Chapter 5

Robin couldn't sleep. He was tired - exhausted, really - but he couldn't stop shivering. The doctor had examined him earlier that night, and diagnosed him with mild hypothermia. Really mild. In fact, he suspected that the poor man had exaggerated his symptoms in order to satisfy Batman's need to protect his protege, so he'd stop glowering at him. Unfortunately, that meant that Dick had to stay in medical overnight, and Bruce had been adamant that he go straight to bed. He loved Bruce, he really did, but sometimes the guy got a little too overprotective.

After three hours of uselessly tossing and turning, and the shivers getting worse and worse, Robin finally made a decision. If he was up, he might as well sneak over to Wally's room, and make sure the idiot hadn't died after all. Slipping out of his bed and quietly turning off the machines monitoring him, Robin wrapped one of the spare blankets he'd been given around himself. Carefully opening the door, the small teen checked to make sure the dimly lit hallway was empty, before silently creeping down the hall. It was easy to find Wally's room- it was the only other one with a closed door. Slipping in, he noted the warm temperature. Wally must have had some hypothermia as well, in spite of his metabolism. His metabolism, which Dick suspected might not be working too well, if Wally hadn't been eating.


In the subdued light, he could see a lump on the bed, shivering like he was. Robin padded over to the bed, grateful for the warm socks that kept his feet from the cold floor, and wrapped the blanket tighter around himself.

"Wally?" The whisper sounded outrageously loud in the quiet room. The redhead jerked up, clearly startled to find someone else in his room. They stared at each other for a few moments, both shivering. Then, Robin punched him in the shoulder - hard.

"Dude!" Rubbing his shoulder, Wally glared at his best friend, but he'd been careful to keep his voice low. Dick summoned his fiercest glare, and drew his fist back again threateningly. "Okayokayokay, I'm sorry! But seriously? Injured! And sick."

Wally watched Robin warily as the other boy took a step back, tucking his arm around himself under the blanket. The speedster blinked- why did Robin have a blanket? Then he noticed- Dick was shivering, too. "Hey- the others told me why you didn't come in earlier. Are you okay?" The last thing he wanted was to have, even inadvertently, hurt his best friend and teammate. Robin shrugged and nodded, but didn't take his eyes off Wally. The redhead could tell, even with the ridiculous shades his friend wore, because the hair on the back of Wally's neck wouldn't lay flat. The silence seemed to last forever, especially to a speedster like himself. "Robin?" The lack of response was really starting to creep him out, until he realized what it meant.

He had scared Robin. Like, really scared him. Crap.

Wally sat up gingerly, tugging the blankets with him, though he was careful not to pull on his I.V. "I...I didn't mean for it to...I didn't think..."

"No, you didn't." The glare directed at him and the scathing tone of voice were ruined when Robin shivered hard. Hurt and fear practically oozed from the words, and Wally couldn't take it anymore. He hated it when people were injured or sad or scared, especially if it was because of something he did. Uncle Barry had given him a stern talking to while the doctor had checked him over that almost made Wally feel worse, until he realized how much he'd upset his uncle. Barry was one of the few family members he had who would care if something happened to him, and even though Wally'd worried him, it was nice to know that he was loved. Barry had hugged Wally within an inch of his life pretty much the nano second the door to his room had been opened earlier. But it was different with Robin, since Wally knew the mini-bat would never openly show affection, or ask for it. Wally had no such restraint. So he leaned forward, and grabbed the younger boy, pulling him into a tight hug.

For a few minutes, neither of them spoke, too happy with the knowledge that they were both going to be okay. Then, the boys shivered at the same time, and started laughing brokenly.

"I think we might get in trouble if anyone realizes we're up right now." Wally sniffed, but it was definitely because of the pneumonia, and his eyes certainly weren't moist. When Robin slowly took a step back, Wally instinctively knew neither of them wanted to be alone right now. Not after what had happened, and how close it had been. They were both terrified of loosing the people they cared about- it sort of came with the job. And they were best friends, even before Young Justice was started, were the only friends the other had that knew about their other life. "Would you- I mean, if you want, you could stay..." Wally suggested quickly, shrugging slightly. Any other night, he'd probably be embarrassed. Saying that was so...girly. But tonight, he was just too exhausted to bother.

Robin nodded, and lost a bit of the tension in his shoulders. When he started to sit in one of the visitors chairs off to the side, Wally gaped at him. "Dude- what'd you think you're doing? You're sick too, remember?"

Robin stopped, and stared at Wally. "I guess you haven't noticed yet, Kid, but there aren't any other beds in here."

Wally rolled his eyes. He moved over to one side of the bed, "So? We always shared a bed for sleepovers. Get up here. I'm tired."

Robin's cheeks went a little pink. "Dude, sleepovers? That was like, years ago. And in king-sized beds, doofus."

"I don't care if you don't care," Wally yawned.

Chuckling, the Boy Wonder hopped up onto the bed easily. Wally was glad the other teen thought to bring his own blanket- he loved his friend, but there was no way they were sharing. "Goodnight, Rob. And...thanks."

"Yeah. Just- don't ever do that again, okay?"


"Seriously. Because I swear, I'll bring you back to life, then kill you again."

"Okay, already. I get it! Now go to sleep, man."

"Yeah. Night, Wally."

"Night, dude."

Robin would never admit it, but it was comforting to be able to feel the warmth of the speedster next to his, and to be able to hear his friend breathing. The reassurance was probably the only reason he was able to fall asleep again, finally confident that everything was going to be alright.

The next morning, Barry was surprised to find not one, but two sleeping kids in Wally's room. He smiled, and turned to go find Batman. Bruce would definitely want to see this.



But guess what?

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