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Author's Notes: This is my first serious Naruto crossover I've written. As such it's new territory for me, so I'm still struggling to try and fit this into both Bleach and Naruto. After the Deicide arc in the manga finished I decided to churn this out.

I've read Hollow Naruto fics before and decided to try my hand at it. There will be differences however. Almost every hollow Naruto fic has him taking a fox-like shape as a hollow. I decided to go with a different approach. Here Naruto's hollow form will be based off his controlled Jinchuriki form he had while training under Killer Bee that first appeared in Chapter 499. (AKA The one modeled after the Rikudo Sennin.)

I like Bleach and I like villains, so this seemed a pretty good idea for me to try out.

And yes, I aim to have Naruto become an Arrancar and then an Espada. He'll meet and interact with Harribel, Grimmjow, etc, etc. I'm a pretty big fan of Bleach's Arrancar.

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Warning: This fic contains spoilers for the most recent manga arcs of Naruto and Bleach's Arrancar Arc.

A Hollow Maelstrom

Chapter One

Naruto opened his eyes.

He groaned and got up. He looked up into the night sky. Above the stars twinkled, casting a faint light down into the blood-soaked battleground below. The boy gasped and got up as he remembered what had happened.

The armies of the Shinobi Alliance and Madara had clashed. The carnage had been immense. The Zetsu where dangerous enough, but Kabuto's Edo Tensei had been the real striking force of the enemy army, each an unkillable super soldier that cost many lives simply to restrain. He had trained with Killer Bee, the Hachibi host to master his own powers and had finally been forced into the field of battle when Madara found his location and attacked directly. He had escaped, but Bee had been captured by the resurrected forms of Hanzo, Nagato and Itachi.

Edo Tensei, the mere thought of that jutsu brought bile to Naruto's throat. To resurrect the dead and force them to kill their comrades in life…

That was unforgivable.

''Have you found peace?'' was what Nagato had said to him, right before his emotions had been wiped and he had been turned into a killing machine.

Then he continued to remember. Sasuke had emerged, revealing a new Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Only Naruto had the power to stand against him. They had fought, until Naruto revealed what Kabuto had done to his brother's soul.

Sasuke had confronted his brother and realized what he had become. Sasuke died fighting Madara after managing to kill Kabuto after forcing him to release the Edo Tensei with his Sharingan genjutsu. But even with the Edo Tensei gone, Madara was still too powerful. He had managed to rip the Kyuubi from Naruto, with Naruto barely surviving due to his Uzumaki heritage.

He became an incomplete Juubi, sealing the other eight beasts into himself, but even incomplete, Juubi was god-like in itself. The reminder of the Shinobi alliance fell before him. Sakura, Granny Tsunade, Kakashi-sensei. All had burned…..

…..Until he had fought Madara and died bringing him down. Eventually the loss of the Kyuubi had proved too much and he had died immediately after killing Madara.


Naruto looked down in shock, a chain led from a hole in his gut. He grasped the thing, feeling pain lance through his body. Was he dead? This could not be!

He stepped around hesitantly reaching out to touch a nearby tree, only to pause in shock as he passed right through it. He stumbled back, eyes wide as he looked around, then he stopped, gasping in shock and horror. He looked into his own sightless eyes. His bloodied corpse was spread out next to the burnt out husk of Madara. There was a huge hole in his gut, where his Kyuubi seal used to be. He stepped backwards, turning his gaze away from those glassy eyes.

''What is this!'' Naruto screamed. ''Is this death?'' he questioned.

''Oh, look. A Plus.'' A voice said. It was a kind of warped voice, as if someone was speaking through a filter. Naruto turned around and his eyes winded.

It was a monster, twenty feet tall, with a white and green body. Sword-like teeth jutted out of its fossil-like mask as its twin tails lashed behind it. Its arms where long and simian, tipped with bladed claws that flexed as he did so.

''What are you!'' Naruto gasped.

''Just a hollow, little Plus.'' The sword-jaws open and Naruto screamed.

There was a flash of fangs and claws and then Naruto only knew pain. His chest was ripped open by the hollow and soon white liquid filled his face and his mouth as his body was wracked with new pain. He screamed his voice warping and changing as he did so.

And then…

Naruto opened his eyes.

He stared back as the reverse crescent moon in the black sky. He groaned, feeling his body ache as he slowly got up. The sand shifted beneath him slowly as he pushed himself up with his claws, trying to gain proper support.


He turned himself over and gasped in surprise. His body was covered in some sort of flickering white material, similar to his controlled host form that he had learned under Killer Bee. He had black markings like he had in that same form over the rest of his body. The key differences was that he was huge now, at least ten feet tall, and he no longer had human limbs, but longer, bestial limbs tipped with white claws. And there was a gaping hole in his stomach, right where his seal used to be.

''What the hell?'' he gasped. His voice had changed, it was low and metallic now.

He touched his hole. He felt no pain, just gnawing sensation that demanded to be fulfilled. He pushed his hand through his stomach, feeling it come out the other side. Then he trailed his claw up his face.

He felt cold bone. He blinked and realized he was wearing some sort of mask. He tried to get it off, but the thing seemed determined to stay on.

What the hell was happening?

Silence and then there was a low wet-leopard growl. Naruto looked over as some sort of lizard thing leapt over the dunes. It had six eyes in the mask and multiple, whip-like arms. He squatted in the sands and looked at his quizzically before it opened its mouth and hissed, sending bits of spittle flying over the desert.

Naruto felt a sudden hunger pierce his stomach. It was unlike anything he had every felt before. It was a gnawing, hollow feeling. He gave a bestial growl and leapt at the lizard thing. His claws tore crimson strips in the lizard's skin as he felt this mask split open and his fangs tear into the neck of the lizard.

He got up, feeling the hunger stop for a moment. He groaned and looked up into the unnatural crescent moon in the sky.

''What is happening?'' he asked.

''Ah, you must be a newbie then.'' A voice said behind him.

Naruto whirled around. Some sort of ape-like being stood there. It had a white body, like Naruto, but was covered in blue markings and it had four arms instead of two. Its eyes glowed behind its bestial mask and it cocked its head in amusement.

''What are you? Where am I?'' he asked.

''To answer your question you are a hollow.'' The new being said, stalking forward.

''A hollow?'' Naruto said

''A soul transformed either by feelings of loss and rage, or when attacked by another hollow. You're dead you know that?'' said the thing.

Dead. Naruto recoiled as he remembered.

''Ha! I bet you're feeling a terrible hunger now, am I right?'' the ape-thing pressed forward.

''What about it.'' Naruto challenged the hollow.

''It's what we hollows are. Hollowed out in hunger. We must consume souls to survive, human souls, or hollow souls, it doesn't matter.'' The ape-thing then suddenly lunged towards him, teeth and claws barred.

Naruto leapt to the side. ''What the hell are you doing!'' he demanded, sand spraying into the air as he skidded away.

''Don't act stupid! You just devoured another hollow here. It's a dog-eat-dog world here. You either eat or you die!'' the thing laughed and lunged again, this time faster.

Naruto put his hands together in his customary Tora seal and prepared to summon Kage bushin-

-Only to find out nothing had happened.

''What?'' he said in surprise. But the new hollow had little time to react as a piece of his forearm was torn away. Blood flew into the air as the ape-thing tore part of his skin away. Naruto leapt back as the thing jaws loomed closer.

This was madness.

Then Naruto felt hunger surge up inside him. Suddenly he had to eat. He had to consume. He ducked inside the four-armed lunge and pressed his teeth into an arm, tearing it off in one powerful motion. He eagerly gulped down the meat as the ape-hollow fled backwards.

''What! T-This is impossible. No newborn hollow can be this stron-'' the ape-thing was cut off by Naruto's jaws closing in on his head, cracking his mask, Naruto dove in, tearing a the soft meat within. His fangs ripped and tore at the substance to relieve the hunger within him.

Blood and flesh flew over the sands as Naruto stumbled away. The hunger had been sated for now. He could think clearly. He looked up in horror at the crescent moon, horrified at what he had become. He could not he a monster.

No, would find it way. He would become something more than a mere hollow. He would end this hunger.

He swore it.

Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. Naruto kicked up the sands as he ran through the endless white desert. At first he had tried to stop feeding. But eventually the hunger took over his sense of restraint and he ripped into any hollow he came across.

Gone was his headstrong and reckless personality. Instead it was replaced by a ruthless cunning. It was the only way to survive in the hellish black and white nightmare of Hueco Mundo's desert.

The hollow came in all shapes in sizes, but they all tasted foul to Naruto, but it was the only substance he could find in this place. He had learned that it was called Hueco Mundo, and that apparently he could travel to the world of the living if he chose to.

He didn't want to. That place held too many bad memories for him.

Memories. Apparently he was a rarity among the hollows. The few hollows he had spoken too had been shocked that he retained his human memories. They told him it wouldn't last long, in time he would forget his human self and lose his identity.

He refused to forget so easily.

Kakashi. He mentally repeated as he leapt through the air. A spiny hollow looked up in surprise as Naruto's jaws closed in around his head. He wrenched his jaws, tearing off the hollow's head as he guzzled into the meat and blood inside.

New reishi filled him as he ripped into the flesh of the beast. Arms and legs where ripped and stuffed into Naruto's hungry maw. Bones where kicked about and scatter d into the alabaster sand. Blood dripped from his jaws as he hurried along.

He hated this kind of existence.

Sakura Haruno.

He would not lose his memories.

Another hollow. This one was a wolf like with multiple eyes. It lunged in quick, taking off a bit on Naruto's flank before Naruto blocked the attack of the hollow and plunged his claws into the thing's side. The wolf-like hollow fell back. Naruto's jaws closed in on the fallen beast as he ripped into the warm flesh below. He threw back his head, tearing deeper into the organs. He needed more. He always needed more thanks to that dammed hunger in him.

Sasuke Uchiha. His heart wrenched at the memory of his former friend turned enemy, but the needed to remember. He would not lose himself.

More arms arced from above as Naruto dodged. A huge multi-armed hollow came crashing down at him, bladed tentacle arms lashed at him, but the white hollow grabbed one and wrenched it off. Then he tore off another one.

The hollow gave a bestial screech and lunged backward, trying to get away from him, but Naruto wouldn't allow it. He leapt after the thing, sinking his teeth into the back of the hollow, ripping through the spine and into the reishi-filled flesh inside. More and more did he gorge until he had his fill for now. He got up, his powerful body stretching as he looked around. He had to find a way to end this dammed hunger. He screamed out into the night his rage and frustration ad he charged off, kicking up a vast trail of sand behind him as he did so.

He had learned much in his short stay in Hueco Mundo. He knew of the Shinigami, the enemy to his race. Supposedly you could get purified by one of their weapons and sent to Soul Society, but among the hollows that was regarded as a poor fate.


There were many different reasons. Some said you became the slaves of the Shinigami. Others thought that it wiped your memories. Others thought that they took your souls. Whatever the case Naruto was not exactly thrilled on meeting one if the tales where true.

He had no desire to find out death a second time. Although many months in the wastes had given him time to think about death. Was there a hell? Was there a heaven? Was there a god of sorts? How could this possibly be fair?

There was no fairness to the hunger. Naruto tried to find out how to end it. He had heard rumors of being able to evolve into a higher breed of hollow called the Menos. Supposedly if you evolved to the highest grade of Menos, Vasto Lorde, the hunger would lessen to almost nothing. And there where more rumors, rumors that nobody was sure off. They said if you broke off your mask you would gain Shinigami powers and finally be freed from the hunger that consumed hollows. But it sounded strange to Naruto.

Great sand was kicked up into the air as Naruto ran through the sandstorm. Ahead scores and scores of hollows fought and ripped at each other. It was a bloodbath free-for-all with no sense of order or unity among them. Hollows fought and killed each other in own giant melee.

Naruto had an urge to join in. He couldn't explain it, but he felt drawn to it. It was instinct.

He leap on the back of a feline hollow and tore its guts out with a swipe of his claws, gulping up the remains as he did so. Then another deer-like hollow died before his claws. Two more ogre-hollows died in as many seconds as Naruto ripped and tore his way through the melee.


Sand was everywhere, he thought. He felt pain on his back as someone clipped him. He lashed out, tearing off an arm. More hollow surrounded him, ripping and tearing at each other. One pair went down, the larger eating the smaller one. Naruto leapt on the larger one's back and eat him and then he consumed the smaller one. He dove again into the swirling melee, ripping and tearing at hollow in order to feed himself. This current load would not satisfy him, he needed more.

Eventually the group of hollow grew smaller and smaller as the reiatsu concentration in the air grew heavier and heavier. Gradually the hollow began to merge and warp, flesh running as they grew together and fused into each other.

Reiatsu tore into the air, swirling sand around them as a new black shape merged from the sands as the mass of hollow souls grew together. A new humongous shape emerged from the sands and gazed out with empty eyes.

This new hollow was the size of several stories. It looked like it wore some sort of huge black cloak over its towering frame. Its face was a pale beak-like mask that jutted out. It gave a mindless roar and lurched of into the distance.

Somewhere, Naruto struggled.

Who are you! A voice screamed.

I want my mommy. Another whimpered.

I'll kill you all!

I'll eat you!

Die! Another screamed.

Within the consciousness of the Gillian the souls fought and pushed against each other in an effort to exert dominance. Only one consciousness would emerge victorious here. Only one would evolve into a higher grade of Menos.

Naruto floated in a sea of souls. There was no light. There no was sense of touch, Only a swirling sense of noise and chaos. Hundreds of souls pressed down upon each other, trying to gain dominance over one another.

No. Naruto said to himself. It would not end like this.

''I am Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha! Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki!'' He screamed.

''Who the hell are you!'' he screamed.

The voices moved about, never silencing, never stopped.

'' ''I am Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha! Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki!'' He repeated again.

''I am Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha! Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki!'' He repeated once more.

''And I will not fade away!''

The huge Gillian lurched through the forest of Menos. Its jaws unhinged as it tore into the neck of another Menos ripping through the flesh there and eating as much Reiryoku as it could. He roared again and lurched forward once more.

Around it dozens of Gillian continued forward aimlessly. Gillian where dumb creatures, with the brains of dogs. They tended to form packs together and feast on each other from time to time and do little else than that.

Then the Gillian sized up and gave another ear-splitting roar. Reiatsu gathered and warped around it in crimson waves. Eventually the Gillian began to shudder and warp, its mask changing into a skull like shape.

The Gillian glowed and shrank, compressing into a new, more humanoid shape. Red light washed through the forest of Menos. Eventually a new shape took form within the swirling sands and reiatsu. A humanoid shape lifted itself up.

It was white, like Naruto's earlier hollow form, with black markings on its arms and legs. Its face was skull like, with a pair of small horns extending from the forehead. Blonde hair spread out in a spiky wave from the rear of the mask.

Naruto Uzumaki opened his jaws and roared.

''I will not fade away!'' he screamed once more.

Then the hunger hit again. The newborn Adjuchas looked around and leapt into the nearest Gillian, jaws stretching out to fell the great beast the Gillian screamed thrashing about as the Adjuchas tore away chunks of flesh and continued to feed.

More Gillian screams echoed in the forest of Menos as Naruto Uzumaki continued his feast for more souls.

Author's Note: Some of you may say. ''Naruto lost some flesh, his evolution stops there!'.' That's just for Menos. Naruto was a normal hollow for most of this chapter. I aim to get the hollow and Menos portions of Naruto's afterlife over until he finally becomes an Arrancar.