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Warning: We tagged this as horror and angst for a reason. This isn't our usual, non-serious, happy-go-lucky stuff. We could also tag this as tragedy.

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This wasn't supposed to happen. Not now. Not like this. None of this should have happened.

But it did.

Agony. It tore and twisted mercilessly. There wasn't a scratch on Merlin's body. No one could see the hole thrashed into his heart. It threatened to rend him into oblivion. Merlin shook. He shook with despair, anguish, and horror. He had only himself to blame. This was a damage that could never be repaired. What had he done?

He had never expected this. Any of it. Merlin knew this day would come. It was inevitable. But he never expected to feel like this when it did. Merlin had often imagined what he would do when Arthur discovered the truth. The warlock had been almost certain what to do if Arthur got violent. Merlin would have disarmed the prince and made him slip a bit. Merlin would have made it impossible for the warrior to attack. And Merlin would have explained everything.

But Merlin would have never expected to be... subdued. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move voluntarily. He could only despair. The point of Arthur's sword was all he could see.

The damage was irreversible. No one could restore shattered glass. Merlin knew he would only cut his hands trying. Arthur would never forgive Merlin for this. Arthur never could. Merlin never could. There was nothing capable of justifying his actions.

Agony, anguish, horror, despair.


Arthur's cold steel looked almost welcome.

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