This is a really short story that I thought of writing considering I'm reading the book for my English Literature course. I was just wondering what Mrs Danvrs thought about the narrator when she first arrived at Manderley. Please tell me what you think because I would appreciate the help. (We have to do a creative writing piece from Rebecca's point of view at the time of her death.) Hopefully I'll write that on here as well and see what you think. :)

Enjoy! (Hopefully.)

Mrs Danvers, the Faithful Servant

As I organised the servants for the arrival of Mr de Winter, I began to wonder what was going to happen at Manderley now that he had a new wife. I was disgusted. He was disrespecting the memory of his late wife. He should be mourning for the rest of his life at the loss. But no, instead he goes off and finds another wife. This is heresy!

Here we stood in front of the house, all in line in our uniforms, waiting for the sound of Mr de Winter's vehicle coming up the road. It was a bright sunny day with white fluffy clouds and a bright blue sky, but somehow it felt as if some kind of shadow was falling across Manderley as the time went by. There was just something in the air, something…foreboding. Something is going to erupt quite soon. Very soon in fact, I think.

A low grumbling sound began to rumble up the driveway. I turned my head hoping to catch a glimpse of this new trollop who Mr de Winter thinks is going to be the new Mrs de Winter. She will never be Mrs de Winter. She will never be my mistress; I will never serve her willingly. She looked like a small, a wimpy, willowy schoolgirl, no doubt. She seemed like Mr de Winter's shadow, clinging to his side like a chimp clinging to its mother.

The late Mrs de Winter never clung to Mr de Winter's side. She had a very bold, warming personality that lit up the room like a flame on a candle. She was so nice to the servants as well, especially to me. She always wanted me to brush her hair for her, only me. And I never did it unwillingly. She would always call to me, "Danny! Time to brush my hair." And I would take up her brush and run it through her beautiful black hair for twenty minutes at a time. I loved that time we spent together, servant and mistress. I felt special to her, like I was the only one that mattered to her. I miss her so much.

Mr de Winter got out of the vehicle and headed over to Frith, the butler here at Manderley, and I watched as Mrs de Winter tottered after him like a faithful Labrador. Or maybe more like that lolloping mutt, Jasper, which I've seen running through here like a stray. If only the late Mrs de Winter was here. She would surely put everything right. Return Manderley back to its former glory.

Well, if Mrs de Winter wasn't here to do it herself, then I shall surely do it for her. I was going to make sure Mrs de Winter's memory was never forgotten. I was going to make the new Mrs de Winter's life hell if it was the last thing I would do.

And I'd do it all for her. I would do it all for my Mrs de Winter.