It's that chapter, you've all been expecting it. I want to say that I'm horribly sorry that this story is cancelled...but I'm not.

This isn't abandoned.

No, I see this like a cartoon, like Batman TAS or Superman TAS...

It's been cancelled.

Shows over, go watch something else.

You can give me hate for it, I don't care. That only means you enjoyed it, and frankly, that means I did what I set out to do.

I entertained you.

And so, because you all no doubt hate my guts anyway, I leave to you my initial plans.

Naruto was going to bust Jade out, have another brawl with Joker/Clayface, though most of you could've guessed that.

Then he would've gone searching for Silena. Get captured, tortured by Ra's. Batman comes in, saves the day, yadda, yadda, yadda. Silena and Bats get serious, maybe.

Supergirl would've eventually let Artemis and Batgirl/Oracle in on the harem. The first daughter of Naruto's would be born. Naruto and the Titans would have more entertaining interactions.

Naruto and Darkseid would've faced off. Naruto gets his ass handed to him until Supes comes in as backup. Naruto would've gone Elemental on Darkseid when the New God threatens his family.

That was the plan...But then life happened. I graduated Highschool. I went to collage. I experimented with my writing.

I learned that writing harems was not my best work.

I had an epiphany.

I wouldn't come back to finish this story because there was no story. Not entirely. I had no structure. I was adding everything I could into the story from the DC comics/TV shows/video games...For no reason other than to say I could.

So, with this said, I end Kitsune: Son of Catwoman.

But who knows? Maybe I'll think up something better next time.

Thanks for reading.

Keep on, Keepin on.

With Love and Regret, Bonesboy15