Harry woke with a groan and a cock in his ass and a hard chest against his back, just as he liked it.

He moaned and shifted –wiggled- against the body behind him, loving how he could feel the cock in him harden.

Suddenly he was on his stomach and the mild growl from behind him went straight to his own half hard cock.

Large hands grabbed his hips and held firm as he was pounded into.

'Thank fuck!' he managed as he gripped the sheets and tried to push back against his partner.

'You're such a slut,' the deep voice whispered hoarsely, directly in his ear, causing him to shiver.

'It's your fault,' he panted.

'I love you,' was the reply and suddenly he was filled with spunk and he was shuddering his release onto the bed.

The pair fell into an exhausted but satisfied heap.

After a moment, Harry rolled over in his partners arms.

They were quiet for a time as Harry traced the scars on his lover's face that ran across his left eye and his nose.

They had just managed to give him back his eye when two weeks later he'd been attacked by a werewolf. He had almost lost the eye again but thanks to Remus and his partner, Draco, they had saved both the eye and the man.

Of course, nothing ever went the way it was supposed to in Harry's world, or that of his partner's so instead of being a werewolf, he was part wolf, part hyena.

No, nothing in Xander's world ever went the way it was supposed to.