As she had somewhat expected, Shepard had had quite a few words to say about Ashley's lack of diplomacy, but the lecture was delivered one-on-one, and without heat. Then again, Shepard was reasonable and had a way with words that Ashley couldn't hope to match. It didn't matter anyway; Ashley was quite certain the commander actually shared her sentiments, but felt obligated not to needlessly antagonise civilians. Or have squad members do the antagonising, as it were.
She promised to do better in the future, and Shepard's answering smile at that made her feel she actually meant it.

Released again, she made her way back to the hangar.
Wrex was still absent, but Garrus was back at the Mako.
She considered him for a moment.
To be honest, she had no idea whether there would be any repetition of their actions in the shower, but it probably wasn't that important either way. She counted him as a friend, though, and that was important.
There was something she'd been meaning to do, although she was still a bit uncertain about it. What the hell, she figured. Coming to a decision, she grabbed her datapad from her table, then walked over to the Mako.

Garrus looked up at her approach, welding torch in hand. His whole stance was a study of quiet despair.
Before she could ask how bad it really was, he pointed almost accusingly at the Mako. "You really don't want to know what state the suspension is in. I have been on that mission, in that rover, and I still have no idea how Shepard does that. I really don't."

Ashley suppressed a laugh at his forlorn tone. "Leave it, it'll keep. You deserve some rest, too."

He seemed inclined to argue for a moment, then just sighed and sat down, leaning against the middle wheel. "Maybe you're right."
His sharp blue eyes flickered over her, taking in her state and presumably not missing much.
It didn't disconcert her any more.
"Are you still interested in the meaning of that poem?" she asked, indicating her datapad with a slight shake. At his nod, she continued. "I can at least try and give you my own interpretation."
His mandibles flared into a pleased smile. "I'd like that."
"Fine, then. Let's give this a try. Reading aloud usually helps in understanding."
Ashley sat down, leaned against the front wheel and tried to find a reasonably comfortable position. Then she lifted the datapad and began to read.