I'll keep you my dirty little secret. [one shot.

She was the girl that was invisible. She had the body with curves to die for. The lips that were extremley kissable. The eyes that were full of mystery, sadness and happiness all in one. Although none of that mattered. Hardly anybody noticed her but she didn't care. She was happy with the way she was. Her head constanstly hiding behind a book.

He was the guy all the girls wanted. He had everything; the money, looks, body and the popularity. There wasn't one person that didn't know who he was. One person that didn't want to be his friend. Not one girl that didn't want him except this one girl.

She showed no interest in him at all and this intrigued him. Whenever she was near his eyes would constantly travel down her body, from her eyes to her chest to her hips, down to her feet and then back up again. He wanted her. More than anybody else and he didn't even know why.

After a while he started following her. He couldn't seem to let the fact that she didn't like him go.

That one day she felt eyes burning into the small of her back. She turned herself around her eyes gazing over the room until they found his. She bit down softly on her full bottom lip. The way his lips turned upwards into a smile and then a slight smirk. She knew she was attracted to him as he was to her.

He made his way towards her like a predator stalking his prey. He wanted her body and she wanted his. They met in the middle of the room, him taking her hand in his. She didn't even hesitate in letting him take her to wherever it was they were going. Straight out the gates he pulled her into a dark alley, his arms snaking around her waist, a smirk still in place on his face.

Slowly yet surely she dropped her bag and everything in her hands to the floor, her arms finding their way around his neck and he pinned her back against the wall. Leaning forward he softly placed his lips against hers. Invisible sparks flying as she kissed him back forcefully. He kissed back deeply, in shock, not expecting it and yet not complaining at the same time.

She pulled away, a smirk on her face. A smirk you wouldn't expect on such a good girl. As she took a few deep breaths. She picked up her bag and the rest of her stuff starting to walk away. Before leaving the alley she turned around to face him. 'I never said I liked you. It was just a kiss, right?' She smiled a sadistic smile and left him standing there.

The player had just been played.

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