"As you said, Leticia's behavior was quite uncalled for and she needs to apologize to your …, wife."

"Really? " Dom asked suspiciously while staring down the other man.

Instead of answering Dom, Jeremy turned to Letty and nodded. She glared back for a moment, their gazes caught in a battle for dominance, then Letty dropped her eyes and looked at the ground. She sighed then stepped forward and looking vaguely in Kylie's direction.

"Sorry," she snarked out.

"Yeah right! Try and sound like ya mean it, why don't ya?" Lydia called out voicing the thought on everyone's mind.

"Why don't you shut your fat mouth before I leave tread marks all over your face?" Letty countered, and all hell broke loose.

The two pounced on each other and began punching, kicking, and a fair amount of hair pulling. Instantly all of Letty's companions, save Jeremy, moved in as did Leon, Lexie and Rome. A full on battle commenced. Vince grabbed Rachel, who immediately began to struggle, and held her firmly. He wasn't about to let her jump into another altercation at the moment. Brian moved to get Mia out of the danger zone while Dom, Kylie, Jeremy, Jesse and Angel watched their teammates battling it out.

After a few minutes passed Dom realized Jeremy wasn't going to do anything to stop it. He shook his head and moved around the girls to pull Leon off a mini Hector.

"That's enough!" he yelled as he grabbed Leon.

Leon nodded and looked at the ground. He knew how much Dom hated making a scene. He looked up to apologize only to see Dom's face twisted with rage. Dom let go of him and pushed his way across the area, shoving aside the still fighting girls, his strides long and determined.

Dom's vision clouded with a thin veil of red when he saw Jeremy's hands on Kylie. A shaft of fear like nothing he'd ever experienced before shot through him. He grabbed Jeremy's right arm and pulled his hand from where it had been on Kylie's left arm.

Jeremy turned, releasing Kylie's right arm from his left hand and Dom landed a punch along the left side of his jaw. Jeremy went down and Dom quickly straddled him then began pummeling his face.

"Don't you ever touch her again!" Dom shouted as he struggled against Brian, Leon, Vince and Rome. It took all four of them to pull him off and keep him back.

"Let it go Bro', he's not worth it," Vince tried to convince him, but Dom wasn't listening.

"Wasn't killing Tress enough? " he demanded of Jeremy. "You were supposed to be my friend, instead you seduced my her, knocked her up and convinced her to have an abortion so you wouldn't go to jail. Then you dumped her, like a piece garbage!" Dom ranted even as security pulled up. "She was 14, just a baby!"

Jeremy stood unsteadily beside his companions as the security guards stepped onto the scene. They looked over the situation and one approached each of the two obvious combatants.

Dom's chest was heaving and a thin layer of sweat soaked his face, chest and arms. Kylie slowly moved to hug him, knowing how betrayed he felt by Jeremy. He had told her the entire story during a session with Dr. Hammond. Had told how responsible he felt, having brought Jeremy around Tress in the first place.

"You want to tell me what's going on here?" one of the beefy guards asked Dom.

He ignored the man instead gripping Kylie's shoulder's and holding her out in front of him. His eyes roamed her from head to toe.

"Did he hurt you?" he demanded gruffly, he face lined with worry.

Kylie moved her right hand (still in a brace) from his arm up to cup his cheek as best she could. "No Dom. I'm fine. He didn't hurt me."

Dom studied her a moment before abruptly pulling her into a massive hug. He kissed the top of her head before resting his cheek against it, closing his eyes and sighing in relief.

Brian had attempted to hold off the guard, but the muscle bound man was having none of it. He moved closer to Dom and again demanded an explanation of what had happened.

Dom, his anger abated now that he knew Kylie wasn't hurt, finally answered. He explained that there was prior problems between the two groups, and that Jeremy, Letty and crew had arrived uninvited. He then gave a brief account of the fight that had ensued.

"Y'all gotta settle ya differences on the track while ya here," one of the guards explained to the group as a whole.

Jeremy stepped up. "I'm game. How about Dominic? You man enough to race me, Mr. King of the Roads?"

"Any time, any place," Dom ground out.

"Fine," Jeremy shot back. "Nine o'clock tonight, track five. I'll arrange it."

Dom nodded. "You're on."

End Flashback

Dom shook his head in an attempt to rid himself of the memories that followed. He didn't want to remember the accident, or what followed in the hospital. He never again wanted to see his wife's face full of fear and sadness caused by him. He never again wanted to hear her voice wavering as she told him she'd thought she'd lost him. It was too high a price to pay for his pride.

Beside him Kylie stirred. He heard her sigh in exasperation, then watched as she sat up.

"What's wrong Babe?"

"Bathroom," she mumbled as she swept back the cascade of curls hanging over her face. She slipped from the bed and he grinned, watching her bare bottom sway as she sashayed to the bathroom.


With Race Wars ending on such a sour note the team was glad to return home. Within a week things were back to normal. Dom's shoulder slowly healed, but his ribs would take a while longer. No one seemed to know where Jeremy and Letty disappeared to after the events coordinator threw them out of Wars and no one really cared.

As the weeks went by the weather became warmer, the days sunnier and the team happier. Mia, being 16 weeks pregnant was now showing, much to Brian's delight. Angel decided to go back to school for her GED, and Kylie joined her. Dom was thrilled. He knew how smart she was and wanted her to have every opportunity.

By early June both Kylie and Rachel were back to work, their right limbs healed. Dom had hired a real estate agent and an architect to get started on finding a solution to their crowded house and over worked garage. Things were good.

Which is why Vince was so perplexed as he watched as Rachel paced around their bedroom. He knew she'd tell him whatever it was when she was ready. While she was lost in concentration, he was ogling her. She turned to walk away from him again, and his eyes settled on her swaying bottom. He couldn't help but notice how long and sexy her legs looked in the tiny pair of purple panties she was wearing. And her ass was so ….

"Vince!" Rachel called, the hint of frustration in her voice telling him it wasn't for the first time. He guiltily moved his eyes north until he met her firey green gaze.

"Yeah Rach?" he asked as nonchalantly as possible.

Rolling her eyes and shaking her head Rachel moved closer and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I need for you to stop looking at my ass and pay attention! Please?" she demanded grumpily.

He could tell this was serious so Vince settled his hand on her left hip and pulled her closer, so that their right hips were touching. He moved his hand to her waist and looked her in the eye. "Sorry, Babe. I'm listening. What is it?"

For a moment a deer-in-the-headlights look crossed her face and fear filled her jade eyes. Then she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"Remember the night you found Ky at the beach?"

Vince nodded frowning; he hated thinking about that whole experience. "Yeah."

"Remember later that night we talked?"

Immediately Vince knew where this was going. A Cheshire-cat grin broke out on his face.

"Are you?" he asked anticipating her answer.

Rachel nodded relief at his obvious happiness washing over her. "Y-yes!"

Vince pulled her in and kissed her hard.


AN: Sorry for the long wait, I have so much going on in my life at the moment.