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dedication: to everyone who sticks with me. i don't know why you even like me.
notes: early-morning!bed scenes makes me really happy. i can't explain it.

title: keep you
summary: SasuSaku canon!drabbleseries. Well, at least the war is over.






this is us making love at zero gravity

/ / /

Sakura woke, feeling disoriented and sick, staring at a ceiling she'd only rarely seen before, and only once from this angle.

"Morning," said Sasuke's voice in her ear.

Sakura blinked, sleepy. "Good morning. How did I get here?"

"You were sick."

Sakura stared at him, still woozy. "Was I?"

"You were."

She squinted, casting for details of the previous night. She came up blank—all she really could remember was shivering violently at the hospital, and being ordered home.

(This seemed to be happening a lot. Sakura couldn't say she liked it.)

And now she was lying in bed next to Sasuke, covers soft and warm and she didn't even have the energy to move. But—

"I guess I should go," she said quietly.


"Don't what?"

"Don't go."

There was a lot of promise in that statement. There were a lot of possibilities, and Sakura wanted to explore them. He was still Sasuke and she was still Sakura and they would probably always have problems. They would probably always undermine and fight and she would always get drunk and he would always end up saving her.

And Sakura was okay with that.

She squirmed an inch closer to him.

(Just to see if he would let her.)

Sasuke sighed, and looped his arms around her.



(She would always be in love with Judas.)