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Episode 20: The Deal

~Downtown Jump City, Oct 10th, 12:52 PM~

"Are you fucking serious right now?!" Kitsune swore as he ducked under another attempted strike from Robin, "I am so not in the mood for this!"

"Sucks to suck, dude!" Beast Boy called out as he morphed into a gorilla and tried to engage the thief in hand-to-hand combat. Kitsune's eyes narrowed and held his palm out at the giant ape.

"You little green shit, why don't you try this on for size?" the Meta thief asked as he sent an enormous gust of wind at the gorilla. Beast Boy tried to hold strong, but he was sent rolling backwards thanks to the wind's speed and power. Another car made friends with a telephone pole as the driver tried to avoid the giant green gorilla thanks to the battle in the middle of the street.

"BB!" Cyborg called out in worry before glaring at the blonde, "Oh it's on now, buddy!"

"Bring it you sci-fi reject!" Kitsune shot back as his body was encased in wind. Robin tossed bird-a-rangs at him, only for the weapons to be sent flying from the mini-hurricane surrounding the blonde. Robin cried out as he was knocked back by his own weapons, disoriented and bordering on unconsciousness. The fox themed thief rushed towards Cyborg with his hands behind him.

Cyborg morphed his right hand into a sonic cannon before taking aim, "Eat this!"

The shot was fired, but instead of connecting, Kitsune split it right down the middle with his punch. Eyes flickering red, the thief whipped his knives out and channeled the chakra into them. A large nearly invisible blade appeared and faster than one could say "Boo Ya!" the half-machine teen had found himself missing a hand.

"AHH!" Cyborg called out as his circuits went haywire trying to fix the damage, similar to the pain of nerves sending messages to the brain. Though he quickly shut off the damage processors, he found himself missing the other arm. Then he was stabbed in the stomach.

"Consider it off," Kitsune snarled inches from the teenager's face. He put his right boot on the African-American teen's cybernetic shoulder before pulling his impromptu blade out. The Teen Titans cried out their friend's name as he fell to the side, in a repair setting similar to that of a regular human going into shock.

"CYBORG!" Starfire cried out in anger, her eyes glowing green as she flew at the thief. Green star bolts shot out from her hands, all with the intent to hurt the one that hurt her friend. Kitsune turned and growled, slicing through the Tamaranian princess' attacks like he had Cyborg's. The other knife was flicked out and he channeled chakra into that as well, doubling his accuracy in deflecting the star bolts.

"Rah!" Starfire cried out as she flew right at the thief with her fist cocked back. Kitsune spun his left blade around so that the pommel was facing the alien and prepared his own fist. The two threw their fists forward and they collided, with the 'human' thief managing to match the alien princess' strength. Starfire was sent flying from the equivalent to Superman's bitch slap courtesy of Kitsune's free Wind Blade. The Tamaranian was sent flying through a parked car and halfway imbedded in the wall of a building, now unconscious.

"Starfire!" Beast Boy cried out in worry as he caught the last attack. The green teen morphed into a mammoth with the intent to charge. That is, until Kitsune rounded on him and snarled. His eyes shone bright red and a guttural growl left his throat. Beast Boy had no chance as his ingrained and enhanced instincts caught the threat, seeing a vision of endless pain if he attacked. The teen hero's mind couldn't wrap around what he saw and he passed out from the stress.

"This ends now! Asarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven cried out as her eyes gave off a black light, encasing the thief in a dark mystical energy. Kitsune snarled and slammed against the sphere he was in before slashing at it with his blades. He continued this before a crack appeared in the shield. Raven began chanting and fell to her knees as she tried to contain the blonde. Kitsune kept slashing before he finally broke through. Raven, exhausted, tried to rise to her feet, only to be knocked out from the solid knee in her gut.

"Raven!" Robin exclaimed before growling and putting two bird-a-rangs together to form a sword, "That's enough! You're going down, Kitsune! I'm going to lock you up, just like your mother!"

That was a very, very unwise thing to say.

Before Robin could move, Kitsune was in front of him and his blades were gone. A fist cracked across Robin's face before his defense was brought up.

"You don't get to mention my mother," Kitsune growled with a voice that promised pain, if not death itself.

The Boy Wonder was hit again from the opposite side before a barrage of martial arts began to systematically break the body of Batman's protégé. Soon enough, hands were a blur and Robin didn't feel the pain anymore. He was unconscious before Kitsune's final strike, a roundhouse kick to the head, was thrown.

Robin's body went flying through the front window of the pizza place that the people of Jump City loved so much. He landed through a table with a groan of pain, and witnesses flinched at the blood he coughed up. The witnessing civilians were shaken that their defenders, The Teen Titans, were destroyed right in front of their eyes.

Tigress watched as her former ally stood still after he utterly decimated the younger group. This was her fault, she should've brokered a deal with him, but she didn't want him to rampage through Gotham City. It seems now though that there was no stopping it. Steeling her resolve, Tigress pulled her blade out and fell into a nervous stance.

Kitsune, who heard the soft drawing of a blade, turned and faced the girl. His eyes glowing red beneath his goggles, he released a roar of sheer malice, anger, and hatred that made Tigress weak in the knees and shattered the glass of several buildings. He slowly drew another blade and stepped forward, intent on getting his answers.


People froze as a pissed off looking Supergirl floated down from the sky. The fox themed hero turned and glared at the girl, his eyes barely registering that she was on his side. All he saw was another liar. Another betrayer.

Another enemy.

But he hesitated as she smelt familiar to him.

"This stops now!" Supergirl ordered. The thief merely bared his teeth at her and growled. It took all of Kara's willpower not to submit to the silent order he gave. Still, the Kryptonian stood strong and crossed her arms. She glared at the thief before moving faster than human eyes could track. Kitsune almost avoided her swing, but she still clipped him across the jaw.

Tigress was shocked.

After what she saw him do to the Teen Titans, all it took was a single swing from Supergirl to put him down?

Supergirl meanwhile flew over to where her fiancé landed. Out cold from a downsized punch and sending him through three brick walls. She groaned at the damage, but focused on picking the unconscious male up and throwing him over her shoulder. The Kryptonian returned to grab Tigress, who didn't attempt a struggle as she was still trying to comprehend what she saw.

"You're coming with me," Supergirl ordered without room for argument as she wrapped an arm around the girl before taking off, leaving several confused Jump City citizens to speculate what they just saw and five unconscious teens to seek medical help.

~Kyle Penthouse, 5:32 PM~

"Ohh, my jaw," Naruto moaned as he slowly sat up and held the throbbing area. A quick once over revealed he was still wearing his Kitsune attire. The last thing he remembered was Artemis asking for his help. Clutching his throbbing jaw, the blonde thought, I feel like I went three rounds with Tyson five times in a row, losing each time. No wait...that was my losing streak in Punch Out. Great, there's a slight concussion. Well it explains my memory loss at least.

He continued to rub his cheek in an effort to dull the pain as he stood up from his spot on the bed. Faintly he heard two voices speaking in the next room, but his hearing was overpowered by another scent, this being the scent of smell.

And the reason was he smelt ramen.

"Food of the Gods!" Naruto exclaimed, rushing out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. There he found Tigress aka Artemis Crock chatting it up with his fiancé at the island that acted as a bar. Normally, this would worry him, as his mother had made said fiancé a plotter with how they cornered him into proposing to her, but he was too distracted by that heavenly aroma. It was so fresh, so warm, so...



The blonde thief raced for the dish, only to be stopped as his fiancé held her arm out, effectively clotheslining him in his dash. Naruto landed on his back, hacking and gasping for air. Kara rolled her eyes while Artemis laughed at his predicament. Adding to Naruto's embarrassment was Kage, who walked over to the blonde and pawed at him in concern.

"Naruto okay?" the fox whined as he nudged the thief's hand. Naruto rubbed at his throat and glared at the amused Kara before he spoke, "Y-Yeah, I'm fine Kage."

"You talk to your pet fox?" Artemis asked with a hint of amusement, "Are you psychic?"

"No, but sometimes I wish I was because then it'd be easier to know what she is thinking," Naruto replied with a pointed look at the only Kryptonian in the room. His fiancé sent him a small kiss, to which he frowned, "Hey, can either of you tell me what happened in the past three hours? All I remember is being pulled aside by the jungle cat here and a throbbing feeling in my jaw. Care to explain?"

The girl wearing the jungle cat motif snickered and looked at an embarrassed Kara, "Well someone found you kicking the ever living crap out of the Teen Titans after you snapped at me. She decided it would be a good idea to punch you in the face and then bring the both of us here."

Kara whistled innocently and went back to the stove to finish up the ramen, which got Naruto's attention.

"What's the occasion?" Naruto asked as he sat at the island next to Artemis. He sent a smirk to the now cat-themed girl and asked, "You graduate from HIVE? Or is this a celebration for kicking your fiancé's ass...again?"

"No, you dork," Kara replied as she poured the noodles into a bowl, "It's my dinner, seeing as I'm eating for two."

"Ix-nay on the Aby-bay!" Naruto hissed while eyeing the still amused Artemis. The girl grinned at him before looking back at Kara.

"Should I tell him or should you?" The former blonde asked with a smile. Kara floated back to the island and set her bowl of noodles down before giving Naruto a view of her pearly whites.

"You're going to help Artemis save her sister," Kara said. Naruto furrowed his brows.

"Uh, hello? Thief here, not a hero. I don't do that anymore," the blonde said only to be quelled by Kara's glare, "O-Or, or I could listen to the reason why I'm going to help her...right?"

"Well, Artemis and I made a deal," Kara continued, idly eating while she explained what had been decided while Naruto was unconscious, "If you help her get her sister back from a certain someone's clutches, she won't rat out to Superman what you did to his innocent cousin."

"...This is blackmail!" Naruto accused, pointing a finger at Kara, "And you're in on it?! Kara how could you do this to me?"

"Simple, with one of us bedridden, the other should step up and take on the duties of the sick one," Kara replied before eating another bundle of noodles, "In short, you're doing this because I can't."

"The least you could do is bribe me a little, then it'd be a deal," Naruto pushed, "If I help Artemis, how can she help me?"

"Aside from not telling Superman you knocked up his only natural family member?" Artemis queried, getting a pale Naruto out of the statement. The raven-haired young woman giggled at his face before she continued, "Well, I could get you some schematics for the rumored Arkham City project from my source, Oracle."

Naruto immediately regained his color and eyed Artemis curiously, "Go on..."

"Well, according to Oracle, Arkham City is in its trial stage," Artemis began, "In three months, the civilians' relocation and the prisoners from Blackgate and Arkham Asylum will be completely surrounded by a concrete wall. TYGER, a new PMC, is heading the funding for its construction. That's all I can give you for now, but actual plans and personal files aren't free."

Naruto leaned back in his seat and hummed. He hadn't heard of this TYGER group before, so he had no idea what was in store if he just went in 'guns blazing' as the phrase goes. Even X, who he had called for assistance when the subject first came up, was hesitant to try without solid schematics. He wasn't about to return to Gotham on a "plan pulled out of the ass", as he called it.

With those schematics and more info on what TYGER forces are like, I'd be able to slip in and out much easier, Naruto mused before looking at the girl. Running a hand through his hair, feigning defeat, he spoke, "I guess that'll have to do...But I want a meeting with this Oracle, chick."

"I can't promise anything, but I'll try," Artemis replied before holding her hand out, "So...deal?"

Naruto eyed her outstretched hand wearily, his inner thief screaming not to shake on it, but relented with a sigh. Grasping the young woman's gloved hand with his own, their eyes locked and a silent concern was shared between the two.

"You'd better hold up on your end."

~Kyle Penthouse, 8:25 PM~

Naruto sat at his desk looking over the city's steel mill schematics. It was horrifyingly similar to Gotham North's Steel Mill, and that's how he knew where Cheshire would be. If the kidnapper was who Artemis said it was, the sadistic clown would love to make his carnival set up in the dank, creepy steel mill. His eyes flashed red and a familiar feeling of nausea hit him, making him groan in annoyance.

"What do you want, Kyuubi?" the blonde asked with an frown on his face as he swiveled around to look at the redheaded man seated on the windowsill with a grin on his face.

"Well now, is that any way to greet your father?" Kyuubi asked with a mock frown.

Naruto felt the urge to attack the man and growled, "You've yet to prove we're biologically related. Let me ask again: What. Do. You. Want?"

The red eyed man' face shifted into a fox-like grin, "I heard you were going after that clown man again."

"Do I want to know how?" the blonde asked tiredly. He held his hands up and immediately corrected himself, "No, on second thought, I don't want to encourage you. Just tell me what you want. It's been a long fucking day. I just wanna finish this up and go to bed."

"If you must know, I came to inform you that not all is as it seems at the steel mill," Kyuubi replied cryptically. The self-proclaimed elemental pulled out a bottle of wine from behind him and began pouring himself a glass. Taking a sip of the red wine, sunglasses wearing man licked his lips lightly with an approving sigh, "So good...Anyway, just pack a lot of those ice bombs the former icicle made for you. I'd give you some more advice, but where's the fun in that?"

"Gee thanks a lot," Naruto growled as the being vanished with a smirk on his face. The blonde rubbed the bridge of his nose and groaned in annoyance from his "father's" visit. That just raised more questions for him to think over while planning this little rescue mission. Naruto swiveled back around and looked down at the schematics, scowling as he did so.

With these new questions he gained more concern for his and his "employer's" safety. He needed to ensure that they'd not only get out alive but get Artemis' sister out as well.

With this in mind, the blonde had a good hour-long mental debate on whether or not he should ask for help from a certain someone. He groaned as he realized his wallet would be significantly smaller before reaching over to his phone and dialing a number.

The phone rang for a good five minutes before it was picked up.

"Hello, this is the Jump City Wilson residence, Wintergreen speaking."

AN: And so ends the latest (and sadly short (Sorry but I had to party this week, two decades for the win!)) episode. Let's recap: Naruto kicked the Teen Titans asses, got a sucker punch from his fiancé, blackmailed by said woman and a girl he occasionally flirted with, and now he's being warned by Kyuubi to pack ice bombs...Take a guess as to what comes next.


Next time, Episode 21: What A Small World We Live In