This is for Nisha A Hailm.


Padmé stared out the window. It had been a year since Anakin had died defeating Palpatine and today she was moving on. The twins needed a father and she needed a husband. Anakin would want her to move on.

Turning from the window she changed into something for her night out.

It made her feel special that he had asked her out. There were so many other woman that he could have asked out but he had asked her.

So many other men had asked her out but they usually only cared about her position as a former senator and the widow of the Hero without Fear. They didn't care about the twins she nearly died bringing into the galaxy.

The door chimed.

She heard Threepio answer it.

She quickly finished changing and hurried out of her room.

"Hello Obi-Wan!" She said with a smile.


Three months later she and Obi-Wan were married in a quiet ceremony surrounded by family and friends.