One: Fullmetal Alchemist/Pokémon crossover

Everything was pitch black. After a bit the darkness seemed to thin a little, letting slurred sounds filter through. The sounds caused ripples of pain that seemed to emanate from one point and all over at the same time. As the darkness continued thinning slowly, it felt as though an equal amount of weight was being lifted as well. A garbled shout rang through the air.

"What is it, is something the matter?"

That sounded like a young male speaking.

"Oh, look over there!"

That voice sounded female.

"Don't get too close. It may be injured and possibly attack anything that frightens it."

That one sounded male also, though a little older than the other. The darkness was not blocking noise anymore, but it did block sight. The one being oppressed by the cloak of darkness yearned for the light. With an effort, he cracked his eyes open, letting them adjust to the sudden flare of brightness before opening them further. All that met his gaze was the dirt-brown ground. He let out a groan, unable to recall how he ended up where he was.

"Did you hear that?"

"Do you think it's awake?"

There were the voices again; the younger male and the female. He didn't know who they were, but maybe they could help him and his brother.

'Oh, no! Alphonse!'

Edward Elric jolted up halfway and cast his eyes frantically about, searching for the familiar grey armour that housed his little brother's soul. He couldn't see it, though he spotted a lot of trees and three people; two boys and a girl. The youngest appeared to be a black-haired boy wearing a white and red cap. There was an orange-haired girl kneeling beside him and an olive-skinned guy with dark brown hair kneeling on her other side. All three were staring at him with concern and a bit of apprehension.

The tallest, the olive-skinned guy, shuffled a touch closer and slowly held out a hand with something resembling pet food nestled in his palm. "Hey there little guy. You don't have to be scared of us, we just want to see if you're okay," he said in a gentle tone, as if talking to a small child.

Ed, of course, did not take well to the unintentional jab at his height.

"Who are you calling so tiny a cat would think he's a rodent?" he yelled as loudly as he could while jumping to his feet.

The three fell back on their butts, completely taken aback by the sudden and vicious verbal response. There was one of their group that Ed hadn't seen that had not been as affected by his shouting as the rest.

Pikachu stepped forward, putting himself between the enraged Ed and his trainer, Ash. Pikachu tilted his head to one side. "But you're a pikachu, so you ARE a rodent," he said in a confused tone.

Ed's first thought upon seeing the yellow creature was, 'Chimera!' but he didn't sense that the thing was in pain. Not only was it the strangest creature that Ed had ever seen, it also spoke perfectly fluently. It had also called him a 'pikachu', whatever the heck that was. Ed's reply was, "Huh?"

This left Pikachu more confused, though he relaxed his stance now that the other pikachu didn't look as if he would attack them. "Are you okay? You didn't hit your head or anything, did you?"

Ed was beginning to think that this was all an elaborate dream or he had hit his head and was seeing things. Raising a hand to feel for any bumps on his head, he gasped and froze. His hand was tiny with five stubby fingers, and was covered in short yellow fur. It looked identical to the hands the creature in front of him possessed.

"Pikachu, is there something wrong?" Ash asked, staring pointedly at Ed.

Pikachu frowned a little in reply and lowered his ears a bit, unsure how to communicate what was going on with just charades and a word game.

After hearing the black-haired boy speak, it struck Ed that he and the creature had been speaking in a different language. As the creature, Pikachu the boy called it, turned back to face him, Ed concentrated hard on its words.

"Are you injured anywhere?" Pikachu asked, trying to get a proper answer.

Ed could understand what was said, but he also heard bits and pieces of the creature's name being repeated in various ways.

"I wish we could understand what they were saying," Brock said, eyeing the wild pikachu in concern. "Where's Meowth when you need him?"

Misty nodded in agreement. "It would be nice to have a translator for situations like this."

'They must only be able to hear the thing repeating its name,' Ed thought, fitting a couple of puzzle pieces together in his mind.

"Hello?" Pikachu said inquiringly, slightly miffed at being ignored.

Ed looked up. "I ache a bit, but I think it's just from being knocked out. I don't think I'm hurt anywhere," he answered honestly before looking at the three people. Concentrating on not saying the word 'pikachu' over and over again, Ed took a deep breath. "H-have…you…s-seen…a big…s-suit…of…armour?" he said slowly and haltingly.

Ash, Brock, Misty and even Pikachu were stunned speechless. After a few seconds, Ash shook off the surprise. "A big suit of armour? No, sorry, haven't seen anything like that around here."

"What about…another…like me?" Ed asked, wondering if Al had also been transformed into a yellow rodent-like being.

"You're the first pikachu we've come across in this forest," Brock replied. "Are you hurt anywhere? We found you just lying there," he added, the concerned look never leaving his face.

"I'd never heard…the word…pikachu…until five minutes ago, when I…woke up. I'm a…human. My name is…Edward Elric," Ed managed to say, slowly getting better at speaking 'human'. It irked him to have so much trouble speaking his own language.

"A human?" all three burst out at once.

Pikachu walked right up to Ed and paced around him. "You look just like a regular pikachu…" he commented, stopping in front of Ed. "Well, maybe except for that thin tuft of fur that's sticking up on your head like an antenna."

"Hey, leave the hair alone!" Ed said angrily, attempting to pat down the long, thin cowlick without success.

"Even if you really are a human, then how can you not have heard the word pikachu before? People know about pokémon even in the most remote places," said Brock, who now had a hand on his chin and was looking thoughtful.

"Pokémon?" Ed parroted, brought up short by another foreign word. "Never…heard that word, either."

The four friends were stunned speechless once more.

A sudden, horrifying thought struck the young alchemist. "Are we in Amestris?"

Silence once again filled the immediate vicinity, broken only by their breathing. Judging by the confused looks he received in reply, Edward gathered that they hadn't even heard of the country. That thought was not a comforting one in the slightest. He swore under his breath, using every single curse word in his rather extensive vocabulary, making Pikachu look at him in utter shock.

"I'll take that…as a 'no'."

"We're in Kanto if that helps you," Brock said kindly.

Ed shook his head, making his pointy, black-tipped ears sway with the motion. "Even if nothing makes sense to me…I have to find my little brother," he said, his tone ringing with conviction. Ed gave them a small wave and started walking in a random direction. He walked a little funny, trying to adjust to his new body and the fact that his right arm and left leg were flesh and blood once more.

He was beyond happy to be able to feel things with his limbs again, but he was confused as to why they were no longer auto-mail, even in this strange body.


I know this has been done before. I just wanted to try my hand at it as an experiment of sorts. As you can see I never got very far. This file's been sitting on my computer for months and I just know that I'm not going to write anymore of it.

This is set in the first generation with Ash, Brock and Misty, though not in any one particular spot in the timeline. I had no plans for this and no idea where Alphonse is, nor how Ed got to Kanto and became a pokémon.

If you would like to adopt this, to simply continue it or just change a few things to suit your tastes, send me a PM or e-mail.