Warning: Yaoi, Slash, boyxboy, UsxUk, ArthurxAlfred. Rated M for future chapters and language.

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Summary: Alfred Jones, star quarterback of Hetalia Academy. The most popular guy in school and also extremely homophobic, which is why Arthur is his new favourite 'victim'. But Arthur has no intentions of grovelling in the dust for him. Punk!ArthurxJock!Alfred.

Author's notes: Au highschool fics where the jock ends up with the nerd/alternative dude have been somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine, so I decided to make one myself. This is a bit short, but then again that's why it's a prologue. Enjoy ^^.


Where we meet the main characters in a very unbecoming way.


A fist connected with Arthur's jaw, sending him flying into one of the nearby desks. It hurt like hell. He hadn't thought the idiot had it in him, so he was a bit surprised when he tasted the iron flavour of his own blood on his lips. He smirked as he stood up again, wiping the small line of crimson away with his thumb.

"Is that all you've got? You punch like a lass!" He said provokingly. Oh how he loved to anger the American, even if he risked his own safety while doing it.

"Why you piece of shit!" Yelled Alfred as he tried to land an other punch.

However Arthur saw this one coming, so he quickly moved out of the way. This angered the American even more. Arthur laughed as he mentally pictured steam blowing out of the idiot's ears in rage, like some childish cartoon character. And so their little dance continued with Alfred throwing punches and Arthur gracefully avoiding them as good as he could. Some sick sadistic part of Arthur knew that liked it this way.

He liked to see Mr. Perfect himself come undone because of him. He liked the fire he saw in Alfred's eyes, the fact that he could get under his skin like this, but mostly he liked this because the git deserved it.

Alfred F. Jones, star quarterback of Hetalia Academy, one of the most prestigious high schools in the world. Son of Benjamin Jones media tycoon and Mellissa Jones actress/model extraordinaire. He was muscular, blond, tanned and had big blue eyes that made him look like an innocent all American boy. Girls loved him and boys admired him.

He had prestige, he had looks, he had money and he had a sodding hero-complex to booth, making him and every single one of his pathetic groupies believe that he was god incarnated. He was the most popular guy in school and also extremely homophobic, which was why Arthur was one of his new favourite 'victims'.

What many people didn't know about their beloved Alfred Jones was that the boy could show a very cruel and dark side of him when he wanted to. He was the Academy's biggest bully, which was funny in a way, because he always looked like a cheerful and optimistic chap. So not many people took notice in the fact that Alfred regularly beat kids up for being gay.

Which was the reason they were currently rolling on the ground grunting, biting and lashing out at each other.

For you see, Arthur Kirkland was nothing like the idiotic quarterback. First of all he was British and a punker. His family had disowned him a long time ago, so he lived alone in a shabby single bedroom apartment. His hair was dyed in an almost fluorescent mint colour that matched his eyes pretty well, if he said so himself. His build wasn't particularly buff, but also not lanky. Lean, that's how he would've described himself. Girls glared at him in disgust and guys generally avoided him.

He had no titles and just enough money to get by. He liked to study and read and was what one would call a typical loner. Which apparently made Alfred think of him as easy 'prey'. After all, few friends meant little backup and surely someone that was a head smaller than the jock could not possibly be much of a challenge, right? Wrong!

Arthur had no intentions of grovelling in the dust for 'his royal greatness' and he was going to make this very clear to Alfred. The git would remember not to mess with him, or anyone else for that matter, ever again!

They had been going on for about two minutes before the principal arrived. She was a thin strict looking woman, always dressed in most expensive clothes. Her brown hair tied up into a bun. She glared at them through her black rimmed glasses before letting out a voice that one would hardly expect from such an elegant looking woman.

"Kirkland! Jones! My office! RIGHT NOW!"

Back then both boys barely knew how much influence this single act of violence would have on the rest of their lives.


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