Chapter 1


"Marina!" sister Clarisse was shaking Marina's body as she lay on her bed, sweating and muttering again.

"Marina!" she tried once more.

Finally, Marina woke up, gasping for breath.

"What?" she asked.

"The girls said you were shaking and making noises again, my dear" Sister Clarisse explained to Marina.

This has been the second time that has happened that week.

"We should bring her to the clinic, get her a doctor. The sounds she was making was scaring us" suggested Sophia, one of the girls Marina shared a room with.

"No! I'm fine, don't be silly" Marina injected.

"My dear, this is the second time. I'm worried about you, and…" Sister Clarisse's voice trailed off in Marina's ears.

She knew what was going on. It was similar to her situation when she was gaining her legacies, and when scars would appear in her ankle each time one of them dies. But this time was different. There was a message; something was trying to be told to her. It was only that night that she finally figured it out.

She dreamt of two of their kind. A girl and a boy. She didn't know which Numbers they were, but she knew that they have found each other, and they are looking for the rest.

There was a connection among the nine of them; it was much more than just the appearing scars to symbolize the death of another one. They were able to connect through their minds, somehow.

She didn't know what to do with the fact that they are trying to get together. Of course, to fight the Mogadorians, but how will they get together? There were six of them left. Two are together. Four more must be found, four others who could be anywhere in the world.

"Can I go back to sleep? I'm still sleepy, you see" she explained to sister Clarisse.

She was reluctant, but agreed eventually.

"All of you then, back to bed" Sister Clarisse said, heading for the door.

Five other girls retreated to their beds, pulling their sheets over their bodies.

Sister Clarisse switched off the lights and closed the door.

"Are you sure you're alright, Marina?" Alex asked who was in the bed next to Marina's.

"Yes, Lex, I'm fine. Not to worry" she replied.

The other girls didn't find it hard to sleep once more. It was early in the morning, and it was easy to sleep.

But Marina remained awake. She needed to do something. She needed to help the two others who are attempting to bring them together. But what could she do? She had to look for them, or to contact them on where she is. No matter what, she had to find them; they are the only ones of her kind.

It was a sort of feeling she'd never forget. Knowing that there are six others who are like you. It felt like hope for her. When her Cepan, Lilly, died, she felt as if hope was absolutely nonexistent. This was hope. The fact that they are attempting to come together is hope. And it is only through hope that the six of them would be able to meet, and much more: survive.

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