The pair climbed down in the morning and foraged for fruits and berries throughout the day. Day after day they worked their way to the side of the outcropping killing beasts, finding food and learning of each other that only such a trip would allow. Even under the harsh environment they found themselves in, they found joy and happiness. They reached their destination within a month, Tej'lie was ever worried about the growth of her belly as she tried to hide it from the priest.

"Ya been quiet dis morning," she said as they climbed the gentle slope of the side of the mountain. Her back ached more than usual and she tired easily and had to sit to rest longer than she had been climbing. Glesig didn't mind the continual stops his mind was otherwise occupied with his own problems.

Glesig inhaled and let it out. It was now or never. "I love you."

"I love ya too," she said sitting on the path, tired and pulled out the waterskin and drank deeply. She shifted her robe carefully and bent her legs up to keep her expanding waistline from being noticed. The position eased some of the ache in her back.

"I want you to be my mate." He said sitting next to her.

Tej'lie was unable to form words, though she tried several times to make something intelligent bubble from her mouth. Instead, she gently wrapped her arms around his neck and held him for a long moment. She thought about what this meant for them, their future. They would not be embraced by their fractions, they would have to either hide their union or live beyond the reaches of the conflicts. Even with all that potential displeasure she wanted nothing more. Still, there was so much to worry about.

"I know it wouldn't be easy with our fractions being at war, but I think our love is stronger than that." He continued and she only sobbed against his shoulder for a long moment, he grew worried she was going to turn him down. "Tej'lie, please, say something."

"Weh," she whispered with a nod of her head.

Glesig forced himself up a little farther and blinked at his beautiful troll. "Yes? Just like that?" He asked hopefully.

"I love you, priest. I gots no fears in dat, you make me whole. I can't bare you not being dere." A strong pain hit her like a knife in her belly, she cried out releasing him and curled protectively around her middle.

"What's wrong?" he said, his hands slipped over her sides. She had been strangely protective of that area more than usual since they been traveling. He would be very angry if she was harboring a wound he could easily heal. She fell back panting and he stared at the curve of her belly, his hands went to it he felt strong life force inside her. He had been feeling the tickle of life when he held her at night, he was normally too exhausted to find the source. He kicked himself for not being more diligent. "You're pregnant."

"I's going to have a baby?"

Glesig's jaw dropped, that question blindside him. He nodded. "Yes, you are going to have our child. I am going to be a father." The responsibility weighed heavily upon him along with the unspeakable joy that such news brought. The troll cried out as another contraction hit. "I think you are going to have this baby very soon."

He didn't want his child born on the ledge, it wasn't safe for any of them but it would be warmer than inside a cave until the afternoon at any rate. He helped her breath through each contraction and time ticked by when he worried he would have to leave her to find a cave before the afternoon's heat pressed down on them. He helped her get ready for the pending birth, wishing he had more things at his disposal in case something went wrong.

"I have to push," she said suddenly, struggling to her feet. She didn't know a lot about babies yet, but she had seen her mother give birth once and she did it in a crouched position. She hung on rocks on either side of her and Glesig quickly settled into position speaking words of comfort and encouragement. This was what she wanted, a child, a mate. A whole family. With that thought lingering she began the hard work of pushing. The pain was intense and her whole body shook with the effort.

"Good, listen to your body. You can do this Tej."

Tej'lie growled a few times as she bore down. After the third push she was starting to grow worried that the infant was stuck. Setting her jaw in determination she took several gulps of air and pushed with all she had in her. "I see the head," Glesig announced and she found courage to continue.

Glesig supported the blue-violet head while she panted enough to gain a second wind. Another push and the child was in his arms, the infant with troll dominated ears and more draenei shape in the arms and torso. Luminescent blue eyes opened for the first time as the infant started shaking and crying. The forehead had the ridges where the racial plates would grow, slender three digit hand and troll jointed legs and two toed feet. Love nearly overwhelmed him.

Tej'lie eased her exhausted body down. "Gle?"

"We have a son," he said resting the child on her stomach. "He is beautiful."

Tej'lie studied the tiny figure on her, the infant crawled toward her breasts with a furious determination for the first meal. She smiled this one was a fighter. Glesig dealt with the after birth. He eased the child over to carefully cut the cord. She pulled her son closer and eased the material away to allow him to nurse. "Hello dere," she said tears of joy running down her face. The pain of the labor and birthing washed away as she held the tiny form in her arms. She was a mother. Her secret wish of her heart was granted. She kissed the little bald head and wrapped the edge of her robe around her son. "He's beautiful, Gle."

"He is," he whispered with the pride of a new papa. "I'm going to find a cave for the new mama and baby." She nodded and he kissed her. "I am so proud of you. You are so strong and I just love you."

Her hand caressed his cheek. "I love you too."

He hated to leave her, but time was not on his side. He was quick to find a cavity that would protect them during the night. He helped her to it, settled and kissed his little family before gathering wood, fruit and water during the rest of the afternoon and early evening. They talked about all the things she experienced that should have given both clues to her pending birthing. And of what happened when the ground spilt. "If you were so worried, why didn't you tell me?"

"Ya were on a mission, Gle," she said and he grinned at the sudden nickname. She always had such a hard time with his name this just was better. "I's want ya ta t'ink me strong, dat I's can take care of myself."

"I know you can take care of yourself and me as well," he said kissing her lips. "Silly troll."

Tej'lie leaned against him, baby in arms. "We need to have more."

The thought delighted him to no end. "I think we should name this one and figure out how to get home first before more come along."

Tej'lie was healed from the birth by the next morning, he pressed they stay in the cave for at least a few days. The mission would wait under the circumstances. "What do you t'ink of Gle'Jo for a name for our baby?"

"Are you sure you want that?" Glesig asked tending to the fire.

"Ya two are da only peoples dat matter ta me. I t'ink our son will be just like you and Joft."

"Gle'Jo," he nodded. "I like it."