Chapter 2: True Gentlemen

This chapter kinda takes away from the blood and gore I've written here, but Bailey keeps telling me to organize the funeral. This wasn't going to be a big production but anyway…here's chapter two. Enjoy!

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The paramedics couldn't take the metal out of Hershel Layton's chest, nor could they find Luke Triton's head. They had not known to look at the McDonald's security tapes to see that Luke's head had exploded. A poorly stitched up autopsy confused operators because the only thing wrong with him was total blood loss and a missing head. They suspected murder, but that would be nearly impossible because the roof had collapsed and nobody could get in without cutting their way through the car, and the collapse couldn't have cut Luke's head off. The way he died is still a mystery since the security tapes are deleted after thirty days and day 30 was the day of the funeral. And as for the puddle of blood; cats, birds, rats, and dogs alike all drank it like water and then the London rain got rid of the rest.

As stated in Layton's will, he had an open casket. The metal from the Laytonmobile was shaven down just enough for the coffin to close. No more, and no less.

It was a double funeral with Layton and Luke's coffins side by side. Flora and Luke's parents cried at the sight of a casket so small. More Flora and Luke's mom more than his dad. Luke's casket was open too and he was wearing a black tuxedo with a blue tie. His hat was lying where his head should have been. Layton was wearing a tux like Luke's but with a red tie to compliment his beloved top hat. Of course, part of the tuxedo shirt had a slit cut into it for the metal (which not all of the blood had been washed off) to come through.

After the mourners had all arrived and open viewing was over, the priest asked if anyone had anything to say about our recently departed. Surprisingly, Flora was the first to speak. She dried tears and stood before the audience.

"H-Hello," she said timidly "I've never really spoken at a funeral service before, so here it goes…

"After the death of my father, I really didn't know where to turn to. Then Professor Layton took me in like I wasn't just some strange girl that appeared one day…And Luke was really my only true friend. We had so many fun memories together. I truly thought that if Professor were to die before his time, it would be in an explosion or something. But instead… I was waited for them to come back and when I thought it was them knocking on the door, it turned out to be an officer with the bad news.

"Even though I'm very sad to see them go, I'll always remember then as being true gentlemen"

Hershel was buried right next to Claire and Luke next to Layton. Some of the people there (including Dimitri and Clive who were escorted by a probation officer) claim to have seen a metal-less Hershel and Claire dancing together across a distant hill and Luke, with his head back, watching about three meters back underneath a tree. Then Hershel took Claire's head in his hands and kissed her in such a sweet way that could only be done by a true gentleman.

Rest in Peace, Luke, Hershel, Claire.


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