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Once Upon A Winter's Day

It was one rare summer when Percy stayed year-round. Not many campers were around so they could have private conversations outside instead of being cooped up inside a little room. Annabeth and Percy were sitting by the riverside, enjoying the sun on their faces.


Annabeth looked away from sparkling water and faced him. "Yes, Percy?"

Percy held her hand and gazed into her eyes. Annabeth felt her stomach flutter a little. "If I were different, turned against you, will you still love me?" he asked.

Annabeth looked at him confusedly. Why would he ask such a thing? "Of course I will. What makes you say that?" she replied, hitting him playfully on the arm.

Percy suddenly looked grim and serious, brushing her arm away from him. "Let's say I have a feeling something bad is going to happen." From the way he said feeling, Annabeth knew he was hiding something from her.

"I'll always love you Percy. And I will always be there to protect you. I promise." she said, leaning back against a tree. "I'm just worried that-" her lip trembled. "That I'll lose you, Lose you forever."

Percy looked at her. "But Annabeth, you already have." he said in a voice that wasn't his own.

Annabeth felt her self fall backwards, falling down into a dark void. Then, from the shadows, stepped Phobos. "Isn't it lovely how scared people are of life?"

Annabeth glared at him. "You."

Not-Percy stared at her. "What's wrong Annabeth?" he said, mouth twisting into a sneer. "Don't you love me anymore?"

"I do! I do love you!" she yelled, tears welling up in her eyes. "What happened to you, Percy?"

"I changed, that's what. You promised me you'd love me no matter what. After I saw you with that guy, I decided to join Gaia." Not-Percy turned his back on her. "Goodbye Annabeth."he said as he faded away.

"Percy! No! I love you! Edmund didn't mean anything to me! Come back!" screamed Annabeth, tears streaming down her face.

Phobos laughed, enjoying her misery. "That's just the least of it, demigod." His eyes glowed red and the room began to spin. Annabeth clutched the sides of her head, desperately trying to block out the laughter echoing inside her mind. "STOP IT!"

"Abandon your quest, silly girl. Or else your greatest fear will be realized." Phobos laughed once more, dissolving into spiders that crawled all over Annabeth. She screamed as his laughter echoed around her. She could faintly hear someone saying her name.


Annabeth's eyes flew open and she sat up, gasping for air. Peter leaned over her, looking worried. "Are you ok?"

She wanted to say yes, to hide the pain that she was feeling, but her emotions got the better of her. She felt tears streaming down her face. Annabeth turned away from Peter, staring at the dying embers of the fire.

Peter placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Annabeth. It's ok. I know you've had a bad dream. Edmund still has nightmares from our first adventure in Narnia. It helps if you talk about the dreams."

Annabeth gave a small nod. "I-I can't. It's very personal."

"Alright. I won't push it any further. But if you feel like talking about it later, I'm here." Peter stood up and walked away.

"Peter. Wait."

Peter paused and turned around. "Yes?"

"Stay with me." she said, her voice soft.

He walked back, his shoes crunching in the snow, and sat down next to her. A cold breeze picked up and blew a couple of leaves past them. Annabeth shivered and moved closer to Peter for warmth. He placed an arm around her protectively.

Annabeth tensed slightly at his touch and slowly relaxed, leaning against him. She wasn't cheating on Percy...although he never really made it official.

"Peter, I think I'm ready now."

Peter nodded. "I'm listening."

She took a deep breath and began to tell him about her dream. Peter remained silent throughout the whole story, nodding occasionally.

"...and then you woke me up." finished Annabeth. "There's a prophecy about this quest. It says that Edmund and I will have to face our fears. I'm worried that-" her voice caught in her throat. "-that it's going to come true."

He frowned slightly, muttering under his breath. Annabeth caught a few words like Edmund's fear? and White Witch. He noticed Annabeth staring at him and his frown vanished.

"Don't worry. I think you'll be able to pull through if it does happen." he said, looking her in the eyes. "You look like a strong girl, Annabeth. There's nothing to be afraid of except fear itself."

Except for spiders. she thought silently, a hint of a smile on her face.

Peter smiled as well, brushing a few strands of his blond hair away from his face.

Annabeth rested her head on his shoulder, cherishing the moment.

And there, just for a moment, all of her problems melted away.

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