I woke up in the morning looking at the time; It was 10am. I was meeting Justin on the cruise for the Caribbean at 2 in the afternoon. I got up and started to get ready.

About Two hours after that I was ready to go. I got my phone and looked at the picture that was on the back of it, it was Justin's picture. I looked out the window and saw some paparazzi. Quickly I sighed and tore the image off, it was only drama in the making. My body guard yelled for me. I just noticed I was the last in the hotel room. I followed my body guard down the steps and into the lobby. Of course fans were there, and being nice I took some photos. Then we were soon in the car, when I felt my phone vibrate.

It was a text, from Justin, it read;

"Hey Sel :) Where are ya?"

A gentle smile pulled across my face, I quickly texted back;

"Hey :) Just left u?"

It continued buzzing several times..

"I just left 2. :) cant wait to see u!"

I thought and paused for a minute, Justin and I had just started dating, and no one had really known, including the public and I began to wonder what us being together on a cruise would make the public think. I texted back quickly.

"Cant wait to see u either! :)"

I smiled and then slowly fell asleep in the car as we rode to the cruise for the next couple of hours, and for sure; I dreamed of me and Justin. 3