The Heroes in Chains

Hi. This is my first published story so please go easy on the reviews. No flames please!


The kiss lasted for about 5 minutes.

By then, everyone else had gone back to their cabins to prepare for the fireworks.

"About time you two came up." said a red-haired girl.

"Gods Rachel, you can't rush love." said the ghost of Silena Beauregard.

"It's alright," said Percy. "You guys didn't have to wait for us."

Annabeth held Percy's hand.

"See you at the fireworks?" she asked, getting out her Yankees hat.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." he replied.

Annabeth put her cap on and instantly became invisible.

"Aww! You guys make such a cute couple!" said Silena.

"Come on Silena, we better go too." Rachel and Silena left.

Percy was left alone on the shore.

"Hello son."

Percy turned around and saw a fisherman with sea-green eyes and black hair.


"My, my Percy. You've grown. Give your father a hug."

Percy ran into Poseidon's arms.

"Father, I have to go. Do you think you could-"

"Don't worry son, Tyson fixed it for you."

Percy watched as Poseidon sank into the waves.

He sensed something behind him and drew Riptide.

He was too slow. The shadows lunged at him.

He felt Riptide fall from his hands as his world faded to black. The ground swallowed him up.


Annabeth was busy getting ready for the fireworks. As she brushed her hair, there was a sudden commotion at the door of the cabin.

She opened the door. Grover was standing there.

"P-percy." he stammered.

"What? What is it?" asked Annabeth, a feeling of dread growing inside her.

Grover held out Riptide.

"Percy's missing."

I know it's a bit short. It's just the prologue so don't criticize me.