This is going to a full length story; at least 700 words per chapter. There will be two point of views as well; Amy and Sonic. This is not prewritten so don't expect daily updates. Also, if you're reading, review. I feel like no one reads my stories. All characters range in 15-18.

I opened my eyes to a dark blue room. I yawned loud. That woke Tails up. He rolled out of the bed surprised. I couldn't help but laugh. "If you do that ever again, you'll be sorry!" He was fuming, which made me fall off my bed laughing. No sound was coming out, so I looked like a deranged seal. After I got calm, I looked at him with a smug look on my face. "A 15 year old mutant fox is going to beat a 17 year old speed o' sound hedgehog. Puh-lez!" He smacked with a pillow. I plopped right back onto the bed. With a hand in the air I muffled, "best 2 out of 3." I threw the pillow back at him, making him bump into the nightstand. He knocked down a picture, breaking the glass frame. "Nice going, doofus!" I yelled at him. He just stood there looking stupid, acting like that wasn't true.

"But you-"

I scolded him, "Don't point fingers!" I pointed my finger at him. He was annoyed. He walked into the bathroom as I picked up the mess. I looked at the picture. It was the day after me and tails met. I was 13 and he was 12

There was a plane flying in the air, being chased by Eggman. The plane got shot down, sending the plane in the water and a yellow blob land into the dirt. Ouch! I ran over to the thing. It looked like a fox about a year younger than me. His glasses were cracked and he was bruised pretty badly. He opened his eyes, clutching his arm. "I'm Sonic, Nice to meet you. Do you have a name, kid?" Why did I call him kid? I was a kid to. I sounded like my dad.

"Miles Prowers," He reached out his hand. I shook it carefully so I wouldn't hurt him more. I looked at his tail- no wait, tails? Huh, that was strange.

"That sure is a mouthful of a name ya got there," I started rubbing my chin. It wasn't a mouthful; I just didn't like the name. "How about Tails, Ya know, because of the," I pointed to my rear. He smiled

"Tails it is."

We started talking at my house. He wasn't around here, but he heard of Eggman. He built that plane himself. I can't even build a Lego plane. I decided to let him stay with me for the time being. I let him have the garage for a lab. He even had a computer with this website called Facebook installed into it! From then on, I considered Tails a brother. If he was hurt, I was hurt. If he was sad, I was sad and all that yadda-yadda.

I had the mess all cleaned up, the picture in a new frame, was all ready for school to be adored by all the girls. I sighed. They loved me. Tails rolled his eyes. He knew when I sighed, I was admiring myself. We went down to eat a quick breakfast. I had a chocolate chip waffle, and Tails had a bagel with cream cheese. Hmmm, I wonder why? I asked myself sarcastically. Tails just started going out with Cream. I was annoyed and happy. I was happy for him, but Cream was a friend of…I shuddered, Amy. If she wasn't like, you know, A STALKER I would like her more, but the way she's been acting, I was staying away from her as long as possible. Sadly, I had to go to school with her. I looked at the clock. "Crap, we're late." I and Tails rushed out the door, even though we didn't need to.

I smiled and winked at all the girls, you know, except for Amy, Blaze, Rouge and Cream. Three of the four were taken. Sadly, 3 of the four were taken. "Hey Sonic," said a cute redhead. "Hey, handsome," said her blonde friend. "Hello Sonic," said a very sexy voice. In the same tone I replied, "Hello, Knuckles. Let's say we go party in the bounce house?" We both laughed. That was our catch phrase; don't party in the bounce house. Maybe I'll tell you the story later.

"Sonic, My love, I'm here!"

"Dude, chick on the loose. You better run!" I did. Sadly, somebody forgot to close their locker door. I don't know what was worse: my fractured nose or Amy nearly choking me. Either way, I was about to get angry. I couldn't take her anymore. I just had it. I know I'm not that mean of a guy, but this was the last straw