Ever wonder what would happen if Naruto was given a second chance in another universe? The DC universe? What would happen if he was taken in by Selena Kyle, aka, Catwoman? What if he became the enemy of the Justice League's black operation squad Young Justice? This is the story of The Kitsune, Naruto Kyle.

Pairings: Naruto/Artemis, Catwoman/Batman, M'gann/Superboy

Episode 1: Origins...Sort Of

-Gotham, 2009-

A blonde teen, no older than fourteen, ran through the alleyways of Gotham City in New York. He climbed over a closed dumpster in a fashion most Parkour experts would be jealous of. He ducked in a side alley and looked behind him. Feeling safe, the boy grinned and pulled a bag of chips out. It wasn't a family sized bag, nor a normal one. It was one of those small 99 cent bags anyone could afford. Anyone that had parents or money that is.

This boy went by the name of Naruto. He didn't know why he did. He didn't look Asian; he just looked like a regular blonde kid...with six scars on his face, three on each cheek. He was decked out in a pair of long orange sweats and a black torn T-shirt. He was slightly malnourished so he didn't fit into the clothes as well as he could. Naruto had no memories of his life before three months ago. One day he just woke up in an alley. He found he could read like some people he had seen when he went looking for food in the park. There was a nice old lady that had made him a sandwich once...he liked her.

Then something happened. Some man, who went by the name of Lex Luthor, bought the park and ripped it up. Currently a tower was being built there and surrounding it more buildings, ending Naruto's meeting place with the nice old lady. He then started fending for himself again, breaking into stores and stealing a bag or two, in an attempt to stay unnoticed. Tonight however, there was a hold up in his usual gas station he took from. Three punks wearing super hero masks from a dime store pulled guns on him and he had to leave quickly, only getting one bag.

Least I got some damn food, the blonde thought as he opened the bag and took a bite of the first of many chips. He heard a gunshot from the building above and a man's shout.

"Catwoman!" a deep voice cried from above. Naruto looked up and saw a body falling towards the ground. Something inside him told him to catch the person. His instincts never proving wrong, the blonde leapt into action. He moved fast and angled himself beneath the falling body, allowing it to land on him. The person that landed on him hissed in pain and he groaned slightly.

"That traitorous pigeon!" the person, obviously a woman in some kind of latex outfit, hissed as she rolled off his body. The faint sound of a crunch came to Naruto's ears and he sighed.

Well...at least I got A chip...he thought as he himself rolled to his hands and knees. He stood and cracked his neck before rubbing it and muttering, "Ow..."

"Who's there?" a voice asked with a hiss. Naruto held his hands up in defense.

"Listen, lady, I don't want trouble," the blonde said to the woman shrouded by shadow. The woman stepped into the light and Naruto found he couldn't move his eyes off her, despite every instinct telling him to do so. She was wearing a very tight outfit that seemed to show off every curve to her figure. Along with a hood that clung to her head and had some kind of ears attached to them.

"You see something you like?" the woman purred. Naruto swallowed and backed away slowly.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean t-to stare," he stuttered out, now very nervous and looking anywhere but at the woman in front of him. The sound of sirens came to his attention and he turned to bolt when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Where are you going?" the woman asked. Naruto gulped before meekly trying to come up with an excuse. The woman purred a moment, again freaking the blonde out, before standing before him and smiling slightly.

"You look like a tough kid," she said, eying his scars, "I could use a partner, and ole Bats has about seventeen kids running around with him (I can't risk him finding you), so what the heck? Need a place to stay?"

Naruto blinked before nodding dumbly. The woman grinned, "Good. Follow me, or you'll be on the streets for the rest of your life."

As she turned to climb back to the roof, Naruto ran past her to the dumpster and ricocheted off of it to the fire escape, clearing that with an impressive amount of speed. Catwoman looked up at the boy that reminded her of herself. She wasn't always Catwoman, master cat burglar or Selena Kyle, historical art dealer of Gotham. No, a good many years ago, she was in the same predicament as that boy. She used to steal for food or worse, sell herself out for money. Shaking her head from those thoughts, Catwoman leapt onto the wall and started to climb it.

This kid is gonna go places with the right tutelage, Catwoman thought before smirking, And ole Bats is gonna have to train his brats harder if he wants to beat mine.

"Welcome to my humble abode," Catwoman said as she pulled her hood down and releasing her black hair from its confinements. She walked over to her bar and poured herself a drink while Sylvia, her black cat, leapt onto the counter next to her.

The blonde looked around the penthouse in awe before suddenly feeling out of place. He stood rigid near the windowsill, his fight or flight instincts going haywire. Selena looked at the blonde from her spot near the bar and sighed.

"Kid, you can come in and relax," she said, drinking from her glass and absently stroking Sylvia. Naruto nodded and walked over to the couch nearby, looking at it for a minute before taking a seat. Selena noticed his hesitation and joked, "I'll have that spot cleaned tomorrow."

"Oh! I-I'm sorry," the blonde said, immediately standing up. Selena laughed a minute and motioned for him to sit again.

"I was kidding, er...?" she trailed off, waiting for him to introduce himself.

"Naruto," the blonde said, hesitantly taking his seat once again. The black cat hopped down from her mistress' side and investigated the newcomer before leaping onto his lap and lying down. Selena laughed at the confused look on the blonde's face as she walked over to join the two on the couch.

"Well, Naruto," the cat burglar said, "That is Sylvia and apparently she trusts you. I am Selena Kyle."

"H-hello Ms. Kyle...Why am I here?" Naruto asked, finally blurting the question that had been nagging at him. The woman smiled at the blonde.

"I see something in you, Naruto," Selena said, "Something that reminds me of myself. It might be that, or the fact you saved my life and I'd like to thank you. I have an offer for you, Naruto."

The blonde had absently started stroking the cat in his lap as he looked at the woman showing him hospitality, "Y-yes?"

"How would you like to be able to have anything you want?" Selena asked, "To take whatever you please without having to worry about anything? Does that sound good to you?"

Naruto nodded intensely. He had already been stealing what he needed to survive, why wouldn't he want to steal for himself? Perhaps even others...Maybe his stealing can help others...

Selena smiled again before setting her drink down and looking at him seriously, "Here's my offer, and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so don't blow it. I will take you in and off the streets, train you to be as good as I am in whatever I feel is necessary, and pay for your schooling. School is mandatory on this, unless I fake an excuse."

Naruto didn't know what school was or what it had to do with the situation but he knew that offers didn't go one way. He had overheard enough robbery plans before he was brought into this place and looked back at the woman, "What do I have to do for you?"

"You will become my partner in crime," she said, "I'm not always a cat burglar so I will also be teaching you the ways of my trades, thievery and art dealing. These are also two mandatory options."

Naruto took it all in. Technically, he had been breaking the law for the past three months, perhaps for even longer if he ever got his memory back, but it didn't matter. He was taught basic trades by a few people in the alleys, what was considered good and bad, and how to determine the needs from the wants. Most of them were drunks though, so he didn't heed much of their words. The blonde looked back at the raven haired woman and smiled slightly.

"I'll do it."

The next day, Naruto became the adopted son of Selena Kyle. He was named her heir in case anything should happen to her, which he thought was a little much. Selena assured him nothing would happen to her, and if she did 'die' then he would have to only worry about Sylvia until he became the written age. The Mayor held a welcoming party in his honor, but Selena told him it was an attempt to get into her pants, which sickened Naruto slightly. The blonde asked where he would get the proper clothes and Selena replied that her assistant picked a suit up for him. He met the most influential man in Gotham, Bruce Wayne, and his ward, Dick Grayson.

Dick was two years younger than him and was pretty cool by his standard, but immediately Naruto could tell that the two were hiding something. Selena praised him for his instinctual deductive skills when he asked her about it after his 'welcoming' party before asking him what he thought. Naruto's reply was that he'd need more on them before he could actually come up with anything, slightly shocking both himself and Selena.

-one week later-

Selena started him on his kickboxing and Tai Kwon Do training, and something strange happened. The several dojo dummies he was introduced to shredded after a few punches. It was as though he was using claws. And through meditation, Naruto had an epiphany as to why this was happening.

"Maybe my parents were super human," he suggested once to Selena over their breakfast. Hearing her rant on and on about some 'Justice League' full of super humans, aliens, and pajama wearing freaks, it got him to thinking. The woman stopped eating and suddenly grinned.

"You're a genius, Naruto," she said, grabbing his wrist and dragging him downstairs to her car. She drove them to a Star Labs in New York City and used a false name to undergo a testing seminar to discover what his gifts were.

After a physical, making Naruto more uncomfortable than he was before he went behind the curtain, and a blood test, a redheaded scientist came back out with wide eyes.

"He's...I don't know how to say this," she said, "It says he's completely human. We've tested for Atlantean, Kryptonian, Martian, and even Android DNA. Nothing!"

"That can't be right!" Selena cried, Naruto nodding at her side, personally glad he was out of the dress the scientist gave him. It was freaking cold and Naruto enjoyed wearing his black and orange hoodie Selena's assistant, Michelle, picked out for him. Currently, he was wearing the hoodie along with a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers. Not to say he didn't dress nice, he just didn't do it if he didn't have to.

"Hold on, Mrs. Line," the scientist said, "We did pick something up. The boy has a trace of...fox DNA apparently."

"Fox DNA?" the two chorused. The scientist nodded.

"Yes," she said, "Through thorough research we have deduced several things he could learn."

"You did all this in fifteen minutes?" Naruto asked, earning an odd stare from the scientist.

"We're Star Labs boy," she said, "We're possible of that and much more. But anyway, we've discovered he could possibly be able to convert nature into energy, such as wind and the environment. There are several other abilities we've considered, but without intensive testing with the subje-erm, I'm so sorry, the boy, we'd never be sure."

"Of course, give me a moment with my son," Selena said, earning a nod of understanding from the scientist, who left out the door, giving the two privacy. Selena turned to the blonde and arched an eyebrow, "So what do you want to do?"

Naruto pulled a plastic stem out he had snatched from a long time ago and chewed on it as he thought. He looked back at the woman he had been adopted by and grinned, somehow looking like a fox, "Let's see what I can do. Maybe it'll help us."

"Maybe..." Selena said with a grin of her own forming.

-Three weeks later-

"Are you sure you're ready for this, Kitsune?" Selena asked as she pulled her mask on. She looked over at the blonde who simply grinned. He was wearing a custom made body armor shirt from Star Labs that had no sleeves and the design of a swirl on the front, a mini-fox face on its center. It was black and orange on his sides, defining him nicely. He wore black fingerless gloves that contained hidden knives near the wrists. With an dark blue utility belt and cargo pants that had, for a reason unknown to the master cat burglar, orange designs on it, the blonde finished his attire off with two combat boots that he left under the pants unlike many super soldiers.

Strapped on his thighs were containers holding an odd, yet effective, short knife that was known as a kunai. In his back pouches on his belt he had several throwing shuriken that he proved to be very well trained in. She knocked it off as an ability he learned before he lost his memory.

"What? And miss out on meeting this Dark Knight that has my 'mom's heart in his tights?" Naruto, who was pulling a beanie with a metal plate on the rim on over his head, asked. Selena shot him a glare while blushing behind her mask. Naruto grinned as he pulled his black and orange goggles on over his eyes. He looked back at the black cat, scratching her behind the ear and earning an affectionate purr, "Be a good girl and keep watch! See you later, Sylvia!"

The blonde then pushed the balcony window open and leapt out to the night, landing on the opposite building. He looked up at Selena and waved, earning a smirk from the woman. She went out the window, shutting it before she leapt after him, and landed beside the goggle clad teen.

"Remind me again why my name is Kitsune and not Foxman?" Kitsune asked Catwoman. The woman smiled at her protégé.

"Because unlike Batman, it's just not that effective," she replied. Kitsune rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"I swear he's all you talk about when you're not off thinking about Bruce," he muttered. Catwoman shot him another glare.

"Stay away from civilian related hints, Kitsune," Catwoman instructed, "If someone discovered your identity, you could have more problems than you bargain for. Remember that, Kitsune."

"Yes Catwoman," Kitsune replied with a nod, feeling bad he could have blown their cover. He turned to the opposite building and then back to her with a grin.

"Bet ya I can beat you to the museum," he challenged. The woman chuckled before grinning at the goggle clad teen.

"You're on shrimp," she said running towards the Gotham Museum. The goggle wearer gave her a few seconds as he put his ear buds in his ear. He played a song by some reggae artist called Fire Burning as he ran and used his Parkour skills to keep up with the agile Catwoman. He flipped and twisted through the air without any problems on his mind, smiling all the way.

He appeared right next to Catwoman and turned his left ear bud off as he turned to talk to her, "What are we going after again?"

"Herm...I think we'll take a shot at the Cat's Eye jewel. Bats likes to keep me from getting that for some reason," she growled slightly. Kitsune chuckled.

"Hm, I don't know, call me crazy, but I think it might be that it's an expensive artifact!" he said to her before doing a handspring ahead of her. Catwoman grumbled to herself before following the goggle clad boy.

They both landed on the roof and Catwoman mewed in curiosity at the two figures standing atop the building.

"Who are you?" she asked the figures. One looked like Robin Hood, gay tights included, while the other looked more heroic and a lot more feminine. Kitsune gave her his signature head tilt that seemed to send females a message or something. He kind of zoned out when the scientist was explaining what his looks could do to a person of the opposite sex. It worked on everyone except Catwoman, but Kitsune thought that was because she had the hots for a man wearing tights and a bat symbol.

"My name is Green Arrow," the Robin Hood look-a-like said, readying a bow, "This is my apprentice, Artemis."

"Like the Greco-Roman goddess of the hunt," Kitsune muttered. Catwoman sent a grin to her pupil before looking back at the Arrow.

"And Batty is...where?" she asked the green clad hero. Green Arrow pulled back on his bowstring, the arrow in it primed and beeping.

"He's away," Green Arrow replied, "Told some League members that he had urgent business in Africa with an old friend. He talks about you."

"Mrrow, does he?" Catwoman purred. Kitsune slapped himself in the face and hung his head. Of all people, why did she have to have the hots for Batman? Couldn't she settle for Bruce Wayne? Geezus...

"Not often," Arrow said before launching his shot. Kitsune shoved Catwoman to the left before he leapt to the right. Pulling two kunai out, he went after the secondary target; Artemis. The blonde girl had her own bowstring pulled back and aimed right at the boy rushing towards her. Her eyes narrowed as did Kitsune's behind his goggles before she released her shot. Kitsune ducked to the left at the last possible second and threw his own projectile at the blonde girl. Artemis, surprised she missed her shot, crossed her arms in an attempt to shield herself from the unknown projectile sent her way.

Arrow saw the object flying at his newest pupil's person and cursed. He hadn't gotten to her dodging yet because of his own pride. He couldn't go help her because Catwoman had him occupied. How was he supposed to know the usually solo thief would bring her own sidekick?

Kitsune cursed silently as he realized she wouldn't attempt to dodge, which was odd because that was the first thing he was trained to do, and ran faster, pushing himself as he flew past the kunai. He tackled the blonde girl to the ground, allowing the sharp projectile to fly past both of them. He pushed away from the blonde girl below him and looked at her shocked eyes.

"You ok? Why the hell didn't you dodge?" Kitsune asked her. The girl was at least a year younger than himself, if his guess was correct, and she looked back at the goggle clad boy with wide eyes.

"I...why?" she asked him. Kitsune sighed and stood off of her, focusing his attention back on the objective. He ran from the girl he had just saved from his own attack, somehow knowing if he didn't save her she'd be dead. His guilt was catching up to him and he ran to the window on the rooftop before jumping down through the glass into the museum. The alarms blared, alerting Catwoman to his fate as well as Arrow. Green Arrow raised his bow in the cat burglar's direction once again.

"Your boy there ruined it for you, Catwoman," he said, pulling back on the bowstring slightly, "Give up! The cops will be here soon and then we can finally put you away."

Catwoman smirked as she saw a figure leap to the building in the other direction behind Green Arrow. It ran fast, not doing fancy flips, just leaping from rooftop to rooftop. She looked back at the Green Arrow with her smirk and threw smoke bombs to the ground before fleeing towards her penthouse.

Green Arrow coughed before looking around frantically and cursing, "Damn...one move away from getting her behind bars...Oh crap, Artemis!"

The Arrow rushed to his apprentice's side and knelt next to her, "Artemis, are you ok?"

"H-He tried to...and then he...saved me?" she said, confused from the whole matter. She looked up at the Arrow for help but he just looked at the glass window her attacker vanished through.

"Maybe he was just as new to this as you are," Green Arrow said to his apprentice. He scratched his beard in thought before helping the girl stand and patting her shoulder and smiling to her.

"All in all, aside from your close call, you did good!"

Kitsune crashed through the windows of Selena Kyle's penthouse and threw his goggles and beanie off. He grabbed his head in pain and shut his eyes. He saw dying brown eyes stare back at him and felt blood being coughed on him. He cried out in pain as the flashes changed to a redhead boy with green eyes looking up at him with confused eyes. The pain increased as he fell to his knees and cried out in agony.

"Naruto!" Selena shouted, coming in through the balcony window he smashed through earlier and pulling her mask off, "Are you ok? Naruto?"

The blonde moved his hands from his head to wrap around his stomach as he dry heaved. Selena acted quickly and grabbed a vase that was used as decoration. Right now it didn't matter to her as much as this blonde did, who had somehow snuck his way into her heart along with the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. Selena put the vase under his mouth and rubbed his back.

"Let it out, Naruto," she said before the boy grabbed for the vase and puked. He felt like he was vomiting all his stomach contents from the day and then some into the vase. And the flashes! Oh how the faces haunted him, the blood trickling from their mouths and eyes. People dying everywhere, that's all he saw.

When he finally stopped puking, he fell into his guardian's arms and sobbed. He was scared, hurt, and very, very confused, so he vented anyway a normal teenager would.

He cried in his mother's arms.

Selena hugged the boy tightly and rubbed his back until he passed out. She lifted him up and carried him to the couch before turning around and grabbing his 'puke bin'. Looking the vase over, she realized it was a fake that she had put out to fool any other thieves and felt slightly relieved. She looked back over to the resting Naruto, whose face was far from peaceful and calm. It looked tortured, horrified even. The usually cold Selena Kyle frowned.

He might not know it from how I act with him...but I do care, she thought before remembering what he said before they left earlier that night, Apparently, he does think of me that way...Kind of upsetting that I'm not his big sister, but no biggie. I can only imagine what he's dreaming of...

-Naruto's Memories-

It was all gone.

The buildings, the people, his friends and teammates. All dead. Their bodies stared back at him, asking why he didn't save them. Why he didn't come back with the white haired man who lay before him earlier. Why couldn't he save any of them?

The eyes were the ones haunting him. The purple eyes with ripples in them.

"You are going to die here, Kyuubi's jinchuriki," the purple eyes with ripples owner said. He was an orange haired man with piercings everywhere.

"F-Fuck you!" he shot back. His hands and legs were pinned to the ground through some type of stake. The pierced man showed no emotion as he raised a stake in his left hand.

"Goodbye monster. With you dead, peace will consume the lands," the man said before shoving the stake through his heart. The last thing Naruto saw before darkness was the small twitch in the orange haired man's face.

The twitch of a smile.

That wouldn't be the last time he saw the smile on the pierced orange haired ripple eyed man's face. It would be the first of many nightmares to come.

-Gotham, 2011, two years later-

"AHH!" A messy haired blonde screamed as he shot up in bed. He scanned his surroundings before sighing. The licking on his left hand alerted him to a visitor in his room and he smiled.

"Hello Sylvia," the blonde said to the black cat as he stroked her back before scratching behind her ear. Sylvia purred in approval of the teen's stroking and almost mewled in disappointment when he stopped. He sat up and stretched before cracking his neck and standing. Looking in the mirror he scratched his left cheek's scars, a nervous habit of his, before going to the wall and checking to see if he grew. Currently, if his measurements were correct, he grew at least another quarter inch. He smirked as that now put him at a good 5' 11' even. He looked at the clock and sighed.

"Six in the morning...well I've got about an hour 'til school starts, might as well get ready now," he muttered to himself as he went towards the shower. Five minutes later he was pulling his cargo pants on and brushing his teeth. Multitasking came easy for the blonde, as his mentor/guardian/sister-in-arms/mother drilled it into him in the first month he lived with her. He pulled his Star Labs body armor shirt on before pulling his orange and black hoodie on over that. The hoodie was snug and clung to his body slightly, annoying the blonde as it wasn't as baggy as he would have liked. Reaching for his goggles, the blonde paused before shrugging and pulling them over his head, allowing them to dangle around his neck.

"Someone's up early," a voice said from the doorway. The blonde looked over at his mentor as she walked past him in her purple robe and he arched an eyebrow.

"Someone's actually home for once," he shot back, earning a growl of annoyance from the woman.

"Hey, I'm not a teenager anymore," the woman said as she brewed herself some coffee, "I can't be out partying all the time."

The blonde rolled his eyes and grabbed his mug and poured some of his Monster energy drink into it, "Whatever, Selena. We still doing that raid tonight, or is another Bruce Wayne charity event putting that off?"

Selena huffed, "Just because I have a somewhat healthy relationship with Bruce doesn't mean you can go and get all jealous over it, Naruto."

"I'm not jealous," Naruto shot back before he took a sip of his energy drink, "I'm just...kinda bummed, ya know? We haven't stolen anything together since...well since May!"

Selena smiled and patted his cheek, "Aw, you want to go out and steal with me. That's sweet. Well, why not go solo?"

"Cuz it's not as fun without you!" Naruto shot back, sitting on a stool next to the kitchen's island, "No one ever shows up if I'm the only one thieving...except for that looser in the red and yellow."

"Bird boy?"

"No, someone around my age. He runs really fast, but that's it. It's so boring!"

"Ohh, Kid Flash...What about wordplay?"

"Ugh, it's so cheesy with that wannabe. I'd rather face The Flash, not his pansy ass little brother. Hell, even Robin or Batgirl are more fun to taunt than him! And they give out much better fights...especially Batgirl. She's really fun to fight with-Ow! What?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his shoulder where Selena pinched him.

"You're acting like a teenager again," Selena said with a smirk before turning it into a smile, "Then why not go scope another city out? I hear Metropolis is Superman-free for the next two months."

"Yea, Superman-free," Naruto argued, "Not Superboy free. And I heard that dude has issues. Big ones. I am NOT fighting another mental superpowered guy. It'd be Thanksgiving with Grundy all over again!"

"Grundy's not so bad once you get on his good side," Selena said, taking a drink of her coffee, "Ok, I've got one more idea as a back-up if I can't make it to tonight's raid. Go to NYC's museum."

"Why would I want to risk going into Steel's landscape?" Naruto argued, "Dude's hammer freaking HURTS. Or so I'm told by Harley Quinn."

"What have I told you about talking to that psycho?" Selena asked with narrowed eyes. Naruto scratched his head sheepishly.

"Sorry," he replied before fiddling with his mug as he thought. Finally, after a few minutes of silence, aside from Sylvia's purring as she rubbed against Selena's leg, Naruto looked up and asked, "Can I go to Maine?"


"Aw, c'mon! All that's there is Speedy, erm, Red Arrow! And occasionally Green Arrow, but that's nothing!"

"It's in another state, Naruto. I said no and that's final."

"Come on, Selena! This so isn't cool. You get to freaking go to another country and raid! Why can't I?"

"Because I'm your guardian and I said so."

"...Ok, you've got me there. But c'mon! It's not like I'm asking to go to the coast and deal with Aquaman and the Atlanteans! Or-Or go to the West Coast and deal with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern! We know every hero's hangout because of that hacking deal I got off of Gizmo! Please let me go to Maine. There's something there I've been dying to get my hands on!"

"Oh?" Selena asked, intrigued, "And what is this item?"

Naruto reached into his back pocket, fishing his wallet out and pulling a folded piece of paper out and showed it to her. Selena whistled and looked at him questionably, "You want to go after this?"

"Yeah..." Naruto said, "It's called the Fox Tail of Fire. It's priceless and I don't know why, but something is telling me to go after it. It might have...It might have some answers..."

He looked down at the picture once again before looking up at the raven haired woman he called his mentor and she saw how important this was to him. He was pleading with those damned blue eyes of his again, the eyes she couldn't say no to. Selena held her head in frustration before sighing in defeat.

"Fine," she said, and as he started to cheer in victory, she cut him off, "But at the first sign of any other league members, you'd better call it off!"

"Who do you think I am? The Pigeon?" Naruto asked as the two of them laughed. He looked at the clock and swore, "Dammit! I'm gonna be late if I don't leave now. Thanks again, Selena, you're the best."

He kissed her on the cheek before rushing out the window, grabbing his green backpack along the way. Selena shook her head and put their mugs in the sink before heading towards the shower.

Sylvia, having noticed her mistress and master had left the room, went to the windowsill in order to lounge in the sun of the June morning. On her previous lounging spot, a newspaper lie unrolled, the image of six teens on the front page in separate images and the headline: 'YOUNG HEROES RUMORED TO BE IN MAINE!'

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