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Five years later

"Oh my god Elena, look at this one, it's so cute!" Caroline yelled through the shop when she found a beautiful pink dress.

"It really is, Care. But it's a dress, and it's pink!"

"Yeah, I see that! What's the problem?"

"The problem Caroline is that, I don't know if it's going to be a girl."

"I can feel it. It's a godmother thing, trust me! I just know it's going to be a little girl."

"The dress is beautiful but I'm so not going to buy it. What if it's a boy? Damon won't want his son to be wearing a pink dress

"I told you it's going to be a girl."

"Can you just wait another month? We'll know exactly if it's going to be a girl or a boy."

"I can't convince you, can I?"

"Nope, I made up my mind. Where's Anna?"

"She's playing with Lily in the play hall of this shop."

"She turned out to be a great mom. Jeremy's so lucky he has her."

"Yeah, by the way, that little girl is way too cute! She can give you that look…"

"You would do everything she asks?" Elena continued.

"Indeed. It's something she has inherited from you."

"Right… by the way, did you found a job?"

"Not really. I know my mom wants me to find a job as soon as possible now that I graduated, but I just feel like I want to enjoy life first."

"How did your date go? I'm sure you and Stefan are a perfect fit for each other."

"It was amazing, Lena! You can't believe how sweet he was. I thought he would never grow up, our years in college where so much fun. But he really looked serious when he told me he wanted us to be a couple."

"I always thought you looked kind of cute together. He makes you smile."

"So, you're okay with it?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"He's your ex, so…"

"That was a very long time ago, Caroline. I love Damon, he's everything to me. Of course I'm okay with it, why would I mind you dating Stefan? I have Damon and he's all I ever wanted."

"When is he coming back, by the way?"

"This afternoon, I'm so looking forward to it. Two weeks without him had been a nightmare! I know his job it's important for him, but two whole weeks…it's been hard. I missed him so much, you can't even start to imagine."

"Oh, I'm sure I can. The way you looked during the past week, it was horrible for me to watch. But today, you look happier than ever."

"I am."

"Of course you will…you're happily married, you have a new job and soon, you're going to be a mother. You're so lucky, Lena!"

"I'm sure your time will come too, Care. Hopefully you and Stefan will have that too one day…"

"I hope so too. That reminds me, how's your father doing? I heard he started dating again."

"Yeah, as weird as it is, he's actually dating again. Although, he doesn't seem to have found the right one, yet. I think after my mom passed, he became really picky."

"I think I understand him. According to the stories I've heard about her and the things I can still remember from when she was still alive, she was a great woman. You must have inherited a lot from her."

"My father always told me I remind him of her."

"Of course you do, have you looked at her pictures? You can pass as twins."

"Don't exaggerate, Caroline! We look alike in a certain way, but we're so not twins."

"if you say so."

"I'm going to search Anna and Lily."

Elena shook her head and started walking towards the entrance of the shop. She was really glad Anna and Caroline convinced her to go shopping today. She enjoyed the distraction. The only thing in her mind for the past week had been her husband. Her love for him had grown every single day since the moment they met. Now they were going to have a baby together, which would only make their marriage even stronger. The past five years had been incredible and definitely the best ones of her life. He made her happier than she could ever imagine.

Even if she never missed her mom more than in this moment, she was happy to have a baby of her own. She would give anything to have just one day with her mom. A day, to ask her how it's like to be a mother, to ask her if she was proud of her…she wanted a day, just one, for her mom to hold her and tell her she did good.

Her dad on the other hand, he was so smug, the fact that this marriage worked out so well was all thanks to him. That was what he thought about it…even after five years, she still hasn't completely forgive him. Not the way she probably should've. He would always have a place in her heart, of course, he was still her father and she loved him, but she would never forget his betrayal, it had hurt too much. It didn't matter everything turned out the way it did, what's important was that he betrayed her, he forced her into something she didn't want to do…that wasn't something a father does to his daughter, not if he loves her the way he claimed to.

Luckily Damon was totally different; he would never do such thing to their baby. He had been so happy when she told him about the pregnancy. He literally jumped up and down. Since then, he had been so worried about her and the baby. He hated the fact that he needed to leave them alone for two weeks, but he had to. He couldn't change it and she knew it wasn't his fault. But that didn't take away the fact that she missed him like hell. Tomorrow was their fifth anniversary and she was really glad he would be home for it. He promised her he'll be home in the afternoon but she won't believe it until she'll actually see him.

When she walked around the corner she'd been able to see Anna and Lily playing together. The first few weeks as a mother had been really tough for Anna, she didn't believe in herself and she was scared she would be a bad mother. Elena helped her during that hard period and she turned out to be a great mom. Lily was really lucky to have such parents. Jeremy tried to be a good father, he even found a job. It hadn't always been easy for him but he was doing an amazing job with his baby girl.

She just hoped she would be as good at this 'parent thing' as her brother. The day she found out she was pregnant…it had been so overwhelming but amazing at the same time. But as the days had passed, it started to get real and she started to get scared. In the beginning, she didn't understand why Anna had been so scared about being a mom, but now she could understand it very well. The fear to fail as a parent was literally the worst thing you can fail at. Even though Damon told her over and over again she would be a great mother, she still had her doubts. What if she turned out to be as overprotective as her father?

She would be devastated if her child would feel unhappy. The only thing she wanted was to have a happy and healthy family. It was the simple thought that Damon will be there, helping her every step of the way, that gave her the strength she needed. He would never let her down, he was just that amazing.

"Aunt Lena," Lily yelled when she recognized her, bringing Elena back from her deep thoughts. The little girl came running towards her and wrapped her arms tightly around Elena's legs.

"Hello little girl," she answered while picking the girl up and holding her in her arms.

"I'm not a little girl, aunt Lena. I'm four years old," Lily mocked.

"I'm so sorry Lily, I forgot. You're indeed a very big girl."

The girl smiled and nodded while Elena put her down again. She immediately ran back to her mother who was now standing a little closer.

"Mommy, can I have a cookie?" she asked pouting.

"No, honey, you know we still have to eat lunch before you can have your cookie."

"But I'm sooo hungry."

"Then we'll search a restaurant so you can eat, sweetheart."

"Mc Donald's?" the girl asked hopefully.

"You know they don't have healthy food there."

"But daddy loves cheeseburgers," she defended herself.

"But he can't eat Mc Donald's all day either, can he?"

Lily shook her head while pouting even harder. "See Lena, she's almost worse than you are," Caroline said, walking towards the threesome.

"She definitely is," Anna said nodding at Caroline.

"Come, Lily, I think we should leave those two alone so they can gossip some more. Should we bring some coffee and cookies so you guys would be more comfortable?" Elena asked mocking.

"Please, Lena. You sound like a stubborn three years old." The two women answered almost together.

"I'm already four whole years old, aunt Lena. So I'm older than you are," Lily said happy.

"Very funny, I think I really should leave you alone."

"Come on, Elena, grow up and have some fun!"

"Caroline? I thought you were my friend?"

"I am but you can be so childish sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Anna asked interrupting the conversation.

"Oh please, you should work together," Elena answered getting annoyed.

"We already do," they declared smiling.

"Go on as long as you want to but, I…" she paused for effect, "…am going to go get ready for my husband."

"Shouldn't you throw a welcome home party?"

"And ruining the chance to be all alone with that very sexy husband of mine? I don't think so," Elena smiled and turned around.

"Oh and Lena?"

"What Caroline?"

"Don't make too much noise tonight; I'm watching a movie with Stefan on the home cinema."

"You're coming over tonight?" she asked her voice filled with disappointment. She really wanted to give Damon a special welcome, she even bought some new sexy lingerie. (As sexy you could be with a baby in your belly.)

"Shall I ask Stefan to stay at my place?"

"That would be amazing."

"Yeah, what can I say, I'm good like that, Elena. Now I'll send him a message. You can thank me later."

"Thanks Care, Love you."

"You know I love you too, Lena. Now have a good night with your husband. Don't exhaust yourself too much cause you promised me we'll go out for lunch tomorrow."

"Don't forget it's my anniversary tomorrow, I can't stay too long for lunch."

"Let me guess, tomorrow night you two will take the jet to the island, again?"

"Excellent guess, honey, I don't get why you dropped out of college so soon," Elena winked before turning around again and this time, she didn't stop until she was home, ready to welcome her husband.

It was ten past three when Elena heard the front door open. An excited feeling went through her body while she ran downstairs. She was wearing lacy red underwear with a short nightgown over it. Her hair was beautifully curled and she used some strawberry flavored lip gloss. Her plan to drive Damon crazy so he would never leave her could start.

He was putting his suitcases down when she jumped on his back, laughing loudly. He stood up again and turned around a few time with his wife on his back. She was already feeling dizzy when he put her down, he turned around to kiss her and the dizzy feeling only got worse thanks to the lack of oxygen. He kissed her deeply, pulling her close to his body, enjoying her taste. God, how he had missed her….Not even a short minute had passed without him thinking about her, being back home made him happier than he ever thought he could be. Having her in his arms again, it felt so unreal, yet so amazing.

"I missed you so much," he breathed into her mouth before attacking her lips again. This time he kissed her tenderly, taking in her flavor as much as he could. He nibbled at her lips while rubbing her back softly. He would never be able to leave her again, not even for a weekend. When he was gone, he realized how much he actually loved her. He couldn't imagine his life without her, he would be miserable.

It took him several minutes before he finally let go of her, and realized what exactly what she was wearing. He unconsciously licked his lips at the side before him. She looked incredibly hot, even hotter than usually knowing she was caring his baby, if that was even possible. He never saw this lacy red underwear; did she buy it because he was coming home? Well it was a very delightful welcome surprise.

"You look beautiful, honey," he told her sweetly before pulling her close again. He just couldn't get enough of her and she was all his. The day they married, it was the happiest day of his life, even if back then, she 'didn't' like him. It had been one of the hardest decisions he had ever made. Marrying someone who wasn't actually happy to be with him, he never thought it would turn out that way. He only wanted to marry someone he loved and loved him right back. But now, he was very glad he did. After all, it had been worth it. Today, he was married with a beautiful woman, he would be a dad in a few months and he never felt more blessed. Men, he was a hell of a lucky guy.

"I'm so glad you're finally home," she whispered in his ear before slightly nibbling on it. He couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face, knowing that she definitely missed him too.

Before Elena knew what was happening he already picked her in his arms and started his way towards the stairs. Two weeks without her had been hell and he was going to make sure he would make it up to her. Tomorrow was their anniversary and he had already made some nice plans. He told her they would go back to the island, which was true. The only part she didn't know was that all her friends and family would be there too and that they would renew their vows. This was after all, their fifth anniversary and he wanted to make sure it would be special enough, a day she would never forget, just like the night she was going to get today… Spending the night with his wife was a very alluring thought.

He carried her through the corridors of the house until they arrived in their large bed room. He laid her down on the king-size bed in the middle of the room, crawling up until he was above her. Very slowly he moved his lips towards hers, she could feel the tension building up in her body. When he finally kissed her, she let out a loud moan, enjoying the feeling of having him so close again. His tongue stroke softly against hers and she could feel the sensation radiating all the way down and nearly exploding between her legs.

They started removing their clothes until they were both naked, never leaving each other's lips. He leaned over and took her breast in his mouth, sucking and licking her oh-so-sensitive nipple. Elena cried out, arching upwards. Damn, she missed this, she missed those feelings. His tongue ran slowly one more time over her breast, and then his mouth returned to hers, kissing her as his hand traveled down over her belly and then lower. His rough fingers explored her and spread her lower lips apart, gently caressing her. When he started flickering her sensitive bundle of nerves, she let out a loud moan that echoed through the entire building.

She could feel her orgasm coming closer and closer with each of his touches. He could drive her crazy with one light impact like no one else did or would ever do. Every time she could feel her release lingering he changed the speed or the angle so it could start all over her again. Only after minutes of teasing he gave in, "Oh god," she screamed as an orgasm shook through her. Her entire body shivered from the sensation. He kept stroking her until he'd managed to wring every ounce of ecstasy out of her. He raised his head and smiled down at her, his blue eyes heavy but sparkling.

She grabbed his arm, pulled him over and down onto his back. "My turn," she smiled before she slipped lower and took his erected member into her soft little mouth. She started sucking him off on an incredibly fast pace, deep-throating him like she knew he liked it. She could hear him making cute noises while he tried to catch some air. It was really funny to hear. "Elena," he started chanting when his orgasm washed over, making his body shudder like crazy. How the hell had he survived two whole weeks without her?

With a huge smile across her lips she started crawling up until she had pinned him down underneath her once again. "Missed me that much?" she purred while sucking on his neck. Even after just experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm he could feel himself growing hard again. Being so sexy must be forbidden.

Still smirking she positioned herself between his legs, before slowly sliding down on his length. She let out a gasp while her walls started stretching around his thick penis. She really missed the feeling of him completely filling her. Once her body got used to his size again she started riding him, already feeling close to release just by feeling him inside her. Damon started lifting his hips, going deeper and deeper inside her, earning a loud moan from his wife.

After spending so much time apart, this was what they both were waiting for. It didn't take long before they came together. Fireworks went through their bodies while the blood was racing through their veins. It took them several minutes before they could normally breathe again. "I love you so much, Elena. You can't even start to imagine," he said while stroking a lock of hair from her face.

"I believe I can," she smiled back before giving him a quick peck on the lips. "I love you too, Damon, more than words can say."

With that, they started round two of the many rounds that were yet to come. Neither of them was perfect, they both made mistakes but they loved each other and that was the most important thing in the world. They would make a perfect family together, together with their unborn child.

They left the past for what it was and they started a happy life together. Of course, some days were better than others but in the end, it was all worth it. After all, Hate is the beginning of a love story, not the end of one…

The end

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