Title: Brothers Keeper
Author: csiphile
Rating: PG-13 (for now, I will post on the chapter if it changes)
Category: Case File/ GS eventually

Summary: The CSI track a dangerous serial killer. Please, please R&R this
is only my second fic!

Disclaimer: I dont own them, our favorite investigators belong to CBS and Mr Zuicker,
I just borrowed them, placed in blender and hit puree! (Though I wouldnt mind
borrowing WP for a while ;-)

Gil Grissom walked purposely through the halls at CSI, looking for one
particular person, Sara Sidle. He finally catches her in the break room,
apple in hand, ready to eat.

"Want to go for a ride?" he asks noncommitantly.

"Where?" She asks, quickly losing interest in the snack.

"419 on Paradise Rd in Henderson."

"You know I do." Sara replied enthusically, giving him one of her trademark
grins that she used only on Gil. She put the apple back and walked out of
the room and down the hall to grab a coat; it was chilly in Vegas at night.
Grissom watched her and smiled to himself; he had to admit she was one of the
best CSIs he had, if a bit much sometimes.

He thought about this group of people he was in charge of,this group that
was quickly becoming family, he supposed he was the one they looked to for
guidance, perhaps he wasn't the best person for this all the time, but he
had been trying lately. Catherine was the mother, everyone loved her, respected
her, she was so easy to talk to, and yet when needed used a firm hand to get
the point across; Catherine didn't take crap from anyone, especially Gil.
She frequently smoothed over the administrative messes he made. Warrick
was his student more than any of them, he was cut more slack than maybe
was necessary, particularly where he gambling addiction was concerned, but
Grissom thought he would make a fine investigator, and someday probably
replace him. Nicky needed a bit more hand holding with investigations than
any of them, but he was the best with talking to people, and getting
information they may not have normally shared. Sara was, well Sara, she was
hard for Gil to define, maybe because she was too much like himself,
reserved and dedicated to work. Except in his case, he had an outlet, something to
release the pressure of their jobs, she seems to have none, her entire world
revolved around work. Gil saw an early burnout in her future of she kept it
up, but he was going to do everything he could to stop that, she had too
much to offer to let that happen. He was broken out of his little reverie to Sara
almost bouncing down the hall to him, coat in hand.

'Ready?" she asked with that smile on her face that said she was ready for
anything, prepared for a challenge and walked past him toward the Tahoe.

"Yep, lets go" He smiled to himself and shook his head at her energy.
The drive to Henderson was uneventful, they sat in silence in their own
worlds until they got to the crime scene which stuck out in the dead of
night like a firecracker. Police and EMS littered the street of an upscale condo
complex. Grissom flashed his ID to one of the officers at the perimeter and
pulled in closer the condo in question. As they got out, Sara caught sight
of Brass heading in their direction to give them preliminary information. Sara
and Grissom went to the back of the Tahoe and double checked their gear to
be sure they had everything, no one likes to be in the middle of collecting
evidence and realize they forgot something in the truck. As they are pulling
on latex gloves Brass appears around the corner, looking intently at Sara.

"What?" Sara asks after noticing the grim look on his face.

"Nothing," Brass replies while trying to gain his composure. "Nothing," he
restates a bit more firmly.

"Then why are you looking at me like you just saw a ghost?" Sara asks,
slightly annoyed.

"Close enough" Brass mumbles and looks at Grissom. "Female, in her early
30's, names Amanda Cleavenger, her throat was slit, it's a real mess in
there Gris, watch out, medical examiner has already pronounced" Brass quickly
looks at Sara again and back to Grissom "Looks like the perp came in through the
bedroom window, caught her sleeping, had minor struggle, its all yours now."
With another nervous glance at Sara, Brass moves off to discuss something
with an officer. Grissom catches him before he gets too far and tells him to
make sure they take pictures of the crowd. "Sure, sure" Brass says, still
distracted by Sara in the background who is waiting patiently for Grissom to
finish with Brass.

"What's his problem tonight?" Sara asks a preoccupied Grissom as he returns
to her and they head to the condo.

"Huh?" Gil hadn't heard a word she said, thinking about the victim already,
taking in the scene around him.

Exasperated Sara asks again "Brass, what was his problem? He was looking at
me all weird."

"I don't know, does it really matter?" He asks as they approach the front
door of the condo.

"No, I suppose not," She responds while looking back at Brass who is now
openly staring at her. "It was just strange."

Gil looks at her. "He's a weird guy".

Sara looks surprised that this is coming from Gil Grissom, the pot calling
the kettle black. Sighing, she follows Grissom into the foyer.

"Nice art, expensive furniture, very clean, she obviously is well off"
Grissom states as they make their was back to the master bedroom where the
body lay in wait for them to figure out what happened to her.

As they enter the bedroom, the first thing they both notice is the blood,
lots of it, the coppery smell is almost overwhelming. The satin bedcovers are
saturated in it.

"Damn, not a pretty was to go," Sara comments and moves
toward the bed, not really looking at the victim yet, continuing to talk the
scene. "The lamp has been knocked over, pillows are off the bed, on the
floor, other than that, not much struggle, he must have surprised her."
looking at the single window in the room she notes "Window is open, screen
missing, that looks like the entrance and egress spot." Meanwhile Gil has
moved over to the body and is staring at her in much the same fashion that
Brass was looking at Sara earlier.

Sara notices he has stopped moving and takes in the look on his face, "What
is with you men tonight, squeamish or something all of a sudden? I can see
this is going to take a woman." She says jokingly while closing the space
between her and Grissom and the body. Suddenly, just short of reaching the
body Grissom whirls on her and tells her to stop. "What? Did I step in
something?" As she looks down to see if that's the problem.

"No" Grissom recovers quickly, "I want you to dust the window is all." Grissom says with
a indescribable look on his face.

"Ok, that's it, what is going on?" Sara demands sensing something's not
right here from the look on Grissom's face, and just isn't sure what it is.

"Nothing, I just want to you start at the window." he responds nervously,
all the while blocking the body with his own so that Sara cannot get a clear
view. She tries stepping to one side to see and Grissom matches her while
slowly saying her name. "Sara...". Frustrated at his strange behavior she
finally snaps at him.

"For gods sake Grissom, I have seen some bad stuff before, a little bit of
blood, hell a lot of blood isn't going to send me to the bathroom like a
novice, what is the problem here? Get out of my way!" As she is talking
Sara's voice is getting louder and more annoyed at the thought that he was
underestimating her.

Grissoms face suddenly softens, he sighs and realizes that he can't hide it
from her and moves out of the way for her to gain clear access to the former
Ms. Cleavenger. As he moves out of the way, Sara is already stepping to the
body while giving Grissom a nasty look. *What is his problem tonight, he
knows I have seen plenty of dead bodies*, she thinks to herself, *since when did I
become squimish to him? Just the bugs bother me, just the....*

"Oh my god" Sara breathes when finally taking a look at the body.
Involuntarily she takes a step back, almost backing into Grissom who had
moved toward her while waiting for her reaction, and prepared to do what was

"Oh my god," she states again while getting closer to the body "She looks
just like me, just like me, we could be sisters."

While Sara continues to look at the body, morbidly fascinated, Gil takes the
opportunity to compare the two, both women are dark haired and eyed, hair is
the same length and similarly styled, difference being the deceased hair is
more layered than Sara's, and though tough to tell with the victim laying
flat out, they appeared to be close to the same height. Perhaps the most
striking thing is the face, if he hadn't known already that Sara was an only
child he would have sworn that this woman was her sister. Maybe on first
glance even a twin sister, it was unbelievable, despite the blood that
covered the victims features. Distracted by comparing the women Gil failed
to notice that Sara is now backing further away, perhaps making the same
comparisons as Grissom. When he finally looks up, Sara is near the bedroom
door just staring intently at the victim, starting to look a little pale,
and the excitement that was evident at the lab was gone, replaced by something
Grissom couldn't define.

"Sara, can you take pictures and print the window for me please" Grissom
asks, grasping her upper arms, trying to get her attention from the body.

"Hmmmm? Oh yeah, sure." Sara replied after averting her eyes from the body
and onto Grissom, who has a very concerned look on his face. She gives him a
small smile and continues "I'm ok Gris; just freaked me out at first, it's
kind of creepy, you know. She could be me." She punctuates the last part
with a strained laugh.

"Yes, I know, but we're at a crime scene, let's do our jobs," trying to get
the focus on the scene and off the body as he turns to the victim and starts

Grissom and Sara began the painstaking process of looking for the minutest
something to point them in a direction as to what happened. Grissom looked
at Sara as they removed the body. She seemed to be avoiding looking at it by
focusing on some undetermined spot on the window sill. Gil continued to take
pictures and look around for anything that may point to whoever did this
while Sara finished up the window. When done,she had moved onto searching the rest of
the house for evidence, potentially the missing murder weapon. Grissom
finished by bagging the bed sheets and went in search for Sara who had been
extraordinarily quiet since they started. He finally found her in the office
near the front of the house, looking at pictures of the victim with family.
As he stood behind her, also glancing at the pictures, he noted that the
resemblance between the two was even more pronounced when one wasn't dead in
a pool of her own blood.

"You sure you're ok?" Grissom asks quietly

"Yeah, I'm fine, I think... I will be. Don't worry about me Grissom; I can
handle it," Sara said with a pained sound in her voice "It's not me in the
van, it's someone else, someone's family lost a daughter, a sister, a
friend, mine didn't. I have to focus on finding who did this to put their mind at
ease." It was the most she had spoken since finding the body, and it was
said with some force. Gil wanted to believe her and he didn't doubt that she
would try, but he was going to have to keep an eye out on her and remove her
if it becomes necessary. He wasn't looking forward to that confrontation.

"I couldn't find a weapon, but took one of the kitchen knives for
one was missing from the block." She reported, starting to get more into CSI
mode without the body staring at her.

"Excellent, ok then let's get back to the lab and process what we have."

"Well, I guess this would explain Brass's behavior" she said with a small
smile trying to alleviate some of Grissom's worry, it didn't work.



"Wherever you live is your temple, if you treat it like one." -Grissom

"State your source." -Sara