived my entire life dealing with this. Now I find some answers, and it all vanishes from over use? So if I'd just used it all I could've been free? Or would it have just kept coming back again and again?" She laid her head back against the wall, breathing heavily again.

"God, Artemis. What am I?"

He had no answer, and gently took her in his arms. She did not cry, forcing the tears back, but her breathing shuddered, and the suppressed sobs were felt under his hands.

The others in the room rather tactfully ignore the scene.

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