Six years after. The two best friends grew up to become more mature, even if in their hearts they still retain the vitality that has continued to engage in a lot of adventures. But how they perform when there are the girls? Probably will not be easy for either of them choose the right one ...
So you will see the two sixteens friends in high school with friendships, rivalries, romance, love triangles and an unexpected final.

Bart x Jessica\Jenny\Jenda

Milhouse x Samantha\Greta\Lisa

This story does not belong to my own version of Simpson, but it is another story that I wanted to write for a while ... There won't be the presence of so many characters, because the story only focuses on Bart and Milhouse...8D

Anyway, I hope you like it... Do not be too offensive, please note that this is my first story that I write... Write a comment and say me what you think...

Good read, enjoy ...:)