Warning: Cursing! Character death!, Yaoi, Slash, boyxboy, UsxUk, mentions of past FrUk and FrancexJean.

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Summary: Alfred Jones, star quarterback of Hetalia Academy. The most popular guy in school and also extremely homophobic, which is why Arthur is his new favourite 'victim'. But Arthur has no intentions of grovelling in the dust for him. Punk!ArthurxJock!Alfred.

Author's notes: Just to clarify: Francis did not rape Arthur, I'm sorry if I made it seem that way. That was not my intention. With that out of the way, I'm pleased to say that I've finally finished this new chapter. It's been three months since the last chapter so I was kind of out of it. I've been trying to improve my writing style. Hopefully it's not too distracting, but the again maybe you won't notice any difference at al. Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 12:

In which a car crashes.


The first time Alfred saw him, Arthur was up till his teeth in bandages. It was back when Alfred was still in middle school. He was hanging out with a couple of guys on the benches near Hetalia High. He thought those guys where so cool back then, because they where older and stronger than him. He laughed with them as they took turns in scaring passing pedestrians. It was his turn and Alfred felt pumped, ready to prove himself.

"Oh man look at that!"

"Dude that's gnarly!"

Some of the boys shouted as Arthur came into view. Gauze peeking out from underneath his shirt. There was a limp in his walk and his face was cut in several places. His tousled dirty blond hair guarding his eyes.

"Well go on then Jones!"

There was a rough shove in his back and Alfred stumbled onto the sidewalk. Arthur's eyes flew up, settling on Alfred with a glare. 'Just try it, I dare you.' Those green irises seemed to say. It had made Alfred go weak in the knees.

A few years later he gets that same glare as Arthur sees him leaning against the Brit's locker. He looks tired Alfred realises. The skin underneath Arthur's eyes is just a bit darker, a bit more caved in than the day before.

"You know this could be considered stalking?" At least Arthur's voice had not lost it's bite. This makes Alfred smirk.

"Not when you started it." He says, kindly reminding the Brit of last Saturday's Football practice. This earns him a huff. Arthur crowds into his personal space. Alfred tries to ignore the way that makes his skin tingle.

"Could you move please! I actually have other things to do today." The Brit spits out. Arthur starts to push at his side, but Alfred knows he has enough bulk to stand his ground. He didn't wait till four just so that Arthur could shove him out of the way like he was nothing. The punk slams his hands on the locker next to Alfred's head. The sound echo's through the abandoned hallways. Those green eyes are spitting flames, but Arthur's mouth surprisingly stays shut. Alfred takes a deep breath and steels himself before uttering:

"Other things to do? Like your Frenchman?" His voice comes out softer than he wished, but the widening of Arthur's eyes is enough indication that the message came through.

One minute he's pressed up against the lockers, the other he watches Arthur stalk away. 'Shit!' Alfred thinks as he starts his pursuit, following Arthur out of the door.

"So what? You make out with me and then you ditch me to get back with your ex-boyfriend?" Alfred's voice is desperate as Arthur walks past the benches where Alfred first saw him.

"You. Don't. Know. Fuck. Jones!" The Brit screams just as he's about the cross the road, but Alfred doesn't hear him. The sound of tires screeching on asphalt overwhelms his senses. There's a moment of complete clarity that reminds Alfred of being on the field seconds before a game starts, when his instincts take over and he doesn't have to think. He just grabs Arthur by his arms and pulls him off the street. The car passes by, honking it's horn loudly. That's when a panicked feeling presses it's way into his chest, making it hard to breathe. They're both shaking as Alfred hauls them over to the benches.

"Holy Shit man, don't do that to me!" Alfred says, hand clenching at his heart.

There is no response. He looks over at Arthur. The Brit is hyperventilating and his eyes look far away. It scares Alfred more than anything.

"Arthur!" His voice is a bit high-pitched as he violently shakes the Brit's left shoulder.

When Arthur turns to look at him it's like he has seen a ghost. He's twitching with nerves and no matter what Alfred does he can't get him to breathe normally. Hugging him seems like the best thing to do. Arthur jumps a little as Alfred folds his arms around him. It must look weird, a green haired punker kid being hugged by a jock. Alfred doesn't give one flying fuck about what other people think at that moment. It's hard to tell how much time went by, but the sky is visibly darker by the time Arthur stops shaking and even then Alfred does not let go.

"You know, I was in a car crash once…" The Brit's voice is scratchy and tired as he leans his head against Alfred's neck. Alfred doesn't know what to do with that kind of information, but his silence is apparently enough indication for Arthur to go on.

"Me and a friend, we where taking a cab home. We had gone to a party that night. Our parents didn't know, so we couldn't just call them. We had a curfew, so we told the cabbie to hurry up and the idiot decides to ignore a red light-" Arthur's voice hitches a bit "My friend, she… died in the hospital that night. Severe internal bleeding."

Arthur feels frail inside his arms. Alfred hugs him even closer, bringing one hand up to stroke through that spinach colour hair.

"Francis… god he was so in love with her and when he heard the news, he just crumbled right before my eyes. He was in desperate need of support, any type of support and I had a crush on him for years… so I just-"

Alfred can feel the wetness through the collar of his shirt. He lets out a shaky breath and turns his head to softly kiss the tip of Arthur's ear.

"What was her name?" His voice is soft, barely a whisper.



Author's notes: So yes, that was quite an emotional chapter for me to write. I hope you guys liked it. Thanks for reading.