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Chapter One: Rude

Raven sat cross-legged on the roof, floating in midair, her eyes closed as she chanted slowly.


Taking a deep breath, she repeated these three words twice more. Then a loud, overly-cheerful and shockingly deep voice broke her concentration.

"Hey, Raven…!"

Raven sighed, and opened her eyes. She didn't turn. She didn't have to.

"What do you want, Beast Boy? Can't you see I'm trying to meditate?" she snapped irritably.

There was a significant pause, and then the same voice, though admittedly a lot less cheery, reached her ears. "I just thought you might want lunch… It's almost three and you haven't eaten since breakfast."

Raven uncrossed her legs and landed gracefully on the rooftop. She turned to face Beast Boy, and her own features softened. He looked rather pathetic for an almost six-foot tall green teenager. His pointed ears were drooping and his emerald eyes were sad.

"Thank you, Beast Boy, but I'm fine. I'm not really that hungry."

Beast Boy perked up a little at her kinder tone. "I could make you tofu eggs!"

"Really, Beast Boy, I'm fine." A hint of sternness entered her tone, and Beast Boy let it drop.

"Well, okay." He gave her a doubtful glance. "But if you do want some, just tell me and I'll make 'em for ya!"

He gave her a half-grin, before loping back downstairs and leaving Raven alone with her thoughts and memories. At the moment, she was trying to remember how he'd become so tall

It had been almost three years since the Brotherhood of Evil's defeat. All five of the Titans had changed a bit, though some significantly more than others.

Cyborg hadn't changed much, apart from the fact that some of his technology had been replaced with more recent things.

Starfire had grown several inches taller, and her curves had developed some more. Her speech was a touch better, though not much. She was in a steady relationship with Robin.

The Boy Wonder himself had finally grown taller than his girlfriend, though the difference was only about two inches. His hair was still meticulously spiked up with gel (at least that was what Cyborg and Beast Boy suspected). He had a gained a little more muscle.

But it was Beast Boy who'd changed the most. He was about five-eleven now, almost four or five inches taller than Raven, who found herself the shortest. His hair had grown shaggier, and it sometimes fell into his eyes. He'd gained a lot more muscle besides height, and Raven had been stunned to learn that he was actually two months older than her. Added to that, his voice had finally cracked, and was what he'd call "a ladies' man".

Much to Raven's annoyance, not that she'd ever admit it…

Raven herself had grown her hair a little longer so that it fell just past her shoulders. She'd grown maybe two inches taller than before, and had developed some more curves, but was otherwise the same.

The purple-haired teen thought for a moment, before deciding to follow Beast Boy downstairs. Maybe she should get some lunch…

Raven floated into the main room, where she was immediately met with the loud yells and crashing sounds of Cyborg and Robin, who were locked in a video game. She rolled her eyes, and drifted over to the fridge, opening. Her sharp amethyst eyes searched its contents, and, almost unconsciously, she pulled out the huge chicken leg, a leftover from last night's dinner.

Not bothering with a plate, Raven seated herself on one of the chairs at the kitchen island, and began gnawing on the leg. After a few moments, she became aware that the room was silent. Her eyes turned to the two boys in the room, who were staring at her, wide-eyed.

"You feelin' okay, Rae?" Cyborg asked uncertainly, puzzled.

"Peachy," Raven replied, sauce all around her mouth. Then, as though snapping out of a stupor, she added sternly, "And don't call me Rae."

Then she went back to tearing chunks off her chicken leg. Robin and Cyborg exchanged glances, shrugged, and returned to their game.

Just then, Beast Boy came bounding in. "Hey, Rob, thanks, but I can handle Cy for now!" He paused, and frowned when he saw Raven and what she was eating.

"Rae, do you know what that poor chicken had to go through just so…" he began reproachfully, and then peered a little closer. "Wait… Why is there sauce all over your face?"

Raven smacked her lips, ignoring the question, and unless Beast Boy was imagining things, he was quite sure her cloak was starting to turn orange…

"This is some good chicken!" the sorceress drawled, taking another bite.

Beast Boy stared at her some more, before scurrying over to Cyborg and Robin, who were also staring. He plopped down in between them, and all three leant in to whisper.

"Uh, guys, what's up with Rae?" Beast Boy looked scared. "She's acting weird…"

Robin gave him a look, which was a hard feat when wearing a mask. "Yeah, Beast Boy. Because we didn't notice THAT."

"What're you guys talkin' about?"

All three males started in shock, and Raven fell backwards across the back of the sofa, grinning, chicken leg still in hand. The three scrambled away from her, but she didn't seem to notice. She just took another bite, smearing more sauce all over her face in the process. Her cloak was now a vivid orange.

"Raven, why the heck is your cloak—" Cyborg asked tentatively, only to be interrupted.

Raven let out a huge burp, and then stretched, her legs still dangling over the back of the sofa, a huge grin on her face. A piece of chicken was stuck in her teeth.

She glanced around, and saw the horrified and incredulous looks on her teammates' faces. "What? Better out than in, right?"

"Um, Rae, are you…?" Beast Boy trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing as, slowly, Raven's cloak faded back to its deep navy blue.

Raven herself blinked a couple of times, and then shook her head. Then her eyes widened in horror, and she scrambled backwards, landing headfirst on the carpet between the sofa and the TV screen. Beast Boy reached out to help her up, he and the others still puzzled, but Raven leapt to her feet, an angry look crossing her pale features.

"I am going to KILL her!" she screeched, and then disappeared in a flash of her own black magic, leaving three very confused boys behind her.

Raven reappeared in her own room, and stomped over to her dresser, seizing the ornate mirror that lay on it. She glared into its depths, and soon enough, her reflection faded, a swirling black portal soon taking its place, sucking her in.

Raven looked around. There were orange strobe lights all over the ceiling. The floor was a dancefloor, in different shades of orange and yellow. There was a bar stretched across one side of the room. Tables and chairs were scattered around all the other sides.

Over at the bar, seated on a high stool, was an orange-cloaked emotion that, apart from the shade of her cloak and the messiness of her hair, looked like Raven.

Raven folded her arms as she stomped over to the other girl, a scowl painted across her face. "Rude! What the hell was that?"

Rude grinned back at Raven roguishly, taking a swig from the bottle in her hand. She put her feet up on the countertop as Raven waited, tapping her foot.

"You really wanna know why that happened, Rae?"

"Don't call me Rae," Raven snapped angrily. "And yes, I do want to know. I'm in control of YOU, not the other way around!"

"Not anymore, honey," Rude replied, taking another sip. "Now we're gonna control YOU, whenever we decide we want to."

Raven's eyes widened considerably. "What? What are you talking about? You're MY emotions, you can't just—"

"You ain't controlling us so great anymore, now are you?" Rude asked, sitting up and tossing her tangled hair out of her face. "We know why you've been meditatin' so much for the last few weeks. We know what's happened."

Raven gaped at her. "But…I can't…" She shook her head, and said, "What about Rage? You can't possibly have…!"

"She's free," Rude confirmed. "But don't worry about that. Wisdom and Brave can handle her, and there's always Friendship for backup."

Raven shook her head fiercely. "This is crazy!"

Rude let out a burp. "If you just told him, it'd make this a whole lot easier, you know. If you'd just told him years ago, we wouldn't have to do this to ya."

"What ARE you going to do?"

Rude smiled, half mockingly. "We're going to take you over, Rae. Today was MY turn. I got to go first. I'm not going to tell you who's up tomorrow. But we all get a go, at least until you tell him." She grinned even wider, this time only mischief in the smile. "And I'd watch out if I were you. Lust and Rage are gonna be harder to suppress than I was."

Raven glared at her. "You CAN'T do this to me! You're MY emotions," she repeated furiously.

Rude smiled back at her sweetly, and took another draught of her drink. "Oh, believe me, Rae, we can. It's already started."

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