Chapter 1 Studio Brawl

It's another day in the studio and the boys are driving Gustavo insane. Lately all they do is fight. They hardly hang out together anymore and are getting on everyone's nerves.

'Dogs! Stop messing up the words. This is a song about friendship, it's fun. So HAVE FUN!' The boys roll their eyes and start to sing again.

Gustavo looks at Kelly, who also looks a little lost at the monotone voices coming from the booth.

'What is wrong with them? Normally I can't get them to be serious, now they can't have fun together.'

'I don't know. Lately they seem a little distracted, when they're not fighting that is…' Kelly mentions the last part as Kendall gets into another argument with James.

'You have to stop doing that, it's my line!' Kendall shouts at James.

'You have enough lines, let the rest of us have some!' he shouts back.

'Guys, stop fighting!'

'Shut up, Carlos!' They yell in unison.

'Don't tell him to shut up. Just stop fighting, so we can finish this song. Camille is waiting for me.' Logan adds.

'Oh my god, I am so sick of hearing about Camille. Lately you only spend time with her!' Carlos adds, sounding very annoyed.

'DOGS! Everyone stop fighting!' They all stop, looking very angry and their arms crossed over their chest. 'Good. Now can everyone just focus for three minutes and FINISH THE SONG!' Gustavo lets go of the speaker button again and starts the song once again.

Everything seems to go fine, when Carlos drinks some water and accidentally spills it on James.

'Okay, that is it! I've had enough of this. Why are you always this clumsy? Now I have to go dry this shirt again.' Carlos just rolls his eyes at James' outburst.

'James, it's just a shirt! Get over it!' Kendall tells him.

'Get over it? No, he always does this. All this time in the studio and he still has no sense of direction. He has hit his head so many times, despite that stupid helmet, that I think he has no brain cells left in him.' Carlos looks very angry and attacks James, who fights back.

'Guys, stop!' Logan tries to pull them apart, when James accidentally lands a punch on him. Now Kendall gets angry and joins in. Soon all four BTR guys are fighting. Gustavo bangs his head on the sound desk.

'DOGS!' They stop fighting at Gustavo's yell in their headphones.

'WHAT?' They yell back. Gustavo starts to shake.

'Alright, that is it!'

'Gustavo, calm down.' Kelly tries.

'No, I am sick of this. I am trying to record hit records here. And you are all preventing me from it with your attitude. So; GET OUT!' The boys don't waste another second and storm out of the sound booth, all heading a different way.

'Great, how are we supposed to record the song now?' Kelly asks.

'We don't.' Gustavo responds.

'What? You know Griffin is waiting for a new song.'

'Well, I don't care. I am sick of all the bickering. Just go find the dogs and fix them!'

'What? But Gustavo..' Kelly starts as he starts to walk out the door.

'NOW!' He yells, making her cover her ears. She sighs heavily and heads to Palmwoods.

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