Rating: PG - PG-13

Warning: [violence] [language] [het] [shounen-ai]

Pairings: Takeru/Ken, Legolas/Ruki, Daisuke/Juri, Lee/Takato, Ryo/Hikari & Iori/Shuichon

Notes: I've been neglecting Digital lately.... *bows* Gomen ne? So I decided to write a little Christmas fic as a sort of apology. ^_~ It sort-of takes place during Digital, but it doesn't actually happen right after Takeru rescues Ken.

I was going to title it "Silent Night" but since all of Digital's chapters are named in Japanese, I decided to try that. I don't know if I managed it or not, but "Shizuka na Yoru" is as close as I could come without someone helping me. ^^;; Eheh...

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. I don't own Lord Of The Rings. I also weep. lol.

Shizuka na Yoru

There wasn't much for them to do, despite it being the time of year for celebration. To be perfectly blunt, there wasn't much to celebrate...

"The phones aren't working either." Ken said.

Takeru sat facing the television, but without the device actually turned on. There wasn't anything to watch, anyway, except for the static of interrupted transmissions—because of Saruman, no doubt. If there was anyone on the Earth besides themselves at all, chances were the White Wizard was blocking out communications.

A long moment after Ken's announcement, the blonde finally responded; "who would we want to call, anyway? Everyone's here already."

"Except... for Daisuke." Juri's voice sounded softly from her seat at the kitchen table.

Except for Daisuke... Takeru amended his statement mentally, his eyes flicking toward the girl and then back to the black television screen.

How long had they been waiting, holed up in the apartment he shared with Ken and Yamato? It seemed like weeks, but, logically, had only been a day or so. So much for "we'll be right back"... when Aragorn and Gimli finally arrived from their scouting, he was going to kill them. If he didn't go stir-crazy first.

And he wasn't the only one who felt that way, either. From the looks of it, Ruki was about to snap as well—not that he blamed her. The apartment was only meant for three or four people to live in, and even with the Ranger and Gimli gone, and with Renamon coming and going as if on a whim, they were more than a little crowded.

"I should have gone with them."

Ken shook his head, "Aragorn and Gimli can take care of themselves."

"Yeah, yeah." Takeru pushed himself off the couch and paced restlessly over to the kitchen, where Kazu was digging through the refrigerator in the hopes of finding something edible. The Child of Hope paid no attention to his mutterings, eyes drifting to the calendar that was pinned to the wall just inside the doorway.

It had been a so long since Saruman began to merge the worlds that he'd lost track of the days—and forgotten it was December. But the circle that was scrawled around the twenty-fifth day of the month reminded him. He blinked slowly as Kazu continued to talk to himself only a few feet away.


"In three days." Ken told him, coming around the corner. "It seems strange, doesn't it?"

It did. It was. How could so much time have passed?

"He's even ruined Christmas."



A hand touched his shoulder. "He can't ever do that, Takeru."



None of the television channels worked, but since they (strangely) still had electricity (as well as running water and heat), Kazu and Kenta had very quickly usurped the video game system that Yamato had been lugging around since he was twelve, and had gleefully introduced Merry and Pippin to the world of Street Fighter.

Ruki made occasional sarcastic comments from the sidelines, but had managed to—for the most part—occupy herself with going over maps of the area with Legolas, Frodo, Sam and Lee. Takeru had been with them for a while... but found his attention drifting after only a few minutes, and had left.

Juri continued to sit at the kitchen table and stare off into space rather listlessly, and he considered asking if she was alright... and then decided against it. Miyako and Terriermon were teaching Iori and Shuichon how to play poker. No one even stopped to wonder where Terriermon had learned the game in the first place.

Guilmon had curled up in a corner of the living room and gone to sleep immediately—and his Tamer had followed the example, falling asleep on the couch relatively soon after. Hikari and Ryo had slipped out of the apartment nearly an hour earlier, Hikari saying she needed to go retrieve some things from her own house, and Ryo offering to go with her.

Takeru couldn't think of anything she could possibly need badly enough to risk wandering around with Orcs and Uruk-Hai loose in Tokyo, but Ryo had brought Monodramon along... and he didn't doubt the other boy's strength, even for a second. If anyone could protect his best friend, it was Ryo Akiyama.

Now, the blonde stood by the glass doors that lead to the balcony, staring out at the light dusting of snow that covered everything in sight. He wasn't thinking about anything in particular... just life in general, and what had happened since he and Ken's first trip into Middle Earth, courtesy of Gandalf the Grey.

"When did it start snowing?"

He looked at Ken for a moment, and then turned back toward the window. "I don't know... a while ago, I guess."

"Looks like." Ken peered out, squinting into the moonlit night, and sighed. "I think I hate being cooped up like this."

Takeru chuckled, "at least we have heat." He pointed out; "and lights. Think about Aragorn and Gimli out there."

"Bet they're cold!" Terriermon piped up.

After that impulsive statement, he immediately returned to his impromptu poker game, and everyone else simply ignored him—with the exception of Lee, who shook his head in mock sorrow before returning his attention to the maps Ruki had laid out for them to study.

Takeru hmmed thoughtfully. The furball's right...

The front door opened.

The Child of Hope tensed immediately—and noted that Legolas and Ruki did the same—and everyone looked toward the door to see Hikari step in from outside, carrying a cardboard box and with Ryo and Monodramon close behind her.

Well, there's three less people we have to worry about.


"What's in the box?"

Hikari smiled vaguely, and set aforementioned cardboard container on the ground at her feet, then proceeded to remove her shoes and coat before responding to Miyako's question. The bespectacled girl raised an eyebrow in annoyance—and curiously enough, Ruki had to hide a smirk. Apparently she found something funny.

Behind Hikari, Ryo pulled his own coat off (it was one he'd borrowed from Yamato's closet), and Monodramon wandered into the apartment to poke at Guilmon, who muttered something in his sleep and promptly continued snoring obliviously.

"Well?" Miyako demanded when Hikari finally picked her box up again, and walked over to set it on the coffee table, interrupting the poker game, and at the same time making Kazu look up from his video game just in time to be K.O.ed.

The brunette smiled again, and pushed the box toward her friend. "See for yourself."

Blinking, Miyako gave her a suspicious look—and then reached tentatively and opened the top flaps, peering inside—

"Christmas decorations?"

"Of course." Hikari responded.

Taking the box back from Miyako she proceeded to pull a handful of gold and silver garlands out, and handed them to the nearest person. This happened to be Pippin, who had come over to take a look—and who now blinked blankly at the armload of shining metallic... things... he had no idea what to do with.

"Uh... Hikari..." Miyako gave a half-grin, "do you really think this is the time for—"

"Yes." The Child of Light interrupted, and her brows furrowed as sorrow flashed in her eyes. "Daisuke would have wanted them. He always liked Christmas."


All activity in the apartment came to a halt, and even Ruki turned her eyes downward for a split second. From her seat, Juri made a soft noise that was akin to a whimper... and then sniffed twice and stood up.


She looked around.

And smiled for the first time since Daisuke had been lost.

"Well," she said brightly, with a wavering tone to her voice, "it won't feel like Christmas without decorations, will it? Let's put them up right now... and Takato and I can make something for Christmas dinner, too."

On the couch, Takato stirred at the mention of his name and yawned before blinking blearily at Juri; "what was that about Takato being dinner..?"


 Obviously, Hikari hadn't fit an entire Christmas tree in the single cardboard box she had brought from her place. And neither Takeru nor Yamato had ever thought to purchase a fake one, which could have been stored somewhere and used when the occasion called for it—so there was no actual Christmas tree, but they did the best they could with what they had.

A few garlands for edging here and there, and a wreath for the door. Two dozen Christmas ornaments were hung from the curtains—lamps—ceiling fan—anywhere they would fit, and, true to her word, Juri dragged Takato into the kitchen to tinker around and make something for supper.

Guilmon once again tried to help—and only got coated in flour for his trouble.

The entire concept of "Christmas" was new to the Hobbits, as well as Legolas. It wasn't something they celebrated in Middle Earth... so much explaining had been done as each decoration went up, and each answer that was provided to their questions only spawned more of them...

"There!" Kenta proclaimed as he hung the last glass ball from the leaves of the only plant in the apartment—a spider plant that Takeru and Yamato's mother had gifted to them as a house-warming present. It sagged under the weight of the single ornament, but Kenta was pleased none the less; "we're done!"

"Not quite." Hikari was frowning, and looking for something in the now-empty box.

"What?" Iori asked.

The girl frowned. "There was mistletoe in here. I was sure there was..."

Legolas cleared his throat; "might this be what you are looking for?" He had plucked the leafy decoration from the floor beside the couch, and held it with a puzzled expression on his face. "I fear I do not see why you would need this..."

"It's mistletoe." Was Hikari's response, as if the answer were obvious.

When the Elf continued to look confused, Shuichon offered a brief explanation; "its tradition, you know! You hang it in the doorway, and then whenever someone walks underneath it and you notice, you have to kiss them!" Pausing, she added, "of course, it works if you're holding on to it, too... hey, Ruki—that means you can kiss Legolas right now and have a reason for it." She was young, but not so young as to be completely innocent. Her eyes sparkled mischievously. "Right, Jen?"

Lee coughed. "I... don't know about that, Shuichon..."

Though he didn't look any less confused, Legolas forced a patient smile and set the mistletoe on the nearest table, looking distinctly embarrassed. Ruki, meanwhile, glared daggers at the back of Shuichon's head, eyes narrowed dangerously.

Giggling, Hikari nicked the leaves and quickly tacked them up in the kitchen doorway, with the help of a chair for height. "Now we're done."

Takeru couldn't help grinning.

Okay, so he'd been a bit skeptical when she had first proclaimed that they were going to decorate for Christmas—but now, he looked around and decided that it had been a good idea. Despite the white tint to Guilmon's skin, and Legolas' embarrassed expression, everyone was in a good mood... the happiest they'd been in a long time.

A yelp from the kitchen brought him out of his thoughts.

Juri's head poked around the doorway, and she explained; "Takato smacked his head on one of the fridge shelves."

Laughter followed.

How good it felt to laugh...


They had soup and home-made biscuits for dinner, and they polished off an entire box of chocolate chip cookies for desert. That finished, Frodo and Sam offered to clean the dishes, and vanished into the kitchen to do it.

Guilmon, Monodramon and Terriermon promptly flopped in a digimon heap and went to sleep—Miyako, Iori and Shuichon picked up their poker game where it had left off, only this time Lee and Takato joined them.

Kazu, Kenta, Merry and Pippin were once again caught up in beating the crap out of each other—technologically speaking, of course.

Ruki and Legolas continued to look over maps of Tokyo.

Juri sat and read a book—which she had pilfered from Takeru's shelves—in silence.

And Takeru and Ken once again stood by the balcony, gazing outside at the starlight night and the empty, snow-covered city. This time, however, the Child of Hope wasn't brooding. He was simply enjoying the moment.

"Well?" Ken asked.

Takeru's eyebrows rose. "Well, what?"

"What do you think?"


"This. Tonight."

"It feels... like the holidays."

The other boy smiled. "I told you Saruman couldn't ruin Christmas."

Takeru laughed. "Okay, you were right."

"I always am."

About that time, the front door banged open again—

—and Aragorn and Gimli came in, the Ranger shutting the door firmly behind himself. They both turned to continue on—and then paused, staring blankly at the decorations that had sprouted up in their absence, and the pleasant scene that lay before them.

Aragorn shook his head. "I must take it that we have missed something..."

The End

Me, Chosen, Tamers & Digimon: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Aragorn: What is 'Christmas'?

Legolas: It is best for you not to ask...