Chapter 1

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So, I'm still working on my other stories, but this plot bunny just jumped on my face and refused to let me breathe until I agreed to write it. It was kind of a vicious bunny. Hope you enjoy- let me know what you think! I need all the help I can get. ;)

Wally felt like crap. It had been four days since he had been left for dead in that stupid pool, and each day he felt worse and worse. At first it hadn't been too bad, just like any other cold he'd ever had. Of course, it was kind of hard to remember what that felt like, seeing as how his powers pretty much kept him from getting really sick for very long.

It wasn't so much that it became worse, just moreā€¦more intense. Luckily for Wally, they hadn't really had any major missions. Black Canary was off on some sort of 'Quest' with Question again, and Robin was doing the 'dynamic-duo' thing with Bats, still, so no-one had noticed his shortness of breath, or the fact that he was actually sweating. His decreased speed and lethargy simply made it easier for him to seem more normal at school, and by the time he got back around to the base each night, he went straight to bed, having already missed whatever 'big fun plans of awesome' his teammates had made for the day.

And now it was Friday, the weekend- his new (and old) favorite time of the week. There was no school today, and Rob was due back this afternoon. The plan was to have a BBQ on the beach, and though he had expressed 'enthusiasm' (He suspected it fell rather short of his usual antics when everyone started staring at him in concern. He quickly said something stupid, and it went back to normal.), the only part he was looking forward to was the 100 degree heat. He just couldn't seem to stay warm, and with his metabolism and powers, he couldn't remember the last time he'd been cold. He hated it. Sometimes, he would shiver so hard, the friction of it would burn whatever he was touching, which was hard to explain at school.

He'd stayed in his room all morning, trying to stop coughing, and convince himself that nothing was really wrong. Because there wasn't. It was just a little cold, and he would never hear the end of it from Artemis if he tried to beg off for something so small. Besides- Megan in a swimsuit. He smiled blissfully, and changed into his swim trunks quickly, though he wasn't planning on getting within 10 feet of the water. Heck, he'd been having a hard time even drinking water, let alone submerging himself in it. The showers he'd taken had been record short times, even for him. Of course, he was also unusually late to class, which was a fantastic excuse if anyone asked him about it.

Glancing in the mirror before he left, Wally noticed that he'd lost weight. He had been surprised to learn that the 'no appetite when you're sick' thing applied to speedsters, and now it was showing. Rifling through his drawers, he found a baggy shirt to wear, though he knew the others would tease him. Now then- time to convince the mini-Bat that he was fine. Wally licked his dry, chapped lips, then walked out to the beach where he knew everyone was gathered.

"Hey guys? Miss me?" He threw an outrageous wink to Megan that he didn't really feel, then stuck his hands on his hips 'heroically'. It kept his shaking hands from being too noticeable.

"Wally!" Megan smiled brighter than the sun, and for a moment, he almost forgot he was sick. "This will be the first time you've been able to join our 'pool party', right? This will be so fun!"

"Yeah! I'm totally-"

"Actually, M'gann, it would be a 'beach party'," Robing corrected the martian girl, marching up to Wally and nudging him with his elbow, "Hey, Wally. You haven't been making moves on my girl while I was gone, have you?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively above his reflective sunglasses. When Wally's reaction was a second late, he frowned and faced the speedster fully. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yup! Perfectly fine. How was Gotham?" Wally's change of subject definitely wasn't subtle, but they were used to that, so it wouldn't raise any suspicion. Hopefully.

"The usual. The Riddler tried to blow one of the bridges, but we handled it." The Boy Wonder shrugged, "No biggie."

Wally shook his head- it still took him by surprise, how much his non-superpowered friend (and said friend's mentor) could handle. "Wow. Sounds much more exciting than this place." More like, so much more exhausting. Wally was reminded again how lucky he was that nothing catastrophic had happened while he was feeling like crap.

"I guess. What did you guys do, anyway?" Robin had an attentively curious expression on his face, and Wally knew immediately he was in trouble. He'd aroused the suspicion of his detective friend, and he was going to be hard pressed to deflect it- but he had to.

"Oh, you know, the usual- going to school, training." Wally made a face, before taking a step back. "So, what's for dinner?" He zipped off to where Superboy was manning the grill, knowing he'd only delayed the inevitable. The strange achy-ness in his muscles reminded him why he'd been avoiding superspeed all week.

"Hey Kid. They're not done yet- and you better not eat them all before anyone else gets any," Superboy glowered at him, and Wally laughed, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. He'd only done that, like, once!

"Oh. Yeah, I'll try not to do that again." He saluted the clone before wandering off towards the surf. Happily, Artemis had been ignoring him since he first appeared, so he didn't have to try to think up any witty -or not so witty- banter. He was still bitter that she was replacing Speedy- Red Arrow. She didn't belong here, and he didn't like her. Even if she was really good with a bow-and-arrow.

"Everything alright, Wally?" Kaldur's calm voice interrupted his inner grumbling, and Wally jumped a little. He hadn't noticed Aqualad getting out of the water.

"Er- yeah. Just thinking about stuff. How's the water?" Wally blurted impulsively. Kaldur's challenging smile made his stomach sink.

"It is perfect. Shall we race?"

The Atlantean was incredibly fast underwater, and while Wally was no slouch when it came to swimming, he was faster then the team leader when he used his speed to run on the water's surface. The other boy never got tired of trying to beat him, though. And any other time, he'd be happy to prove he was the fastest. But today, the thought of getting near any water, let alone so much, had his stomach rolling like the incoming waves. " thanks. Can't race on an empty stomach!" He tried to push his normal exuberance into the refusal, and succeeded enough to keep the older boy off his back. For now, at least. Wandering off along the shoreline, he found himself a nice patch of warm, dry sand, and stretched out to rest his aching muscles.