Chapter 2.

Selena POV.

It was time; we had arrived to the Caribbean. I stepped out to see Justin stand a couple feet away, he smiled at me and said the gentle "Hey". Like he always does, it was cute a lot of the time but at the other times it was a little old, but I didn't mind.

He hugged me whispering ,

"Love you."

I smiled he makes me so happy now a days, and I think I make him happy too, I just worry about his fans hating me or something. I don't want things to be worse with the "Beliebers"

We went on to the ship and went straight to our room, avoiding paparazzi. When we got in the room and all the blinds were shut he kissed me softly, smiling.

He whispered in my ear..

"Man, I've missed you.."

"I've missed you too, and I can't stop thinking about you."

We both smiled and he pulled away softly,

"Should we go swim?"

I smiled and nodded going into the bathroom to change. I came back out in the blue bikini I always wore recently. And he came out in some Black trunks. I walked over and lied my hand flat on the middle of Justin's chest. I curled my fingers a bit and said.

"No kisses, ok? There might be paparazzi. "

He frowned a bit then nodded.

"Okay fine. "

He smiled a bit then kissed me a last time before we went to the pool on the ship.