So I wrote this a while ago, and apparently forgot about it... it's just a little, somewhat dirty, if fluffy bit of fun.

Harry was working on his homework as Teddy gurgled beside him. Remus was out with Severus, on their third official date and Harry was babysitting.

He was trying to work through an Arithmancy problem when a foul odour assaulted his sensitive nostrils.

'Holy foul horrid rotten eggs,' Harry covered his nose pulling away from the baby, 'what in the name of clear air are they feeding you?' he asked before rummaging through his bag. He pulled out a bottle of eucalyptus rub and applied a generous amount under his nose. It didn't get rid of the smell completely but it helped.

'We need to bath you in tomato juice or anti-horrid baby smell or something,' Harry continued talking as he carried a giggling Teddy at arm's length into the bathroom.

He settled Teddy on the change table before layering on more rub.

'Alright, Poopy McPooperson,' Harry mumbled, only to giggle to himself, 'Poopy,' he repeated, still giggling.

Harry deftly removed the soiled diaper as he filled the tub with some water.

He let Teddy splash around a bit in the warm water, pushing the small rubber water dragon around.

Ten minutes later, Teddy was fresh smelling and dry, gurgling beside Harry as he worked on his homework.


Severus and Remus were laughing about something as they practically fell into the front hall.

Severus was feeling frisky but Remus just wanted to check on his sons.

'I want to feel you inside of me,' the potions master whispered huskily as he wrapped his arms around Remus, cupping his erection.

Remus couldn't help the moan, 'look at them,' he pushed back against Severus. Neither one was more dominant than the other; they went with what they felt in the moment.

Severus glanced up from his work on covering Remus' neck in love bits, to find Harry lying on the couch with Teddy held securely on his chest, both of them asleep.

'He will make an excellent father, when he chooses to,' Severus offered, resting his chin on Remus' shoulder.

The fire suddenly flared to life and Charlie stepped through.

He didn't notice the two older men watching Harry as he smiled softly and knelt next to Harry.

He brushed the hair from his eyes before kissing his lips softly.

'Harry,' he said softly.

Harry moaned but didn't wake, 'Harry,' he tried again, and was rewarded with emeralds slowly blinking awake.

'Charlie,' he smiled softly, before stretching and making an adorable squeaking noise.

'Careful,' Charlie offered gently, as he lay a hand on the still sleeping infants back.

'Why don't you give Tedster to your Dad and let him put him to bed, something was waiting at the house for you,' he offered, holding up a parchment.

Remus came forward, blushing mildly at being caught. Severus followed, unashamed of the erection he so obviously was sporting.

The werewolf settled the still sleeping infant on his shoulder as Harry pulled the parchment from the envelope.

Charlie was suddenly holding Harry when he made a half sob, half laugh.


Harry pulled away, wiping at as his tears but smiling never the less, 'it's positive, I can, we can...'

Charlie grinned and kissed Harry hungrily.

'I love you,' he whispered into the younger man's lips.

'Did you hear? You're going to get a playmate,' Remus spoke softly to Teddy as he carried the infant from the room.

Snape following them both, 'you might have more than one,' he announced, pressing himself against Remus.

'Perv,' he stated over his shoulder.

Soon, the pair heard Charlie and Harry as they quietly made their way to Harry's room, until the door closed and everything went quiet.