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Within a land unreachable to mortals lie three beings of varied color. The three "Golden Goddesses" they were called by their creations were actually not golden at all; at most only the jewelry of wristbands, ankle bands, earrings, and necklaces were golden. In truth they each had a sharp different color to them. The first was Din, creator of the earth in which beings lived on, she was primarily red, including her skin but there were many shades of red on her. Nayru, spreader of law to the land, was mostly a deep blue. Lastly Farore, the creator of all the beings whom uphold those laws, was a forest green. All three goddesses wore different garments of their corresponding color. Din wore a golden lined band as her top to fully cover her breasts, leaving her belly exposed. Unlike her sisters Din chooses to wear pants that end above her ankle bands. Nayru wore a long halter dress of a turquoise blue body and the upper part that supported her breasts was a darker blue. She also wore many bands along her arms and wrists. Farore a more complex dress than Nayru, some parts seemed to be remnants of armor on her left shoulder, her lower arms, and the right side of her chest. Over her dress seemed to be a long, see through green skirt. One thing the three goddesses had in common was a golden circlet on each of their foreheads all were of very simple design.

One day Farore was looking upon the land with an almost bored expression on her face; usually this was fixed easily by the events of the bearer of her side of the Triforce fulfilling the prophecy for a generation. However the idea of it happening over and over occurred to her and she realizes it would soon become stale. She did not want something she deeply enjoyed to become stale and not entertaining. It was time for a change, she thought, but what could be changed?

Nayru and Din paid no heed to their sister's sadness, Nayru had the task of managing all the laws of the world and time itself, forcing her to know of every outcome of something she saw on the land below. It was a tiring thing but she has managed this task for as long as she could remember and felt that there was no need for change. Din, on the other hand, wanted some change. All of the earthquakes and changing of the land caused this; she could not do much to the weather without her sisters' help. But still she was content with seeing the prophecy of each generation unfold despite the fact it was the bearer of her side of the Triforce who causes it. In fact she enjoys that her bearer causes this change so she cannot grow tired of what she must do.

Farore, out of nowhere, had an idea. Looking away from the world below she floated over to Nayru with a smile beaming from her face.

"Nayru… oh Nayru dear!" Farore said as she went close to her sister. Nayru looked at Farore in confusion, "What is it? Did you mess something up again?"

"No more than how you mess up all of time and law," Farore retorted, slightly annoyed, "I just thought of a way to make the prophecy of our bearers more interesting."

Nayru's eyebrow went up, signaling her curiosity. She faced Farore and spoke, "Do tell,"

Farore looked over to where Din was, minding her own business, then looked back to Nayru.

"What if our bearers… switched places?" Farore whispered with a happy tone. Nayru blinked her eyes at the thought, "You mean… the princess and the hero?"

Farore nodded, "Think of it! We need to see something new, and if it doesn't work we can fix it, what do you say, sister?"

Nayru closed her eyes and tipped her head upwards as to look through time at possibilities. She gazed through time for a minute then opened her eyes to see Farore patiently waiting. Nayru smiled, "Looks promising,"

Farore's waiting expression brightened to excitement at Nayru's acceptance of her idea.

"I'll get started right away!" Farore said in cheer.

"Started on what?" Another voice said, a more commanding than Farore or Nayru but they knew who it was; it was their sister Din. They looked at their fiery red sister whom stood next to them with her arms crossed, she looked at them for a few seconds before speaking, and "You know that we all need to talk about all changes. What are you two changing?"

Farore gulped, knowing the last time a change was made without telling the others. But she knew Din would find out eventually so it would be best to tell her.

"I thought about switching the princess and the hero to make the prophecy interesting this time around," Farore said nervously.

Din perked her eyebrow but it almost immediately went down, "You're not changing one thing!"

Farore's nervous face changed to sadness; her idea was rejected and she knew that her favorite event would become boring to her and she would cause the world to be boring in turn. She was about to float away before she saw Din smirk.

"Not without me putting in changes of my own," Din said. Nayru's mouth dropped, she didn't think Din would like the idea of changing the prophecy, but then again her bearer caused the changes needed for the prophecy to go underway. After a huge discussion Farore and Nayru went underway to change many a things so that the princess would be born the hero and the hero would be born a prince.

Chapter 1: The Great Deku Tree

Flames and war have ravaged this land for years, and I've done a horrible thing bringing a newborn into such bloodshed. I was naïve and in love, I did not think about what would happen until after the act was done and I was pregnant with my little girl. The only land not affected by this war was the forbidden forest; the land of the Great Deku Tree and it's children, The Kokiri. For a time my babe would accepted among the children as one of their own, and hopefully it would be enough time for this seemingly endless war to end. As for myself, I'm a widow and soon to become a Stalfos when I lose myself in the woods after I carry my babe to The Great Deku Tree, I won't make it out of the forest myself. But that will be fine, as long as my babe carries on.

A cloaked woman thought this as she made her way to the south of the land that would soon be known as Hyrule. Her brown-backed horse was tired and drenched by the rain, but still didn't give in to fatigue as most horses tend to do. The woman held the reigns tightly with one hand and in the other arm was a small tangle of cloth, or at least that's what some would see. In truth it was a babe, probably no older than a few days, weeks at the most, and it was crying as rain drenched the land and calmed the fires that burned it. Lighting flashed and thunder crashed as she made her way through a large field often used as grounds for battle. The stench of blood held in the air as crows came along looking for a meal of corpses. Some were following her as if she would fall off the horse at any second and die, but she still pressed on in the darkness of the stormy night. Little did she know she was being followed, the other horse was covered by the sounds of thunder and the baby crying in response to it. After a few hours the woman could finally see the entrance to the Lost Woods and whipped her horse to make it go faster. To her dismay the horse neighed, stopped at the entrance and threw her off making her tumble into the forest. The woman was able to roll in order for there to be no huge injury for herself or the babe she held now with two arms. She looked through the first line of trees to see her horse was galloping north to get far from the forest; no turning back now. It was this time, before she turned to head deeper into the woods, that she finally saw that she was being pursued by a cloaked figure also on horseback. The horse the figure rode seemed more disciplined and therefore would run into the woods unlike hers. She started to sprint into the woods, away from the horse-mounted figure, and prayed to the goddesses she was going the right way. She did not know how long she ran until she heard a bowstring being pulled back close behind her. She then felt and arrow pass by here legs and hints of crimson liquid flow down her leg from the small wound. She did not stop no matter how many scrapes she got; she had to find The Deku Tree, but she could get the sense of that she was going to turn into a Stalfos. For a second she forgot why she was running, why she was in these woods, and why she was carrying her own baby. The woman was able to snap back to reality by an arrow being shot into her left thigh. She fell against a tree but managed to make sure her babe wasn't injured; an injury so young most certainly means death. The figure on the horse that has been pursuing her finally stopped the horse a few yards in front of her. The figure was dressed in a full body black cloak, not that it would have mattered since the darkness of the forest at night could hide any features other than the shape of the body. From what she saw this figure was tall and kind of muscular, that's all she could really tell. The figure dismounted his black steed and walked up to the woman; for a moment there were no words between the two. Then the figure spoke in a deep, masculine voice, "Give me the babe and your life shall be spared,"

The woman tightened her hold on the softly crying baby in her arms, signaling she would not give it up, "This child belongs to the Deku Tree now!"

Through the hood the woman could see a smile appear on the figure's shadow covered face, "The hard way it is, so be it,"

The woman backed up against the tree and found something at her leg and immediately knew what it was, a Deku Nut. She heard of this used as a weapon to temporarily blind and paralyze an enemy; it could buy her enough time to get to the Deku Tree where the baby girl would be safe. She saw as a figure approached her to forcefully take the baby from her and she reacted by getting the Deku Nut up against her leg, closing her eyes and throwing on the ground where a bright light came out. When the woman opened her eyes the figure was on it's back and the horse was gone, probably frightened by the light. Before she got up she quickly searched the forest floor around her and found five more Deku Nuts, just in case. It was painful and slow getting up but she managed just in time to notice the figure starting to stir, and throwing a Deku Nut right now would do no good. She immediately started jogging, as it was the best she could do with and arrow in her thigh. As she ran she heard that raindrops above were slowly coming to a stop and the night was beginning to end. That didn't stop her one bit; in fact she now had a trail to follow because the fairies in the trees were starting to awaken from their slumber, and most fairies from the forest are born from the areas around the Deku Tree, meaning she wasn't far off from it! She tried jogging until she fell over on her side then reached to break the arrow. She screamed in pain as a response and pulled it out. After a short breather she carried her child away at a faster pace than previously.

She soon heard the sound of arrows again, she even felt one go past her head; the figure was conscious again. She ran with all her might and saw there was a clearing ahead but as she ran into the clearing she was shot in the back and the arrow stuck on her right side above her babe's head. She fell and rolled into the clearing to see a round meadow with a huge tree, a child, and a fairy that circled the child. The child looked at her in confusion but did not dare to approach her.

"Who dares enter this scared meadow of my children?" A loud and powerful voice boomed out of the middle of the meadow and the woman realized that the voice came from the tree; she had made it to the Great Deku Tree. She smiled as she started to drag herself towards the tree with one of her arms holding her babe.

"Great Deku Tree," The woman started, "I've come to beg you! Please, take this child and shelter her! Raise her as if she were one of your own!"

The child, or as she guessed the Kokiri, approached her slowly and gazed at the cloth the woman now held up to the Great Deku Tree.

"What are you doing?" The fairy of the red haired girl said. The girl paid no heed to her fairy and took the cloth and unwrapped around the head to see a blonde baby girl with sparkling sapphire eyes. The Kokiri girl stared to stare at the child in her arms and become happy. The fairy of the red-haired girl approached the babe, who started to stare in wonder at the fairy.

"It's… a baby…" The fairy stated with a bit of confusion.

"Oh please Great Deku Tree, I shall take care of her!" The red haired Kokiri pleaded.

"This child…I don't think I could refuse it," The Great Deku Tree spoke in a shocked but slightly submissive tone. The woman looked up to the tree, smiled, and started weeping, "Thank you, thank you so much."

The woman then tried to stand despite how much blood she has lost. The red haired Kokiri gasped, "Please miss, don't strain yourself!"

The woman was now standing, "No, I know I won't be able to leave this forest. If you will help me then lead me to the Forest Temple so I may turn in peace,"

"I can't do that miss, I don't know where it is," The red haired girl said before she turned away from the woman and unwrapped the babe from the cloth. She found many leaves and covered the babe in them as if they were a set of clothes. She then approached the Deku Tree and placed her at the roots of the tree where a soft sound has been emitting the whole time, the sound of soft crying. The woman realized that the next generation of Kokiri was just recently born and that she came at a greatly convenient of a time. After her revelation she felt another arrow go through her, but this time through her heart. She then fell to the ground in labored breathing that was silenced in a matter of moments. The figure that was chasing her emerged into the clearing causing the Kokiri child in the clearing to back up near her father in fear.

"Being of evil, you dare come to the scared ground and murder?" The Great Deku Tree roared at the figure to see it step forward a few more paces until it spoke, "Where is the Hylian child?"

"You'll only find the Kokiri in these woods," The red haired girl yelled. The figure looked at her briefly but did nothing until the ground shook again. Roots came out of the ground and smashed the figure into what looked to be a mist; it was not of physical form.

"The evil is banished, it shall not bother us again," The Great Deku Tree.

"What of the mother?" the red haired girl asked, gazing at the woman and the pool of blood.

"Bury her near the temple, Fami knows the way," The Great Deku Tree said, "and Sibela, get your brothers and sisters, the Ceremony of Names must soon begin,"

"Yes, Great Deku Tree," the red haired girl, Sibela, said and rushed out of the meadow with her fairy close behind to the village of her brothers and sisters.

After Fami, a short girl with shoulder length brown hair returned from the Scared Forest Meadow, the area around the Forest Temple, all the Kokiri and their fairies were gathered in the meadow of the Great Deku Tree which was now filled with not only Kokiri and their fairies, but also fairies that have not claimed a person. Some Kokiri held the babes that were previously at the base of the Great Deku Tree. Sibela was holding the Hylian girl, but no one except her and the Deku Tree knew it wasn't a Kokiri babe.

"The next generation shall always be named by the previous, step forth if you have chosen to take care of a child until they are ready! First a boy with coal black hair stepped forward, carrying an orange haired boy in his arms. He stopped a few yards away from the Deku Tree and held up the child.

"I hereby proclaim this child as Mido!" The black haired boy proclaimed in a commanding voice. Immediately one of the fairies that circled above went down to the child and started circling the babe signaling that a bond was made. This was an uncommon event; few of those who were named rarely had their fairies on the day they were named.

Fami was next up, get held a green haired girl in her arms. She made the same gesture as the black haired boy and spoke, "I proclaim this child as Saria!"

A fairy did not come to the child, but it didn't come as a surprise; the fairy was simply not born yet.

After a few more children were named Sibela was up, she held up the child and smiled at it instead of having a serious look as most did when they named the next generation, "I hereby proclaim this child as Zelda!"

No fairy came down from the treetops as expected, but Sibela knew the true reason why no fairy had come. Hopefully no one would have to know; at least not until they all had reached the Age of Immortality.

The Ceremony of Names soon ended and the Kokiri went back to their homes carved out of trees and some caves. Many of the homes have entrances on the ground and didn't go over one story, but there were some few tree houses. Sibela went to a tree house near the edge of the village, a ways from both common entrances to the forest and from the Deku Tree's Meadow. She suddenly knew it would be difficult carrying a babe up a ladder and Zelda couldn't grip the way needed yet. She had an idea on how to get her upstairs. Sibela left the child down at the bottom of the latter and climbed up fast. She looked above her doorway and saw a green cloth that was quite large but it would work with a couple of folds. She tore it down, thankfully it did not tear, and folded it a couple times then tied it around her waist; one side tightly then one side tight but went out more. This way she could carry Zelda up the latter with ease. She quickly climbed down and saw that her fairy was entertaining Zelda while she was gone; it was a nice thing for Tila to do. Sibela thought that Tila didn't like babes but this disproved her theory.

"I sure hope that's tight," Tila chimed in a sweet voice. Sibela smiled, "don't worry, it is,"

Sibela held Zelda in her arms and placed her in the pocket she made and climbed the latter with much ease. Sibela sighed at her success and placed Zelda onto her bed, one she was going to have to share with Zelda for some years until she was old enough to have a bed herself. Often Sibela wondered about taking up a child so she could cuddle with it at night, giving a sort of comfort for the both of them. She smiled at the thought her nights of cuddling could begin this night despite it wasn't a Kokiri babe she was keeping.

Her thoughts turned to how the child was going to grow in the society, once Zelda turned to the age when the Kokiri stopped aging, they would notice that she was still growing and therefore know she wasn't a Kokiri; how would they react? How would they think about her when her fairy doesn't come? But what if the Hylian actually becomes a Kokiri, cursed never to leave the forest and visit her land of heritage? Sibela herself used to be a Hylian, many years ago. It's probably been so long that everyone she knew was long since dead. Like many before her she had wandered into the forest and found the Kokiri thus being saved from becoming a Skull Kid, the end result of a Hylian child being lost forever in the Lost Woods. All thoughts eventually lulled her to sleep with Zelda in her arms. She needed such rest for tomorrow her long parenthood began.

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