Alternate Dimensions

Chapter One: He Who Did Not Live

The grey stone reflected the moonlight. Tranquility reigned over the graveyard, as
Remus J. Lupin ran his fingers over the rough stone engraving. "Here lies Harry James Potter,
son of Lily and James Potter. Born July 31, Died August 12," he said, softly.

Turning his head to the sky, he sees the bright moon above. His next words are barely
a whisper, "Not quite full yet." It is here, in this Graveyard, where he sees his dear friends
lay. Their families, their hopes and dreams, are burried here in this rotten soil. There
is almost a stench of death and despair about the place. Remus Lupin bows his head, and
tears silently slip down his cheeks. He's the only one left now. The only one of the famous
Marauders to have survived. And only because he was a coward - he hid from it all, behind
closed Ministry doors, doing paperwork, while they were all out there fighting.


"We can't afford to loose people like you, Remus," began the Minister of
Magic, Cornelius Fudge. "We've lost too many good people. If we let you all go out there,
who's going to save us when it's all over? The economy is crumbling; Hogwarts is a ruin.
Who's going to save us then? Who? People like you. Please, Remus, understand what I am
trying to say!"

*End Flashback*

Remus sighed. Too many people have died. Too many. Muggleborn students, barely
out of their classes in the smaller schools, have been slaughtered by the thousands. The
graduating year had been lowered from seventh to fifth.

A noise is heard from the bush and a figure runs out of the forest, looking behind them
in fear. They look up, and stop dead in their tracks. Remus reaches for his wand as the figure
lowers their navy hood, pleading for help. "Please, whoever you are, don't - there are death
eater . . ." she can't finish, the deatheater jumps out behind her and attacks, but Remus is

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouts, and the death eater falls to the ground. The young woman
with bushy brown hair looks up at him, a gratefull expression on her face. Remus walks over
to her - she could have been about eighteen or nineteen - and holds his hand out to her.

"Remus Lupin," he said quietly, never letting his eyes leave the deatheater's body.

"Hermione Granger," she replies, also with her eyes locked on the limp body laying ahead
of them.

Under the moonlight, they shake hands.