Joe kept on running throught the dark streets, not wanting to turn back... How could she? After all that time, she had just dumped him, just for his best friend. Suddenly he stopped at the Sea, watching the moon shine above. Life had treated him well. He became a doctor as his father wanted, gotten over his fears and allergies, thanks to some shots, and not to mention he was Handsome.... but all that mattered was that Mimi had left him for Izzy..... His best friend.


Joe came in after a long days work of handling a dangerous open heart operation, putting his stuff neatly by the door. HE and Izzy shared the penthouse, only because it was so darn expencive and plus Izzy WAS his friend. Joe poared himself a cup of coffee and entered the entertanement room, only to find Izzy and Mimi, his girlfriend, kissing passionatly. The coffee cup fell from him hand and Joe quickly ran out of the room, not hearing either of their's crys.


Joe looked down at the water and then reviewed the past... Taking up his courage, he climbed easily over the protection rail and stood by the edge of the cliff. He heard Mimi and Izzy run up to stairs. He was tempted to stay, but no, no more pain, no more disappointment. Just as Mimi reached the top of the stairs, Joe lept off the cliff.

Mimi ran up to the rail, screaming as she saw Joe's body fall gracefully to the churning waters, a certain death. He looked so peaceful, and yet so troubled. It had been 3 months since Izzy and Mimi had started to go out behind Joe's back. Mimi thought that it wouldn't hurt joe. But she was wrong, dead wrong.... How Joe was falling to the sea, a fall that he wouldn't survive....

~~In the digital World~~

Gomamon was running towards the T.V that would lead him to the Human world. But without Joe's or the other digidestined's help he would never reach them in time to save Joe. He knew he was in danger! Gomamon knew....... Suddenly the crest of Reliabilty started to react furiously, as if a seal was about to crack.

"JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gomamon cried as he desperatly tried to contact joe, anyone, from the human world. Suddenly Gomamon sunk to the ground, the crest of reliabilty fading rapidly...

~~In the human world~~

Joe sunk down into the depths of the sea, were he would find peace at last. He felt the air flowing out of his body. The pain would fade away soon... He knew it... Only a matter of minutes....soon......

Mimi and Izzy stood over the railing, looking down where Joe had impacted the water.
"JOE! Don't leave us! Please!" Mimi cried, not noticing her digivice reacting wildly.
"DAMNIT JOE! What are you planning to do? Kill yourself and ruin your life forever? Think Logicly!" Izzy yelled, his digivice also reacting.
Joe openned his eyes and looked upwards.........
'Farewell....Mimi...Izzy.......I' and at that Joe died. Bits of light and data flew up from the sea, encircling Mimi and Izzy. It felt like joe.... It WAS joe!

"JOE! DON'T LEAVE ME! JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mimi sobbed as teh last of the light faded away into the moonlight.

~~Digital world~~
Gomamon felt his body grow weaker and weaker, till he started to disappear..........
"Joe..... I'm sorry that this has to happen........What happened to you?" Gomamon whispered as his body was scattered into data bits which fluttered away in the breeze.

~~human world~~
In the sky a flash of light lit the sky and bits of data sprinkled down, covering the waters in dust that shone like the stars. Mimi swore she could see Joe and gomamon walking away...but then she cried and suddenly ran away, Izzy following her. But before he left, he turned back and said 1 word.
"Sorry." and thats all he said.