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I-I Always Keep My Promise

'Hope's Perspective'

Why? That was the only thing on my mind that day.

The day you went missing, the day I thought I had lost you forever,

If only you had asked, I would definitely have gone with you.

I would rather be with you than with my dad. Not that I hate my dad anymore, thanks to you.

Remember our promise? That we would protect each other?

"Why?" I think out loud. Tears in my eyes.

Why did you leave without me? Was it something I said? Something I….. Did? Or did you think I would have a better time with my dad than with the love of my life? Or did you think that I was too busy? Maybe you thought I would be a liability? My mind buzzed with questions, but the real question was, WHY?

I could not think straight, my life was a mess when you left me.

It's been 2 years, I thought to myself.

It's time to go out and find her; I can't stand not seeing her and not even receiving news about her.

But… how will I break the news to my dad?

Today marks my 16th Birthday, the day I decided to go out and find the only person I would ever love for my entire life.

Serah also misses her sister, and Snow always had to comfort her everyday whenever she never got any news. I was the same, until today.

I decide that I should go home and break the news to my dad.

I was surprised to see dad waiting for me in the living room.

"Hope, how have you been, my son?" he asks me.

"I'm….. Feeling fine." I saw with uncertainty in my voice, trying to find the best time to break the news.

"Well, I just want to say, Happy Birthday, son." He passes me a present.

"Thank you, dad." I open the box after tearing the wrappers.

It's a Blazefire gun blade, Light's favourite weapon.

"Dad, why did you buy me a gun blade?" I ask, wondering if perhaps…..

"It's about that time isn't it? You want to go out and find her, so what better weapon for you than the very weapon she used?" He said while smiling.

"Y-you knew?" I ask.

"I am your father after all." He replied.

"You don't….. Mind?" I ask.

"All I ask is that you return safely, son." He smiled and added,

"Of course, I AM invited to your wedding right?" he smirked when he saw my face turn red.

I quickly look away to hide my embarassment.

He took out a box and passed it to me.

"Dad?" I ask uncertainly.

"I got this specially for you and your future wife." He smiled and handed me the box.

"But dad, I'm only 16, it's not legal to get married so young."

He just smiles and says,

"Don't worry, I asked the sanctum for special permission and they granted it, seeing how you saved the world or something like that. And they really owe me a lot of favours so I called them in and pulled a few strings"

I just stare at my dad with tears in my eyes.

"Thank you so much dad!" I hug him.

"There, there son." He said it softly.

"Well, you better get going then Hope. You have a lot of distance to catch up to!"

"Well, there is one problem…." I murmur.

"And that is?"

"I have no idea where to start!" I unknowingly yell at my dad.

"Where does your heart tell you to go?" He smiles at me when I look at him with a stunned look and added,

"Go forth, with your heart as your guide."

I feel tears forming again.

I bid my dad farewell and, after I finished packing, walked out the front door.

"Bring her home safe, Hope. And come back soon. I want to be able to live long enough to see my grandchildren."

Bartholomew smiled, knowing that, had she still been alive, Nora would have been proud of her son.

I stood in front of the Villiers home and slowly knocked the door.

A big muscular guy opened the door.

"Hope?" The guy named Snow said.

"Hey there, big guy." I reply.

"Ah, come on in. Let me help you with that." He gestured to my backpack.

"Ah, no I'm fine." I quickly go inside.

"Snow, who is it?" I hear a delicate voice,

"It's Hope."

Serah comes running down the stairs in an instant.

"Hi Serah, you look great today." I smile at her.

"Hi Hope! You look really handsome today." She says jokingly.

"So, what brings you here?" Snow asks.

"I just wanted to say goodbye, I'm about to go on a…. trip and it may be a long time before I get home."

Serah's eyes softened. She knows what I mean by "Trip".

Snow, as always. Is oblivious.

"Well, take care then, Hope. Come back soon!"

"Yeah, see you Snow!"

Then I look at Serah and say,

"I'll bring her back safe Serah, don't you worry."

With that, I walk out the front door.

"What did he mean by that, dear?" Snow asked.

"Sigh, he's going to go look for Lightning. I thought it was pretty obvious."

"What?" Snow shouted,

"What is he gets hurt or…. He's just a kid! I should go with him." Snow was about to dash to his room when Serah stopped him.

"Then who will take care of me?" Serah said.

"Ah…" Snow trailed off, defeated.

"Don't worry Snow, He'll get her home safe. He said he would."

"Oh! I forgot! It's Hope's 16th birthday!" Snow shouted

"Oh, I forgot too." Serah admits.

"Haha, I better teach Hope how to use a condom, because sis will be all over him now that he's 16 and he looks so handsome." Snow said jokingly.

And that earned him a light slap from Serah.

"Oh, if she heard that you wouldn't be alive right now." Serah said.

Snow just threw on his usual grin and hugged Serah.

As I'm walking toward the city outskirts, I think about what I'm about to do.

Clutching the box with the wedding rings, I run until I passed the safe zone.

"I'll get you home safe, Light. I promised to protect you... "I softly say toward the sky.

"And you know me…."

"I always keep my promise."

ToBeContinued? / End?

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