Zelda walked down the hall on the second floor of the Smash Mansion, clutching a couple of letters. She had picked them up from the small post office located on the first floor when she had noticed them stacking up but now she felt a little anxious about actually delivering them. Before long the Hyrulian princess came to a door and she stopped in front of it. She placed her hand on the doorknob hesitantly before opening it slowly, revealing a dimly lit room. She stepped inside swiftly and closed the door softly behind her.

The room was rather spacey, but it seemed to have a stuffy feel to it like the sunlight hadn't reached it in a long while. A bed was pushed against the wall in one corner along with a chair that was situated close by. Against the opposite wall was a mahogany desk with a couple of papers strewn across it and a small jar of ink hidden behind a heavy looking book. Whenever she had been in here before they had always been neatly stacked, so she was assured more that something was amiss.

She walked over to the chair and silently sat down, staring at the person who was lying in the bed. Many of the residents of the Smash Mansion had fallen ill recently...They were unable to leave their beds, let alone fight in the matches that were held daily. Zelda watched the face of the man who lay before her for a moment. His breathing was uneven and his pale skin looked almost white. He had dark blue hair that for the first time since she had ever seen him looked like it hadn't been taken care of.

His eyes slowly opened, revealing their sapphire color that was similar to her own. He looked over at her slowly and then closed his eyes again.

"...Are you feeling better at all?" Zelda asked kindly, offering him a smile even though he wasn't looking.

He nodded his head but she could tell he was lying.

"I picked up some letters that were addressed to you, I hope you don't mind..." the princess asked quietly

He shook his head. "Thank you Princess," he managed to murmur. "You can set them on the desk when you leave...I'll read them later..."

"The matches just finished also...would you like to hear the results?"

Again he nodded, though he seemed a little out of it.

She began to recite what she had seen during the matches while the sick man listened in silence. He nodded every now and then, showing that he was paying attentions. The princess concluded with Link's match against Samus, where the armored woman had come out victorious.

"Seems you're all having fun without me..." the swordsman said weakly, opening his eyes again to look at her.

Zelda laughed quietly. "It's much more fun when you're there to join us. You'll have to get better soon," she encouraged.

"I'll try."

She watched as he closed his eyes again and she decided it was time she left him to get his rest. Without making a sound she stood, hesitating for a moment before she pulled the blanket over him a little more since it had almost fallen off.

"Thank you..." he murmured, almost too quiet to hear.

She smiled. "You're welcome. I hope you get better soon Marth."

Silently she moved back towards the desk and sent the letters down in a neat pile, pausing when she saw his well worn tiara lying next to the book where she hadn't been able to see it before. The princess looked back at the sick warrior before walking back towards the door in order to leave him in peace.

"I appreciate you coming to see me..." Marth said as she started to head out the door.

Zelda turned for a brief moment with a small blush on her face. "I enjoyed keeping you company," she stated before quietly closing the door behind her and then walking back to her own room.