It all starts with Hate

Summary: Elena lived her entire life next to the Salvatore mansion. One day, her father decides to arrange a marriage, only it's not to her great love Stefan but his older brother Damon. How can this possibly work? Rated M for smut in later chapters.

Warning: No warnings for this chapter but in later chapters there will be lemons. Just be warned! ;)

A/N: There will be no vampires in this story. Elena just turned 18, Stefan's also 18 and Damon is 24. Just so you know.







Chapter 1

She was walking home from school when she saw Damon stop next to her. This had been her last day in high school and she was pretty excited about what she was going to do now. Elena hoped her father would let her marry Stefan, they were together for two years now. Of course, her father didn't know that cause she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. She needed to be a virgin when she married cause her father would give her away. It was very old fashion but that just was her father. Sometimes she thought he still lived in the 19e century or something. But he was her father and she loved him, no matter how weird he could be.

Sometimes she could be so mad at him, he raised her on his own and very severe. She wasn't allowed to do a thing and she hated it. Wasn't it normal that she just wanted to be a teenage girl like the others? Her best friend Caroline was a real party animal and her fathered didn't like her at all. He thought she was a slut. Can you believe your father just says that about your best friend? If it wasn't for Caroline , Elena would be insane because of how her father was but still, she loved him.

"Elena? Do you want a ride? I can take you home." She turned around to look at him. Actually she rather walked home but it wasn't like he was always polite to her. Maybe she should take advantage of it. Most of the time he was just an ass. She couldn't quite understand him, one moment he's polite the other one he's a jerk. Stefan always told her to ignore him but that wasn't really easy when he always tried to get her attention.

"Sure," she answered softly. She didn't wanna look excited, he would take it the wrong way and think she'd actually like him, well she didn't, not at all actually. Okay, he was good looking, very good looking but that's all there is. He wasn't friendly or something, charming maybe but that's it.

"So, how was your last school day?"

"Okay. Now it is weird. Why the hell are you so friendly to me? Is there something wrong?" She was really confused and worried at the same time. This was really not normal.

"Why Elena? Can't I be polite to a lovely lady like you?" he smirked.

"Stop the charming, Damon. Normally you aren't friendly, just cocky."

"Is that true? You just don't know how cocky," he smirked again, his eyes piercing into hers, it was dangerous, she could tell.

"Yes it is. Now quite the game. What's up?" she tried to sound calm but it didn't really work. He'd noticed cause he was smirking again, she did hate that smirk so much. He was really so full of himself.

"I think you better ask your loving father."

"What do you mean?"

"What I said."


"Oh, is little Elena curious? How sweet."

"I'm not sweet, Damon. And I totally don't need your comments." Sometimes he really could drive her crazy. Or he was playing her, or he was treating her. Never he could act normal. Oh, and let's not forget his colossal ego. If she should believe him, he was the best at everything. She just was nice to him cause he was Stefan's brother. He told her his brother could be very annoying sometimes but that he wasn't the worst person in the world. Elena doubt that.

"Earth to Elena?" she heard him say. Gosh, she totally forgot she was sitting in a car with him.

"Hm?" she answered quietly.

"Daydreaming about me?"

"You know, you really think too much about yourself."

"Me? What do you mean, Elena?" he teased her with a big smile on his face. He was truly enjoying playing with her.

"Good. I don't think answering is going to help this."

"Why, Elena? Don't you like my company?"

"No, I don't."

"You know, that's a lie," he answered confident. Maybe he was right, but still,… She didn't like him. She didn't like him at all, though she was more trying to convince herself.

"Okay, I'm not going to discuss this with you," she said trying to sound as confident as she could.

"Giving up so soon? You disappoint me Elena, I thought you had more in you than that."

"Can you please stop talking? I can always just walk home."

"Thinks that's going to be a problem cause we're already at your house," he said winking, before stopping the car. He was right, they were at her house and she didn't even noticed it. What was she thinking? That guy, really had a wrong influence on her. She quickly opened the portal and stepped out the car.

"Have a nice talk with daddy," he smiled before starting the car again. She didn't had the chance to ask what he meant cause he already left. Creepy, she thought, what did he mean with 'have a nice talk with daddy?' Why did she need to talk with her dad? There wasn't anything wrong, was there? Of course not, otherwise her father would've already called her.

She quickly walked inside, locking the door behind her. She could hear some noise coming from the kitchen, when she walked in she saw her father cooking. Okay, now the day was getting really creepy. Why the hell was her father cooking? He couldn't even boil water.

"Hi dad," she said casually, trying to hide her confusion.

"Hello honey. How was school today?"

"Good, I guess. Why are you cooking?" she couldn't stop herself from asking. She was just too curious, this wasn't normal.

"Can't I just make a decent meal for my lovely baby girl?"

"First, I'm not your baby girl anymore. Second, what's wrong, dad? You know as well as I that this isn't the way you act usually." She started to get a bad feeling about this all. What was wrong? And certainly, what did Damon have to do with it?

"You're right," he answered after a while. She could hear the fear in his voice.

"So, what's up? You could've just told me, you know? You don't have to cook for me."

"I don't think I just could've told you." He hoped Elena wouldn't freak out but he knew it was hope for nothing, of course she would freak out.

"Why? Is it that bad?"

"No, it isn't at all. I just think you're gonna be mad at me. I know you don't always like the way I think about your life. But honey, please know that I only want to see you happy. I only try to make the best of it." He meant it, he wanted nothing else than see her happy but she usually didn't really like the way he thought about her life.

"Of course, I know, dad. I love you for that. But sometimes you can be really frustrating. You can't live my life, daddy. That's what I've to do, not you."

"Yeah, I thought you would say something like that." She could see the fear in the eyes of her father. She didn't quite get why he was looking that way. Was it that bad? What the hell could he do that would make her so angry? Okay, sometimes she did overreact but when she knew her father felt so bad about it, she would try to hold herself together, try to not flip out on him.

"Can you please tell me? I'm getting really nervous and confused."

"Please promise me you won't be mad, honey."

"Dad, you know I can't promise such thing if I don't know what exactly you're going to say."

"Right. Okay, here it comes. I arranged a marriage for you," he said boldly. She thought she was gonna faint when the words left his mouth. He couldn't be serious he just couldn't.

"What? Are you serious? Did you lost your freaking mind?" she screamed furious. "What did you think, father? I'm not doing this, I'm so not." The neighbors probably thought there was a murder in their house but it didn't matter to Elena. There was nothing that mattered anymore except from the fact that her father just ruined her life with only six words. How could he? What the hell was he thinking? He couldn't seriously think she was going to except this marriage. She was only eighteen years old, her life just started.

"I'm sorry, honey. I can't say I didn't know you were gonna react this way. But it's just better, Elena. Like I said, I only want you to be happy, I want the best for you. That includes a good husband."

"Gosh, don't you think I'm able to find a good husband myself? Someone I would be happy with? Someone that was my own choice?"

"Honey, you're just a girl. You need a grown up man to take care of you. You deserve someone like that. Guys of your age only take advantage of good girls like you. You're a decent and well raised girl, sweetie. I'm sure you'll be happy, the marriage between your mom and me was arranged, too. And see? We were very happy together."

"Stop the honey and sweetie thing, John. You're not my father anymore," she yelled more furious than she'd ever been. She never called him by his fore name but he deserved it. He wasn't thinking, he just wasn't. She started running towards her room when she heard her father speak again.

"I'm sure Damon will be a very loyal husband to you."

"What?" she screamed, turning around. She must have miss heard him, it couldn't be anything else. The blood was rushing through her veins, her mind was going crazy, she could pass out every second.

"You know him right? He lives a few houses away from ours, the big boarding house?"

"You're not serious, right? You just can't be."

"Why? Don't you like him? I thought girls of your ages would think he's handsome or something. Didn't Caroline said he was super hot?"

"Are you a fool? I hate him."

"That's not bad, honey. You know what people say, hate's the beginning of a love story, definitely not the end of one. It means you already have some kind of feelings for him, maybe not the right ones but I'm sure they'll change in time."

"The person who said that is just a creep. I'll never marry him, father. Never, I'd rather be death."

"Elena, don't say such thing. I can't believe you're acting this improper! I well raised you, you're not supposed to say such things. You're not polite, young lady."

"I don't care if I'm polite to you or not. I hate you, I really do!" she screamed before leaving the room. She immediately run towards her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. Slowly she slid down until she was sitting on the floor, tears started rolling down her face. This couldn't be happening, this couldn't be true. Her life was over.

"Honey, everything will be fine," she heard her dad say from behind the door. But the tears kept coming, she couldn't hold them back anymore. This was a never ending nightmare.







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