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Eric POV

When I wake again, I feel a terrible sense of diorientation. The coming forward seems to have effected me worse than the going back. I wonder at first why that should be, and then I realize that it is because I am not in the place I expected to be. I am not in the ground.

I open my eyes slowly, cautiously. I am lying on my back and so the vision that greets me appears to be the ceiling of my bedroom in my home. Curious, I turn to examine my surroundings further. It is then that I freeze. I fear to move, I fear to make a single noise, I fear to do anything that might shatter this moment. If I dream, I fear to accidently wake myself.

She is lovelier than the godesses that men worshipped in my youth. Her golden hair fanned out around her like a hallo, her perfect pillow pink lips parted slightly in her slumber, her lush feminine form covered only by a sheet. She rests next to me on the bed our hands intertwined.

Just as I sense that darkness has completely fallen she begins to stir. Her eyes open slowly. She looks over at me and smiles as though she is completely unsuprised to find me lying here, or find that she has woken in this state, as though neither of these things is new to her. She disengages her hand from mine and raises her arms above her head in an unnecessary stretch. I watch tongue tied as the sheet falls away from her revealing her glorious upper body to my hungry eyes.

"I was dreaming." She says, her voice low and throaty. I am not capable of speech yet and so I simply raise my eyebrow in silent question. She laughs softly, the sound like a thousand tiny tinkeling bells. "I was dreaming of you." She leans over slowly and lays her lips on mine in a soft, passionate kiss, pressing her naked torsoe to mine, and in that moment the memories start to flood into me. It feels much the same as when I regained my memories of my time cursed by Hallow, but this time there are so many more of them. Not just 5 days worth this time, but 54 years.

I did not fail.

That night, that wrong November 10th changed everything that came after it. I cannot yet make sense of all of the information that has just dropped itself into my brain, but a few of the memories stand out more clearly, more coherently than the others.

Her, walking into Fangtasia in a white dress with red flowers, approaching Pam and I as we sat at our booth. I remember feeling wonderment. Who was this creature and where did she come from? She came alone, had never seen me before nor I her, but she walked up to me as though I was her destiny, and by the time we finished our first conversation I knew she was mine.

The night our bond became permenant. I pull hazy images out the deluge of events swirling around in my brain. Images of our naked bodies entwined on top of the sheets of this very bed, vowing our lives to eachother in heated whispers. Passionately joining together as the magic of our bloods mingleling for the third time binds us together permanently.

Her grandmother's funeral. This time around she lived three more years before dying peacefully in her bed. This time I did have the honor to know her, and as I knew I would on that night 62 years ago, I liked her very much. She once told me that I made up for "all the stupid" her granddaughter had had to endure and I remember feeling as though I'd never been paid a higher compliment.

"It's November 11th." She says quietly, pulling me from my revere. I look over at her and find her smiling at me beatifically. "Do you remember visiting me all those years ago when I was a girl?" Her look is hopeful. I nod dumbfounded, and she smiles. "I've been waiting a long time for you to remember that night." I stroke my hand down her cool cheek.

"You let me turn you." I whisper in wonderment. She looks at me, her big blue eyes widening in astonishment for a moment, and then she takes both my hands in hers and brings them each to her lips.

"How could I leave my beloved?" I want to tell her how much I love her. How I cannot believe that she is here with me, that I will never have be without her again. She chose not to leave me! She chose me! There is so much emotion inside of me bursting to be released, but I find that only one word escapes my lips. A whisper, a prayer.