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Chapter Seven: Love

"Raven! Raven!" Beast Boy pounded on the dark sorceress's door, a worried frown painted across his face. "Raven, come on, I just want to talk!"


Beast Boy heaved a sigh. It had been three days since the "Lust" incident, and Raven had not left her room. It was time for drastic measures, the changeling decided.

Changing into a fly, he flew under the door crack, and into Raven's dark room. The only sources of light were a chink in the heavy navy curtains and the mirror on Raven's bed, which was glowing with a reddish sheen.

Beast Boy winced as he shifted back into human form, eyes darting from the familiar mirror to the rest of the room. Realizing Raven was obviously not here, there was only once place left she could possibly be.

"She'd better appreciate this," he muttered to himself, picking up the mirror and preparing to be dumped unceremoniously wherever the giant black claw took him.


When Beast Boy opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself sprawled unceremoniously on grass—grass, not rock, like before.

Confused, he sat up, blinking in the sunlight. This looked like Happy's meadow, except…it was real. There was no cartoon sun: it was all real.

He could hear voices talking, Raven's in particular, and other voices that surrounded like…

Beast Boy peered through the sunlight towards the cloaked figures standing around a table-like stone. There were different coloured cloaks, some he recognized—maroon, orange, pink, green—and he frowned, confused. What was going on?

"You have to stop!" he heard Raven say angrily. "You're ruining my life!"

"It you're fault, Rae-Rae," Rude said lazily. "If you just told him, you'd be making your life easier."

"I can't!" Raven snapped. "And you know why."

"You're being stupid, Raven," Brave said rather sharply. "It's obvious he cares about you too."

"Not the way I do about him," Raven said softly. She still sounded irritated, but now also a little sad. "He only sees me as a friend."

Beast Boy's eyebrows furrowed further: who exactly were they talking about?

"He doesn't love me," she concluded, the faintest tremor entering her voice.


The truth hit Beast Boy like a brick wall.

Raven's emotions were out of control because she wasn't expressing them when they needed to be. But why? And what wasn't she expressing? She was in love with someone: but she wouldn't tell them. And in an attempt to compel Raven to admit her feelings, her emotions were punishing her by forcing themselves out.

But who was she in love with?

Contrary to popular belief, Beast Boy was not as stupid as he seemed. Proven by the fact that he'd figured out that something was seriously wrong with Raven before anyone else. But when it came to matters of the heart—and more recently, when it came to matters to do with Raven—Beast Boy had always been a little slow.

Curiosity overcame him, and, bursting out of his hiding place, he asked, "Who doesn't love you?"

All the Ravens let out a startled exclamation, turning towards him. Beast Boy gulped: there were more of them than he'd thought. One Raven was scary enough when she was annoyed—which she was sure to be when she took in the fact that he was here, eavesdropping on her private conversations.

"Beast Boy!" Happy threw herself at him, giving him a huge hug. "It's so nice to see you again!"

Beast Boy let out a nervous laugh, patting the pink-cloaked Raven on the back. "H-Hi, Happy…"

"Beast Boy," the real Raven asked through clenched teeth, her tone even. "How and why did you come here?"

Beast Boy grinned sheepishly as Happy released him, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, I was worried about you, so I checked your room…and you weren't there, obviously. But I saw your mirror, and it was glowing, so I guessed you were in there. So I came in after you, and it brought me here."

Raven sighed, closing her eyes. "And you heard everything."

"And I figured out what's wrong with you!" Beast Boy said more cheerfully. "And I wanna help! But I really think you should just tell whoever you're in love with that you're in love with them. Wouldn't it just make life easier on you?"

"Not really," came a new voice. "Because she's in love with you."

A purple-cloaked Raven pushed through the crowd of Ravens, her hands on her hips. A slight smile was on her lips.

Beast Boy stared, wide-eyed. "She's in love with who?"

The real Raven moaned under her breath. The purple Raven grinned widely. "She's in love with you, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy laughed nervously. "No she isn't."

"Yes, she is," the real Raven said quietly. "Unfortunately."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, despite the situation. "Gee, thanks Rae.

"Raven," Raven snapped.

"Keep calling her Rae," the purple Raven said. "She secretly likes it." She tilted her head. "I'm Love, by the way."

"I figured," Beast Boy said with a slight nod. "But would all of you…Ravens please leave for a second? I want to talk to the…original Raven alone."

All the Ravens nodded, teleporting themselves away. Lust shot Beast Boy one last seductive look, wiggling her fingers. "Don't stay away too long, Beast Boy."

Blushing, Beast Boy shrugged. "Uh, sure," he muttered as the maroon-cloaked girl disappeared.

The real Raven rolled her eyes. "Alright, Beast Boy. I know how it goes. I'm in love with you for whatever reason. You're not in love with me because I'm 'creepy'. The end. Goodbye."

"If you ever bothered listening to me, Rae," Beast Boy said sharply. "You'd know that's not how it goes at all." He closed his eyes. "And are you really bringing the 'creepy' thing up again?"

"Well, it's true," Raven snapped, folding her arms across her chest defensively. Her lips were pressed together in a thin line.

Beast Boy shrugged. "Maybe. But that's what makes you you. And…well, I love that you're you."

Raven's eyes widened, a silent gasp escaping her lips. Was he saying what…she thought he was saying? "Even if I have trouble with my emotions, and I'm horrible to you? Because I care, Beast Boy." She hesitated. "I'm…just not very good at showing it."

"I know that, Raven," he said with a tiny smile. "I realized that a long time ago. Because I know that even when you're throwing me out a window, you still care. And besides… Don't you remember what I told you?"

Raven didn't say anything, but she didn't turn away.

"You think you're alone," he continued softly, reaching out for her hands, clutching them tight. "But you're not."

Now Raven couldn't look at him.

So he leaned forward and kissed her.

Raven gasped, but there was no sound. Her thoughts were a blur. Her emotions were indecipherable. But Love, only Love, rose to the surface.

And she was finally content: she was finally complete.

She could feel her emotions, in their alternate realms, finally coming to peace. Finally deciding that they would leave her alone. Because they were satisfied that they now could.

Raven pressed her hands against Beast Boy's chest, effectively pushing him away, though there was no real force behind it. He gazed at her, question in his eyes.

"You love me too," Raven said, more a statement than a question.

"Well, duh," Beast Boy said in true Beast Boy-manner. "Isn't that obvious?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "You really do know how to ruin a moment."

Beast Boy grinned slightly, wiggling his eyebrows. "But you dig it though, right?"

Raven sighed, and shrugged, the barest smile pulling her lips. "I 'dig' the ears more, though, to be honest."

Beast Boy gaped at her, surprised that she would admit it, before smirking once more. "Told you so, Rae! All the ladies dig the ears."


Raven had never been one to show her emotions. And now, she supposed, they wouldn't be bothering her again for a very long time. Not the way they had been for the past few weeks.

Because sometimes, when you were in love with a tofu-loving, wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve, animal-morphing idiot, you changed. And Raven was sure that she'd changed for the better: in more ways than one.

"So you are all better now, Friend Raven?" Starfire asked gently. "We were most worried about you. It is good that Friend Beast Boy was able to assist you before you were injured."

Raven had told them the whole story, only stopping—a pale blush on her cheeks—when she'd reached the part about Love. Then Beast Boy had very cheerfully taken over while Raven hid herself within the folds of her cloak.

"Yes, I'm fine," Raven said with a nod. "Thanks, Star."

Starfire smiled, and then glanced out the massive windows of the Tower. She gasped, her already-huge green eyes widening as she floated over to the glass.

"Boyfriend Robin!" she called, an excited edge to her voice. "Look at this beautiful thing in the sky! Please, what is it called?"

Curiosity got the best of all the Titans, and in unison, they all glanced out the window. Raven's eyes widened in shock, and then she smiled softly. Beast Boy's fingers laced between hers, clutching her hand tightly. Raven glanced at him, surprised to find he was grinning at her too. They knew it was fate: pure fate.

Because there it was, arching across the sky…

A rainbow.

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