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13. Whispers-Fuka

It was just another day of school to Fuka. It was History. A class she hated with a deep passion.

She was slowly falling asleep after she had tuned out the sound of the teacher's lecturing voice.

"Stupid Bitch."

Her eyes opened in surprise as she looked around the class room. No one seemed to hear the voice. The whisper.

Her gazed looked behind her then she had remembered, the person was absent today.

She closed her eyes again but tighter, afraid to hear that voice once again. She wants it to be her imagination.

"Well stop wishing." Her stood up from her seat and ran her back in the window next to her desk.

Her eyes scanned the room, everyone was looking at her with shock. It wasn't like her.

Her shoulder shook uncontrollably as her gaze hit the floor. She closed her eyes again, gripping the window for support.

A sharp pain hit her back and realized it was the throbbing of the scar upon it. She hissed in pain as she feel to the ground in a mess.

"Please stop!" is what she wanted to cry out but it didn't help the pain. She yelped. The voice began to taunt the girl as an old familiar face came into few.

"I'm never leaving...This is pay back!"

Her world went dark.

The Whispering voice was her father's voice. She hears him every now and then.