Chapter 4: Though I'll Never See My Home Time And Dimension Again I'll Make The Best I Can!

Things went okay. Stellar and I did run into Roger and Beatrice, but nothing much happened other than the two of them looking strangely at the two of us. It just seemed rather confusing to Roger and Beatrice, I guess neither of them figured Stellar to be bisexual. After many more months of research, I found disappointing news.

"Well, according to the latest scientific research, although a lot of medical advances were made in two hundred years time and dimension traveling isn't possible unless it's by accident," I said to Stellar.

"Well, we could establish citizenship on Xenon and get married, it would take time, but it's not impossible," Stellar said.

It did take time. It took two years of working on the SCS DeepShip 86 we had saved up enough to get married and settle in on Xenon. After that it took another year to establish citizenship, and then we got married. After staying put working regular jobs on Xenon for six months, that was soon too boring, so Stellar and I decided we'd go find a different spaceship to work on. What new adventures lie ahead in space for us? I honestly don't know. We had agreed, life would be okay without kids, just the two of us. Many adventures we'd have together lay ahead. I knew I'd never go back to my home dimension and time. I just will have to make the best of being in the future in an alternate dimension.

The End.